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for the articles below on the surnames of

Gossick, Gostwyck, Gostwick, Gostick, Gosticke, Gostidge, Gostge, Gostwitch,
Goswick, Goswyck, Goswich, Goswyke. {KGK}
And to this list we can also add the surname of Gossett as many of the Goswicks of N.C. are now found as Gossett.

View Gossick Coat of Arms...View Goswick Coat of Arms...View Gostwick Coat of Arms..
View Gostick Coat of Arms.    View Gossett Coat of Arms
Some Gossick death records   (view census records of Gossicks) View 1860 Wm.NewtonGossick  
view 1790  1800  1810 
Tom Gossick land grant  1790 thru 1900 Gossick census findings. 1830 John Goosick
 1840 John Goosick  1840 families in Athen Co.Ohio  1850 Andrew Goosick  
1860Andrew Goosic  1900 Goosic families in Nebraska  Obit of Andrew Goosic
 John Goosick bought land from Reuben & Rachel Hurlburt 1822
John D. Gossick born 1822 Md. married Elizabeth Ruth Hurlburt.
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Gossick Coat of Arms

Received from Don Gossick Jan.29,2002. (thanks Don)


Daniel Gaswick Patapsco Lower Hundred, Baltimore, MD 1790
122  ( 1 male head of household, 2 males u/16, and 2 females)

1800 Baltimore Co Md. Baltimore City, image page 92
Danl Gossick 1101-1001


1810 Baltimore Wards 2 Thru 6, Baltimore, MD
Tho Gossick 001-1001


1790 Baltimore Co Md. Patapasco Lower Hundred, Image page 5
Daniel Goswick 122
1 male head of household, 2 males u/16,( 1774- 1790) 2 females.

1800 Baltimore Co Md. Baltimore City, image page 92
Dan'l Gossick 1101-1001

1810  Baltimore Co Md. Baltimore Wards 2 thru 6, image page 56
Thomas Gossick 1 male to 26,(1784 1 fe to 10, 1 fe to 26

1820 Baltimore Co Md, Dist 4, image page 9
Thomas Goswick 000011-00011
Very unlegable film.
(Wilkinsons and Stansburys are neighbors)

1820 Baltimore Co Md Baltimore Ward 2, image page 33
Thomas Gassack 10001-3001

1820 Wayne Co. Ohio, Moheckon twp image page 3
(found under John Goesuck/ film is Gorsuch/Gossuck)
4 1 0 0 1 1 0 1 1 1

1830 Baltimore Co Md. Baltimore ward 2, image page 81
(found under Mary Gpick..film reads Gosick)
Mary Gosick 3 males 5/10, (1820-1825) 1 fe 10/16, (1814-1820) 1 fe
16/26,(1804-1814 1 fe 30/40 (1790-1800)

1830 Holmes Co. Ohio, Ripley Twp. image page 1
David/Daniel Gossick 20/30, 1 fe u/5, 1 fe 5/10, 1 fe 20/30

1830 Holmes Co. Ohio Ripley Twp. image page 7
Robert Gossick 1 male 5/10, 1 male 30/40, 3 fe u/5, 2 fe 5/10, 1 fe 30/40

1840 Baltimore Co.Md. Baltimore Ward 1, image page 1
Mary Gossick 1 male u/5, (1835-40) 1 male 10/15, (1825-1830) 2 males 15/20,
(1820-1825) 1 male 20/30, (1810-1820)1 fe U/5, 1 fe 15/20, 1 fe 20/30

Aug. 9, 1850 Racine Co Wisconsin, Racine twp, image page 113 & 114
hh# 818
John D. Gossick age 28 (sailor) born Md ca. 1822
Elizabeth R. age 22 born Ohio
Charles H. (son) age 4 born Wisc
Mary C. (dau) age 2 born Wisc
Mary Gossick age 54 born Md (possibly Mother) b.ca. 1796 (view 1860 census)
Martha A. age 33 born Md (possibly sister) b.ca. 1817 (view 1860 census)
Mary E. age 14 born Md. (possibly dau of Martha)
(John D. Gossick married Elizabeth Ruth HURLBURT)
Note: by Nov. John D. Gossick is in Chicago Ill, listed as John D. Gussick.
Check out the HURLBURT Genealogies for more info on the Hurlburt family.

