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This site is dedicated to tracing the roots of Washburns from Virginia to West Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio and beyond. It's my intent (hope) to provide an information and exchange page for all people researching Washburn's in these areas.

Below are some of the lines being researched:

Maysville Kentucky
Home to many Washburn families and the January and Wood Cotten Factory in which they worked

Maysville Obits

Hezekiah Washburn, Missionary from Bracken Co, KY

Catherine Ann Washburn of Adams Co, Illinois

Lacy Washburn and her Donley Descendants

Benjamin Franklin Washburn

James Adney Washburn-his family and descendants

Betty Jean Washburn and Ahab Hamilton

The Washburns of Sandy Creek
Pictures of the area and info about the Indian Wars

The Washburns of Harrison, Ritchie and Wood Counties, WV

View the Washburn Family Crest

The Origin of the Washburn Family Name

The Descendents of Jonathan Washburn

The Washburns of Brown Co, Ohio

The Washburns of Pike and Adams Co, Ohio

The Washburns of North Carolina

Lost and Found
Washburns found and Washburns sought

Memoirs of Virginia Washburn
Memories of a pioneer family from Good Hope, Harrison Co, WV

Pension affidavites from Nancy Allen
to include a statement from her son-in-law and a letter from her brother. Well worth the reading. The statements are wonderful insites into the lives of the Washburn in-laws of early Kentucky and Indiana.

Civil War records of Washburn
(and Washburn descendents) including regimental & battle information

Jeanette Washburn Marker
Memories and nostalgia from a 1950's family in Missouri

Here are some related websites:

The Washburn's of Mason Co, Kentucky
This is my own home page.

My gedcom at rootsweb
It contains the most up-to-date pure date (plus lots of stories) on these people.

The Washburn Family History Web Site
This is a very comprehensive website dealing with John Washburn,Jr and his New England descendants.

Washburn University in Kansas

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