Benjamin J. Martin

(15 Aug 1811 TN - 11 Jan 1874 KY)

(Note: Three recent DNA tests have matched; mine (I descend from Elijah), plus two others who descend from Benjamin J. Martin.  We had 45 out of 45 markers that matched.  There were no markers that did not match.  This is a very good match.  Without a doubt, Benjamin and Elijah were very closely related.  The simplest solution would be that Elijah and Benjamin were brothers.  After all, they lived within a couple of miles of each other at one time.)

Benjamin J. Martin first appeared in the 1834 Montgomery County, KY tax list.  He would have been about 23 years old.  Benjamin married Priscilla Hanks around 1832 (based on age of first born son).  He also appeared in the 1835 and 1837 Montgomery Co, KY tax lists.  He disappeared from the Montgomery County records thru 1846.  One of his sons, Almanzor (spelled many ways) L. "Sonny" Martin, showed birth in Putnam County, IN. in 1843.  There were two Benjamin Martins in the 1840 Putnam Co, IN census; one of these could have been him.  (Note: Use caution though, since there were other Martins living in Putnam Co at this time.)  If possible, the tax records for Putnam needs to be researched concerning Benjamin Martin, though I suspect they do not exist.

Anyway, he reappeared in the 1847 Montgomery Co, KY tax list.  He continued thru the 1850 tax lists and also appeared with his family in the 1850 Montgomery Co census.  Based on tax lists and 1850 census research, it appears that Benjamin was living on Red River by 1850, possibly even earlier.  But since he didn't seem to own land before 1850, we will probably never know.  By 1852, Benjamin owned 50 acres on Catamount Creek (later shortened to Cat Creek) a tributary to Red River, just southeast of the town of Rosslyn, Powell Co, KY.  In 1853 he owned 60 acres and by 1854 he owned 100 acres.  (Note: Hard to determine whether he actually owned more land or the "estimate" of the acreage changed.)  In 1856, he was listed with no land taxed.  For 1857, Benjamin owned 100 acres on Cow Creek and had 4 children between the ages of 6-18.  Now, he may have moved; however, I don't think he did.  Possibly, the new tax collector believed his land was more closer to Cow Creek than Cat Creek (basically these two watersheds are only separated by a ridgeline).  By 1858, Benjamin owned 200 acres on Cow Creek and had 2 children between 6-18.  In 1859, he still owned the 200 acres, but showed with 5 children between 6-18; in 1860, 3 children between 6-18.  I have yet to check all the tax lists for this time period; however, Benjamin appeared in both the 1860 and 1870 census reports.  Benjamin died 11 Jan 1874, more than likely on Cat or Cow Creek (probably Chop Chestnut, between the two watersheds).  I did check a couple of tax records so far in the 1870s.  Priscilla showed in both the 1874 and 1875 tax lists with 200 acres.  The watercourse was not given; rather, the nearest neighbor was listed.  In 1874, she was in the 4th precinct and her closest neighbor was Frank Kincade.  For 1875, her closest neighbor was Richard Crow.  Priscilla lived until 24 Aug 1904.  Both are buried in the nearby Chop Chestnut Cemetery.

Benjamin J. and Priscilla Hanks Martin had at least the following children:  John Frank Martin, Mary Elizabeth Martin, Barbara Ellen Martin, Cornelia "Ludicy" Martin, Martha Martin, Almanzor L. "Sonny" Martin, James Lewis Martin, Ruth Jane Martin, Vancouver "V. C." Martin, and Arminta "Minty" Martin.

I will include more as time permits.


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