Nov. 5, 1850  Cook Co. Illinois, Chicago Ward 6, image page 62 & 63
hh# 5009
John D. Gussick age 28 (sailor) born Maryland
R. Elizabeth age 23 born Maryland
Charles   age 5 born Wisc
Mary R. age 2 born Wisc
Mrs. Mary Egnu? age 29 born N.Y
Mrs. Mary Linclon/Sinclar? age 22 England
John Linclon/Sinclar? age 6 months born Illinois
Lydia C. Hurlburt age 19 born Ohio

Ruth E. Hurlburt married April 13, 1845 Racine, Wisc.
Vol 01, page 0042 John D. Gossick b. 1822 Md.

July 26, 1850 Baltimore Co.Md. Baltimore Ward 20, Image page 87
hh# 719
Emily Gussett (fe) age 17 b.ca. 1833 living with John and Ann Mincher

July 29, 1850 Cuyahoga Co. Ohio, Cleveland Ward 1, image page 93
hh# 659
William S or T. Gossick age 31 (sailor) born Md. ca. 1819
Elizabeth age 24 born Md
George age 3 born Ohio
William age 1 born Ohio

Oct. 15, 1850 Athen Co. Ohio, York twp. image page 22
hh# 673
James Manly age 53 Va. (farmer)
Mary age 45 NJ
William age 17 Ohio
Elizabeth age 12 Ohio b.ca. 1838
Richard age 10 O
Benjamin age 8 O
Jesse age 6 O
Gorden? (male) age 4 O

Oct. 17, Athens Co. Ohio, York twp. Image page 29
hh# 719
John Manly age 64  Md
Ann age 61 Md
Elizabeth age 59 Md b.ca. 1791

Aug.15, 1850 Highland Co. Ohio, Dodson twp, image page5
hh# 803
John Woodrow age 44 (cabinet maker) born Ohio
Jane age 37 O
Wm. age 17 O
Mary J age 16 O
Caroline age 13 O
Newton GOSSETT age 14 ohio b.ca. 1836

July 16, 1860 Cuyahoga Co. Ohio, Cleveland Ward 8, Image page 76, P.O.
hh# 1135
Wm S. Gossick age 40 born Maryland (occupation:Bridge Tender) b.ca. 1820
Elizabeth age 33 born Maryland
George age 13 Ohio b.ca. 1847
Mary age 9 Ohio b.ca. 1851
John age 6 Ohio b.ca. 1853
Lizzie age 4 Ohio b.ca. 1856


July 11, 1860 Warren Co Ohio, Deerfield twp, image page 28, P.O. Mason
hh# 308
David B. Gossick age 25 born Maryland b.ca.1835
Martha J. age 20 born Ohio
Calvin W. age 1 born Ohio
Elisha (male) age 22 born Maryland
Mary Strickler? age 52 born Ohio

June 28, 1860 Baltimore Co Md. Baltimore Ward 4, Image page104 P.O.
Baltimore City.
hh# 800
Peter Perine age 26 born Ireland
Ellen age 26 Ireland
Margaret age 3 born ireland
Mary age 2 born Ireland
James GASSETT age 24 (laborer) born Ireland b.ca. 1836

Aug. 1, 1860 Athens Co. Ohio, Waterloo twp. Image page 15, P.O. Marshfield
hh# 104
Wm. Goosie age 25 born Ohio b.ca. 1835 (view  1870 census)
Elizabeth age 23 born Ohio
Mary A. age 6 born Ohio
Benj'm L. age 3 Ohio
Wm. N. age 1 Ohio b.ca. 1859

July 27, 1870 Jefferson Co. Iowa, Liberty twp. Image page 19, P.O. Fairfield
hh# 127
Wm.H. Gosick age 35 (farmer) born Ohio ca. 1835
Elizabeth age 33 Ohio
Mary A age 16 Ohio b.ca. 1854
Ben L age 13 Illinois b.ca. 1857
Wm. H. age 11 Ohio b.ca. 1859
John age 5 Illinois b.ca. 1865
Margaret age 2 born Iowa b.ca. 1868

William Goosic married Elizabeth Manley on Jan 29, 1854 Athens Ohio.

