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James Gossett b.ca.1768/70 died:1821 S.C.
Catherine (?)possibly Kirby) b.1770 Maryland died after 1850 Union S.C.

Children listed:

1. Fielder born 1792 (m) Rachel Gordon
2. Sounsberry (twin) b.Feb.26,1797 (m)lst.? (m) 2nd. 1844 Treacy Coleman
3. Asberry (twin)Feb.26,1797 (m) lst. Mary Peterson (m)2nd.Nancy Taylor
4. Elijah b. 1799 (m) lst. Sidney Donaldson (m) 2nd.?

On Sep.17,1821 a sale was held after James Gossett died and those who purchased from this sale included:

William Kirby, Right Kirby, Joshua Kinnett, Frances Kirby, Asberry Gossett, Fielder Gossett, Richard Lemaster, James Tolleson, Thomas Kirby, John Kirby, Sounsberry Gossett, Elijah Gossett.

I believe that Catherine's maiden name was "Kirby" and there was a "John Kirby" in Maryland, and a John Kirby who died in Union S.C. in 1807. Leaving a will.

James Gossett is first picked up in Spartanburg S.C. in 1810. He is listed with wife and 4 sons.

Catherine Gossett is listed in Union Co.S.C. as a member of the Padgett Creek Baptist Church and she is listed as:Catherine Goswick & Catherine Gossett.



1850 Union Co.S.C. census M432 Roll 859
Elijah Gasset age 50 b.ca. 1800 S.C.
Albert age 11  b.ca. 1839
Sarah age 10  b.ca.1840
Eliza age 8    b.ca.1842
Nancy age 7 b.ca.1843
Catherine age 80 b.ca.1770 Maryland


1850 Union S.C. neighbor to Elijah is:
#1246------------------------------------------------------1870 Cherokee Co.Tx.
Robert Gosset age 26 b.ca. 1824-------------------Robert D. Gossett age 48 S.C. b.ca.1822
Elmira age 25--------------------------------------------missing (deceased)
Laura age 4----------------------------------------------Laura F. age 24 S.C.  b.ca.1848
Amanda age 2-------------------------------------------Amanda E. age 22 S.C. b.ca.1848
                                                                          +  Rhoda A. age 20 S.C.  b.ca.1850
                                                                        Thomas A(Adolphus)18 S.C. b.ca.1852
                                                                              Henderson A. age 16 S.C. b.ca.1854
                                                                        Susan T. age 12 S.C. b.ca.1858
                                                                        Ailsey C. age 9 Tx. b.ca.1861
                                                                        Don E.R. age (4 months) Tx. 1870
                                                                        Sarah S. age 40 b.S.C.(2nd wife) b.ca.1830
                                                                             James Garner age 22 (ST)? b.ca.1848

Robert D.Gossett is listed on census index book as living in Cherokee Co.Tx. for 1860, but I have not checked the 1860 film.  There may be other children of Robert D. & Elmira other than the children born before 1860.
                                                                        1870 Cherokee Co.Tx. #108
                                                                               Elijah Gossett age 71 S.C. b.ca.1799
                                                                               Eliza Gossett age 25 S.C. 1845
                                                                               Nancy Gossett age 23 S.C. 1847
                                                                         Saulsbury Gossett age 74 S.C.ca.1796
                                                                         John Shattuck age 24 GA.
                                                                               Sarah Shattuck age 23 S.C. 1847
                                                                               John Shattuck age 3 months old Tx.1870

                                                                       1870 Cherokee Co.Tx.
                                                                         Aaron Gossett age 22 Tx.b.ca.1848
                                                                               (In household of Daniel Tucker Family)


1860 Cherokee Co.Tx.
Asbury Gossett age 62 Ala. b.ca.1798
Nancy age 54 Tn. b.ca.1806
 (in household)
Elizabeth Taylor age 19 b.Ala.b.ca.1841
George Gossett age 15 b.Al.1845  (he was not in household of Asbury in 1850)
Hiram Peterson ?
Sarah E. Gossett age 25 b.S.C. 1835
Adolphus Gossett age 18 b.S.C. 1842
Francis A. Gossett age 24 b.S.C. 1836


James Gossett age 25 b.S.C. ca. 1835 (see 1850 c.)
S.A. Gossett age 20 b. Ms.
M.H.Gossett age 1 b.Tx.

