The Martins of Early Montgomery & Powell Counties, Kentucky
(Last updated 3 Apr 2009)
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Note:  Recent DNA test results show that the Powell and Montgomery County Martins are probably closely related to the John William and Martha Metcalf Martin family of Halifax, VA.  My DNA test matched a person who descends from Frederick Martin, supposed son of this John William and Martha Metcalf Martin.  If all this works out, my Luke Martin would be the brother to this Frederick Martin.  See the file (under John Martin of Halifax below) for a little more information on this Halifax connection.  All I know right now is that our DNA tests match.  I can only assume that this person has good paperwork that connects him with the Halifax Martins.  So, hopefully, more to follow soon!  [Latest update on 3 Apr 2009.  For this family line, there is solid information back to a Frederick Martin of Virginia (mostly thru census records and family tradition); however, I was never sent any direct proof that solidly connects this Frederick Martin to my Luke Martin.  I can only assume that the connection is there since the DNA matched.   I intend to order some Halifax County records; hopefully, will be able to firm up this new connection.]

Hi, welcome to my site! My name is Larry Martin and I have been researching my family history for over 30 years. This site is about the Martins of Montgomery and Powell Counties in Kentucky. I will try to give any and all information I find about these Martins; however, my focus will be on those that are my ancestors and kinfolk. I will also include Martins of other counties if they tie in with the Martins of Montgomery and Powell. Finally, for those other families very closely related to the Martins, I will include them as well. I am a webpage novice, so don't expect "pretty." But you can expect accurate information, sourced where possible, and speculation/assumptions identified. One thing I don't want to do is clutter this website with other families I'm researching. When you add too much information, it can sometimes be frustrating and time consuming finding the person you actually want to research.

This site is not about family trees (names and dates).  This site is about researching areas where little has been done, hoping to make connections with distant relatives.  I will eventually add a family tree; however, there are quite a few out there that have information on a lot of the families I am including on this site.  (Note:  Family trees are fun and have their usefulness, but what is truly important is how the author of the family tree ties it all together with source documents.)  However, this site, to the best of my knowledge, is the first make an attempt to tie them all together.  Rather, my main purpose is to do what most family trees don't do.  And that is to provide background information and show the reasoning and logic as to why or how these families are probably related.  I'll provide the facts (as indicated by official records).  Then, I'll tie all the information together and make some educated guesses.  Thus, you will have the information to make your own decisions.

Also, do me a favor. If you find anything of value, return the favor. If you have any information on these families, please shoot me an e-mail. By sharing information, we may be able to eventually find out the true connections. Finally, if you do use information from this site, use the webpage as your source and never use assumptions from this webpage as factual. Thank you.

First, some basic information on Montgomery County, Kentucky. It was formed from Clark County, Kentucky in 1796. Quite a few counties were later partially created from parts of Montgomery County. The majority of Powell County was formed from Montgomery in 1852. A small western portion came from Clark County in 1852. The southwestern corner stayed with Estill County until many years later. This section was basically the Hardwicks Creek watershed. I don't know the exact date, but it was probably in the 1880s or 1890s. (Note: Most on-line maps are in error and do not show this fact.) So, since about 70-80% of Powell came from Montgomery,more than likely, if your ancestors were living in the new Powell County when it was formed in 1852, then they were living in Montgomery County in 1851.

As I stated before, I will try to discuss any and all Martins that lived in these two counties. However, my particular Martin line started out in the southern part of the county, very close to the modern-day Powell County northern border.

Helpful Links

  • Watershed Information
         I think it is important to understand the watersheds of these two counties (Montgomery and Powell), especially as they apply to the Luke Martin (and related) families. It helps with early research if you know the "lay of the land."

  • Martin Names of Montgomery County
         This is a paper I did on all the Martin names I've found so far in Montgomery County (between 1797 and 1852). This paper includes some marriages, Wills, tax lists, and census records. I will add to it, as required.

  • The Early Martins
         This is a 4-page summary concerning some of the early Martins and how I believe they tied together.  Basically a synopsis of my Luke Martin theory.

  •      Rebecca has a lot of pictures, stories, documents primarily on her ancestor's family, Benjamin J. Martin, but other Martins as well.  Check it out!


     Potential descendants of John Martin of Halifax, VA:

     Some of the probable children of Luke and Polly Martin:

Additional Families (relationship to the John Martin of Halifax, VA unknown):