June 3, 1880 Jefferson Co. Iowa, Buchanan twp dist 79, image page 3
hh# 36
Wm N/H? Gassick age 45 born ca. 1835 ohio, parents ohio
Elizabeth age 43 Ohio
Benj. L. (son) age 23 b. Illinois b.ca. 1857
Wm.N. (son) age 21 born Ohio
John S. (son) age 15 born Illinois
Margaret (dau) age 12 b Iowa
Frances E. (fe) age 9 Iowa
Nora (fe) age 6 Iowa

June 15, 1900 Jefferson Co. Iowa, Fairfield, dist 46, image page 38
hh# 410
William R. Gossick born Dec. 1835 age 65 Ohio, Father Germany, Mother Ohio
Elizabeth S. (wife) born Oct. 1836 age 63 Ohio, Father Maryland, mother New


1910 Jefferson Co Iowa, Fairfield Ward 1 Dist 48 Page 10
hh# 135
William N. Gossick age 75 Ohio father born Germany? Mother born Ohio
Elizabeth age 73 born Ohio, father born Md, mother born New Jersey
(parents of 8 children 6 living)

April 8, 1930 Jefferson Co. Iowa, Fairfield twp. dist 9, image    page 11
hh# 150
Harlan Gossick  age 46 Iowa parents Iowa b.ca. 1884
Flossie age 44 Iowa
Ben R. (son) age 15 Iowa b.ca. 1915


Oct. 23, 1850 Warren Co Iowa, 'not stated' image page 18
Andrew Goosick age 39 born ca. 1811 Ohio (farmer)(view 1860 census)
Sabrena ? age 30 Ohio
Delilah age 11 Ohio b.ca. 1839/40
Sarah age 7 Ohio b.ca. 1843
Margaret J. age 5 Iowa b.ca. 1845
Emily Shannon age 2 Iowa b.ca. 1848
John Goosick age 91 Pa. (farmer) b.ca. 1759
hh# 1105
Richard Thompson ge 43 Ohio (farmer)
Eva age 41 New Hampshire b.ca. 1809
Henry age 17 Ohio
William age 11 Ohio
Perry?(male) age 9 OHio
Lydia J age 7 Ohio
Calvin age 5 Ohio
Mary Gossick age 2 Ohio b.ca. 1848
Margaret J? age 63 Virginia b.ca. 1787
Aug. 20, 1850 Hamilton Co Ohio, Cincinnati Ward 2, St. Peters Orphan asylum for females, page 34
Found as Louisa Gessick, listed Louisa Gossick age 10 born Germany.

June 2nd. 1860 Bureau Co Illinois, Princeton Twp. Image page 15, P.O.
Princeton, Ill.
hh# 107
Andrew Gosse age 47 b.ca. 1813 (farmer) born France
Eve (fe) age 38 born ca. 1822 Baveria
Francis H. Gosse (male) age 16 Illinois b.ca. 1844
Gertrude C. age 14 Illinois
Mary age 11 Illinois
Andrew age 9 Illinois b.ca. 1851
Jacob age 7 Illinois b.ca. 1853
Eve (male)? age 5 Ill b.ca. 1855
Julia age 3 Ill b.ca. 1857
Sophy (fe) age 1 Illinois b.ca. 1859
Holdie BOTTS AGE 18 Baviria (farm laborer)
Harman Botts age 24 Bavaira (farm laborer)
Catherine Botts age 22 Baveria (housework)


July 23, 1860 Warren Co Iowa, Otter twp, image page 1, P,O, Indianola
(found under Julia A. Grosie)   (view 1870 census)
(film is Goosie)
hh# 1322
Andrew J. Goosie age 44 Ohio b.ca. 1816
Julia A. age 39 Ohio b.ca. 1821
Sarah age 19 Ohio b.ca. 1841
Margaret J age 16 Iowa b.ca. 1844
Mary L age 13 Iowa b.ca. 1847
Jackson age 9 Iowa b.ca. 1851
Elisha age 4 Iowa b.ca. 1856
Joseph Eslick age 22 Ohio
Danl Swigart age 35 Pa

