William Martin

(ca 1805 TN - ca 1858 KY)

William Martin first appears in the 1827 (turned 21 around 1826 or 1827) Montgomery County, KY tax list and continues at least thru the 1855 Powell County, KY tax list.  I have yet to research any tax records beyond 1855.  For whatever reason, he doesn't reappear until the 1835 tax list where he owned 150 acres on Spruce Creek.  He also owned 150 acres in the 1838 tax list; however, no watercourse was given.  In the 1840 tax list, William showed owning 100 acres on Red River.  So, one can guess that he moved between 1838 and 1840, assuming that the 150 acres were still located on Spruce Creek.  I suspect these 100 acres are really on Morris Creek since he owned 100 acres on Morris Creek in the 1852 tax list.  He probably didn't move.

He was fairly consistently listed in the tax lists well into the 1850s; however, he did not appear in the 1840 Montgomery County census.  I don't suspect he moved, so I can only assume he was just simply missed.  I checked other counties and states...no luck.

When Powell County split off in 1852, William continued without interruption in that county.  Thus, I suspect he didn't move.  This helps confirm to me that he lived on Morris Creek, probably from at least 1840.  He was only a few households down from Littleton Martin in the 1850 census.  He increased his property holdings by 100 acres in 1855 (total of 200 acres on Morris Creek).  I suspect this may have been a result of his brother, Littleton's death.  He may have acquired some of that property, either from estate sales or inheritance.

Like I said before, I haven't finished researching the tax records.  However, we know three more tidbits of information.  First, a Luke and William are involved in court records, dated 4 Mar 1858.  Luke would be the eldest son of William.  This leads me to believe that William was still alive.  Second, Elizabeth was head of household in the 1860 census.  More than likely, William has died by this time.  Third, a Jack Martin was involved with the court system around Aug 1874.  Jack Martin, age 35, (full name was Sylvester Jackson Martin), was under investigation for voting in a precinct where he didn't live.  Basically, some claimed he lived over Morris Creek Mountain around the Spruce area (Montgomery County) and that he voted in Powell County.  Several tantalizing bits of information came up.  His father bought land on Morris Creek.  His mother lived next door to Jack.  His brother was Tom.  Another brother went to Indiana.  Jack's parents moved from Spruce to Morris when he was about 10 (that would put the date at around 1844).  This definitively connects at least one Spruce Creek Martin to the Morris Creek Martins.  The brother who went to Indiana was Luke Martin.  This Luke showed up with his family in the 1860 Daviess County, IN census.  Lucinda Martin (widow of Littleton) and part of her family were there as well.  Luke's youngest child, age 10 months, was born in Indiana.  John Martin, age 4, was born in KY.  There is a death record for a 3-day old baby girl, daughter of Luke Martin, who died Mar 1857 in Powell County.  Thus, they probably moved between Mar 1857 and 1859.  (Note: Previous mentioned court records of 1858 could suggest that he was still in KY...and that may well be true.  However, you don't have to living in the state to be sued in the court system.) Tax records research can resolve the actual time frame.

The known children of Willam and Elizabeth Martin were: Luke, Susan, Sylvester Jackson "Jack," Mary Catherine, Thomas, Ellen, Lucy, and Margaret.  All born in KY, most likely Montgomery County. 

I will add more as time permits.


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