June 28, 1870 Warren Co Iowa, Otter twp. Image page 9, P.O. Indianola
hh# 69
Andrew Goosick age 56 Ohio (farmer) n.ca. 1814
Julia age 49 Ohio b.ca. 1821
Andrew age 51 (farm laborer) born Ohio b.ca. 1819
James age 14 Iowa b.ca. 1856
Charles age 10 Iowa b.ca. 1860
Lavina Burmer? age 23 Iowa (keeping house)
(note: two Andrew Goosick's in this house hold both close to same age)

hh# 70
Elias Basinger age 56 Ky b.ca. 1814
Sarah age 27 Ohio b.ca. 1843
Phebe age 12 Iowa
Mary age 6 Iowa b.ca. 1864
Sarah age 4 Iowa
Peter age 3 Iowa
William age 6 months Iowa

June 1, 1880 Furnas Co Nebraska, Lincoln, dist 21, image page 6
hh# 81
Andrew J. Gusick age 65  born Ohio ca 1815 parents born Ohio
Julia A. age 59 b. ca. 1821  Ohio
Charles (son) age 19 born ca. 1861  Iowa

hh# 82 1880 Furnas Co Nebraska page 6
Elisha Nicholson age 48 Ohio
Delilah age 40 born ca. 1840 Ohio parents Ohio
Clara age 12 born Iowa
Rose age 10 Iowa
Frank age 9 Iowa
Edward age 4 Iowa
Zacharia age 22 born Iowa

hh# 84 1880 Furnas Co Nebraska page 6
Charles O? Henry age 36 Ohio
Mary J. Henry (wife) age 22 born ca. 1858 Ill. Father Ind. mother Ohio
James E. Gusick age 23 born ca. 1857 Iowa, Father Ohio, mother Ohio
Nora C Gusick (wife) age 23 born Ohio, parents Ohio
Estes E. (son) age 1 born Iowa


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Some early land deeds from your bro-- John -- lots of tedious readings with the actual documents. So we FIRST find John in Athens Co, OH in 1822 and last find mention of him in Athens Co in 1840

John Goosick on Athens Co., tax roll 1825, 1827

1. Twp. 12 range 15 Section 34 Fraction # 12 - SW corner ( I am unfamiliar with fraction # in land deeds)-- 60 acres
John Goosic bought land Sept 6, 1822 from Rheuben and Rachel HURLBURT for $120 in York township, Athens County, Ohio. In township twelve in range 15 Section 34 in the Ohio Company purchase containing 60 acres being the Southwest corner of Fraction # 12 to the ---- of Peter ?--- ner land------. appraised at $350.  Book 5 pages 93,94,95

2. Twp. 12 Range 15 Section 33/34 Fraction 8 (NW 1/4) 65 acres
Daniel Nelson to John Goosack, York Township County of Athens
state of Ohio. Sum of one hundred sixty dollars a parcel of land in York Township 65 acres from the north west quarter of fraction 8 in town 12, range 15 and sections 33 and 34. Set my hand @ seal this 3rd day of December 1832. Bk  6 page 589/590

Twp. 12, Range 15, Section 33/34 Fraction # 8--southside, (NW 1/4) 60 acres
Athens Co., Ohio Deed Bk. 9 page 326. John Goosic of York township in the county of Athens for the sum of one (?) hundred dollars paid by William Goosic of said York Twp... grant a certain tract of land sixty acres -- the southside fraction No 8,  Range 15, Section 33 and 34 as section33@34 thirty three and thirty four as conveyed from Nelson to me bearing date 3 day of December 1832.
1832 ----- Margaret Goosic wife of the said John Goosic--------we the said John Goosic and Margaret Goosic  have set our hands and seals on this April 14, 1838
--------John Goosic and Margaret his wife  Vol 9  page 326

Twp. 12 Range 15, Section 33/34 (NW 1/4, southside), Fraction # 8-- 60 acres
Oct. 11, 1841 estate of William Goosic deceased, county of Athens and state of Ohio. The south side of the Nw quarter of fraction 8 in town twelve in range 15 in sections 33 and 34 in the Ohio Company purchase containing 60 acres of land

The intestate at his death left ANDREW GOOSIC  and Eve Goosic (formerly) now Eve Thompson wife of Richard THOMPSON , his heirs at law and legal representatives. Your petitioner prays that the said Andrew Goosic, Richard Thompson and Eve his wife be made defendants to this petition to sell said real estate to pay debts of this estate.
Afterwards at March term 1842, it was noted that Andrew, Richard and Eve refused to answer the above summons so the property was ordered to be sold. it was appraised by William Nanna, Jeremiah Thompson and Jonathan Connett.
This property was brought up for sale at each court meeting. It was reappraised in 1850 for $101. It was finally sold at the door of the courthouse at public auction March 4, 1851 to Thomas Watkins for $180.
This looks like the end of the line for this piece of land in the Goosic family
Note: Why was his father not mentioned as a legal representative. Also notes that he left no children but this was incorrect.

3. Twp. 10 Range 15 Section 33/34 (SW 1/4) Fraction # 8
3-19-1838 Land deed John Shannon to William Goosic.  Athens Co. Ohio
Court of Common Pleas for the county of Athens and state of Ohio. Vol 9 page  327

Same as above but south part
April 14, 1838 William Goosic to Andrew Goosic, all of Athens Co., Ohio for $400 being 60 acres  from the Southwest quarter of fraction No 8, Township 10, Range 15 in Section 33 and 34 being the south part of the land deeded to me by John and Lucinda Shannon on 3-19-1838. Vol 9  page 328

July 21, 1840 Andrew Goosic to John Goosic both of York Twp., county of Athens, state of Ohio for the sum of $400, 60 acres of land from the Southwest quarter of fraction No 8, Township 10, Range 15 in Section 33 and 34 being the south part of the land deeded to me by John and Lucinda SHANNON on 3-19-1838. Volume. 10 page 345

Looks like Shannon deeded land to both William and Andrew on 3-19-1838. OR how did Andrew get the portion that he sold to John? Sounds as if there was a north part deeded to them also.   This was in Lee Twp., Athens Co. So what did John do with this piece of land


July 18, 1860 Warren Co, Iowa, Squaw twp, image page 4, P.O. Jamesburg???
hh# 1201
Elisha Nicholson age 26 Indiana
Angelina D. age 21 Ind. b.ca. 1839 (she must be Delilah Angelina)
Martha A. age 5 Iowa
Zack age 3 Iowa
Mary J age 1 Iowa
John Nicholson age 23 born Indiana


June 9, 1870 Warren Co. Iowa, Squaw twp. image page 11, P.O. Indianola
hh# 71
Elisha Nicholason age 37 (farmer) born ca. 1833 Indiana (view 1900 census)hh# 204
Delilah age 30 born Ohio
Martha age 14 born Iowa b.ca. 1856
Zachariah age 12 born Iowa
Mary age 10 born Iowa
Clara age 3 born Iowa
cont pg  12
Julia age 5 months born Jan 1870 Iowa

June 28, 1900 Furnis Co Nebraska, Lincoln twp, dist 64, image page 10
hh# 202
El???E.Goosic born July 1878 age 21 Iowa, Father Iowa, Mother OHio
Myrtle born June 1880 age 19 Nebraska, Father Tn mother Ill
Orland? Henry born June 1854 age 41 Ohio, Ohio, Md
Mary born Dec. 1861 age 38 Germany, Germany, Germany
David S. born Mar. 1886 age 14 Iowa, Ohio, Germany
Walter H born Feb 1889 age 11 Iowa, Ohio, Ger
John F. June 1891 age 8 Iowa , Ohio Ger
Katie P? July 1893 age 6 Nebraska, Ohio, ger
Nelie M Feb 1896 age 4 Nebraska, Ohio Ger
Elmer F Jan 1898 age 2 Neb. Ohio, Ger
hh# 204
Elisha Nicholson born Apr. 1832 age 68 Indians, SC, Ky
Delilah A. born Jan 1838  age 62 Ohio Pa Ohio
(8 ch 7 living)

hh# 205
Jacks Goosic born Sep 1851 Iowa, Pa Ohio
Lovina Aor. 1848 Iowa Ger Ohio
Henry born Mar 1879 age 21 Neb. Iowa, Iowa
Lula Jan 1883 age 16 Neb. Iowa, Iowa
Joseph Mar 1890 age 10 Neb, Iowa, Iowa

hh# 208
Charles Gossic born Dec. 1860 age 39 Iowa, Ohio Ohio
Matie M. Feb. 1869 age 31 Iowa NC, Illinois
Myrtle M Sept 1886 age 13 Neb, Iowa, Iowa
M. Alverdie (dau) Oct. 1889 age 11 NEb, Iowa iowa
William A. Jan 1891 age 9 Neb, Iowa, Iowa
Addie May 1893 age 7 Neb, Iowa Iowa
A. Elgin? Feb. 1895 age 5 Kansas, Iowa, Iowa
C. Earl? May 1899 age 1 Nebraska, Iowa, Iowa
Andrew J. (FATHER) March 1812  age 88 Ohio, Pa, Va.
? Adddleburgh? (father in law) May 1830 age 70 NC NC NC


1840 Athens Co Ohio, York twp. 22 pages online, every other page is blank. I have picked up the surnames only, so you may wish to check the films.
page 3
Chas Shannon
J. Connet
Robt Manley
H Connett
James Connett
Daniel Connett
page 7
C. Thompson
A. GORSUCH is 20/30,(1810-1820)  1 female u/5,((1835-40) 1 fe 15/20 (1820-1825)
John Manley
page 11 and 13 same
E. Thompson
J. Thompson
Jas Manley
Wm Six
C. Thomson
R. Thomson
page 15 and 17 same
H. M. Shannon
N. Goodwin
David Woodard
Nathan Woodard
page 19
Jershorn?  Newton
Jese Manley
Wm Woodard
John is 80/90 years of age b.ca. 1750-1760
1 male 40/50 born ca. 1790-1800
1 male 10/15 b.ca. 1825-1830
2 males 5/10 b.ca. 1830-1835
2 males u/5 b.ca. 1835-1840
1 fe 50/60 b.ca. 1780-1790
1 fe U/5 b.ca. 1835-1840
According to the 1850 census, Andrew Goosick is born 1812, does not appear to be in this household in 1840. He may be the A. Gorsuch listed on page 7 with C. Thompson.

1830 Athens Co Ohio, York Twp. image page 9
John Goosuek/Gooswek
1 male 20/30 b.ca. (1800-1810) Possibly William
1 male 15/20 b.ca. (1810-1815) Possibly Andrew
1 male 60/70 b.ca. (1760-1770) Old John
1 fe 15/20 b.ca. (1810-1815) Posibly Eva
1 fe 40/50 b.ca. (1780-1790) Margaret

1840 Athens Co Ohio, York twp
John is 80/90 years of age b.ca. 1750-1760
1 male 40/50 born ca. 1790-1800
1 male 10/15 b.ca. 1825-1830
2 males 5/10 b.ca. 1830-1835 
2 males u/5 b.ca. 1835-1840
1 fe 50/60 b.ca. 1780-1790
1 fe U/5 b.ca. 1835-1840


OBITUARY; Times Tribune Aug 31, 1916
   Elisha Nicholson was born in Deboys county, IND., April 26, 1832.  He left
Indiana in 1849, moving to Warren County, Iowa, where he was united in
marriage to Miss Delila A. Goosic on October 15, 1854.  He moved to Furnas county
about thirty-nine years ago and took up a homestead just across the highway from
where he passed to his heavenly reward.  To this union were born eight
children, of whom four daughters and one son are living, and were all present at the
funeral to mingle their grief with the ages mother and faithful companion. 
He died Aug 15, 1916 at the age of 84 years and 4 months.  He was a Christian
man, a faithful husband and father, a good neighbor and friend.  He has gone to
meet the hosts of God's children around the throne eternal.  Besides his
widow and five children, he leaves twenty-two grandchildren and ten
  Funeral services were conducted by Rev G.A. DeFrance at the home of Henry
Leonard on Saturday, August 26.

household #18 1920 Furnas County, Nebraska
Delila Nicholson age 81 (widow) born ca.1839) Ohio, Father Ohio, Mother OHio

  Deliah Goosic, daughter of Andrew and Julia Goosic, was born in Ohio,
January 15 1837.  She was married to Elisha Nicholson, in Iowa, in 1854. Eight
children were born to their union, three sons and five daughters. Of these two
sons and one daughter preceded her to the great beyond. They moved with their
family from Iowa to Furnas county where Mr Nicholson took a homestead south of
Hollinger.  They resided on their farm for many years.  Mr Nicholson passed away
August 25, 1916, Mrs Nicholson continued to reside on the farm after the
death of her husband.  Later she moved to Beaver City where she resided until the
time of her death.
   While she and her husband resided in Iowa, they professed faith in Christ
and united with the Free Methodist church.  Later they united with the Precept
Christian church under the ministry of Rev A.C. Corbin.  In October, 1925,
she was stricken with paralysis, since which time she has been an invalid.. For
about two years she was cared for in her home, by Mr & Mrs James Hewett, and
during the past four months was cared for  by her daughter, Mrs Rose Leonard.
   She passed out of this life into the life beyond at 1 o'clock, August 25,
1928, aged 91 years, 7 months and 10 days.  She awaits the coming of her
daughters, Mrs. S.E. Leonard, Appleton, Mo.;  Mrs. Jane Gilchrist, Bridgeport,
Nebr.;  Mrs James Hewitt, Cheyenne, Wyo. and Mrs Rose Leonard, Beaver City; and
one son Frank Nicholson, Lincoln, Nebr; one brother, Jack Goosic, Sheridan,
Wyo.; 39 grandchildren; 73 great grandchildren; 14 great great grandchildren and
many other relatives and friends.  She was a kind, loving and self  sacrificing
mother, and a good neighbor.  We commend all of her loved ones remaining to
the tender mercies of a kind and loving heavenly father, who doeth all things
   Funeral services were conducted by Rev. T.A. Lindenmeyer at the Christian
church in Beaver City, on Monday afternoon at 2:30.  Interment was made in the
Turner cemetery.


"A.J. Goosic, who located in this county in 1844, and well remembered by many of our present citizens, died at his home near Precept, Nebraska, January 17, at the age of ninety-six years, ten months and five days. This was in the Indianola (Iowa)  Advocate Tribune 28 January 1909"

Donald Wilson Gossick
March 22, 1930 - March 7, 2009
Wednesday, March 11, 2009 10:52 AM CDT
Donald Wilson Gossick, a 78-year-old Buffalo man, passed away Saturday
evening at the Johnson County Healthcare Center in Buffalo.

Donald Wilson Gossick was born on March 22, 1930, in Fairfield, Iowa, to
Charles and Edith Gossick. He grew up and attended school in Fairfield,
Iowa, and graduated from Fairfield High School in 1948. Donald married his
high school sweetheart Shirley Dunnock June 6, 1948.  Donald and Shirley
went to Colorado Springs, Colo., on their honeymoon and decided to stay. Don
worked for a bakery in Colorado Springs for a year-and-a-half before
returning to Fairfield where he managed several department stores. In 1958
Donald received his pilot's license and shortly thereafter he became a
commercial pilot. In 1968, Donald and Shirley moved to Florida and bought
Avon Park Flying Service Inc., which they operated until 1985 when Donald
retired. Donald and Shirley's love for the mountains brought them to Buffalo
in 1986, and they purchased land on Hazelton and built a cabin where they
shared their time between the cabin in the Big Horns and their home in
Florida. In 1997, Don and Shirley moved to Buffalo for good and made it
their home until the time of Donald's death.

 Donald was an avid gun collector.  He was a member of the National Rifle
Association and the Single Action Shooters Association, where he loved
spending time with the guys, shooting and setting up shooting scenarios. Don
enjoyed playing the trumpet and was especially fond of playing Dixieland.
Don loved the mountains and spending time with his family.

 He is survived by his wife Shirley of Buffalo; two sons, Mark Gossick and
his wife Diane of Peoria, Ill., and Charles Gossick and his wife Susan of
Avon Park, Fla.; one daughter, Laura Lawson and her husband Michael of
Winter Haven, Fla.; one brother, John Gossick and his wife Vivienne of
Pontiac, Mich.; seven grandchildren and nine great grandchildren. He was
preceded in death by his parents.

Private family services will be held at a later date.