Mary H.Gossett age 31 born Tn. b.ca. 1829
Edward P. Gossett age 4 b.Tx. 1856
Robert H. Gossett age 1 b. Tx. 1859

(BEAT #7)
Albert A. Gossett age 20 b.S.C. (ca.1840)d:Feb. 1860

(BEAT #8)
Mary Gossett age 62 b.S.C.( b.ca.1798 ) d:March 1860


Cherokee Co.Tx. marriages

Robert D. Gossett (m) Oct. 26,1860 Sarah S. McDonald
Laura Gossett (m) Mar.16,1870 Jos. Woodward
R.A.(Rhoda A.) Gossett (m) Oct.04,1876 J.K. McKinzie
S.T.(Susan T.)Gossett (m) Nov.30,1875 A.M. Brashear
Mary Gossett (m) Jan.04,1900 John W. Tyler

Just received Alcie C.Gossetts marriage from Loretta Phifer.
Alcie Caroline Gossett (m) Oct.22,1885 James Henry Phifer

Anderson Co.Tx. marriages:

Thomas Adolphus Gossett (age 37) (m)Jul.05,1886 Fredona Miles (age 22)
(Thomas A. b.ca.1849-ages could be off)
Daniel Edward Gossett (m) Feb.02,1894 Hattie Love


1880 Cherokee Co.Tx.
Robert D. Gossett age 36 born S.C. 1844
Laura L. age 14 born S.C. 1866
Amanda L. age 12 born 1868 S.C.
Rhody A. age 10 born 1870 S.C.
Adolphus T. age 9 born 1871 S.C.
Herrington A. age 8 born 1872 S.C.
Susan T. age 2 born S.C. 1878
Susan age 21 born 1859 S.C.
Emma E. age 1 born 1879 Texas

This is entirely a different Robert D. Gossett and he may be a son of the older Robert D. Gossett since the children's names are so much the same.  If he was a son of the older Robert D. Gossett, where was he in 1850 ?

Neighbors to the above Robert D. Gossett in 1880 was:
Elijah Gossett age 60 b.S.C. 1820
Sarah E. age 19 b. 1861 S.C.
Elizah J. age 18 b.1862 S.C.
Nancy E. age 17 born 1863 S.C.
Lunsberry age 63 born 1817 S.C.

Could Lunsberry and Elijah Gossett be the son's of Sounsberry Gossett ?

Another close family was:
1880 Cherokee Co.Tx.census:

Rufus C. Gossett age 32 b.1848 S.C.
In household of: Elizabeth Dugan age 35 b.Tn. and her children: Martha J, age 16 b.Tn., Elizabeth 14  Tn., Melvina age 13 Tn., Samuel age 10 Tn., Wm.J. age 6 Tx., and George W. age 4 Tx..

Question:  Was Elizabeth Dugan a Gossett before she married a Dugan?



James Goswichs age 32 b.ca 1816 S.C.
Lucinda age 32 b.ca. 1818 Ga.
Mikel ? age 13 b.ca.1837 Ga.
James A. age 11 b.ca. 1839 Ga.
Rhoda C. age 9 b.ca. 1841 Ga.
Sophia age 7 b.ca. 1843 Ga.
Thomas C. age 5 b.ca. 1845 Ga.
Aaron  age 1 b.ca. 1849 Ala.

1870 Cherokee Co.Tx. Rusk Beat #2 is: Aaron Gossett
Cherokee Co.Tx. marriages:
Aaron Gossett (m) Jan.25,1874 Louisa Kirk

 1850 UNION CO.S.C.CENSUS film M432 roll 859

household # 1247 ?
household #1248 Jeremiah Kirby age 57 b. 1793 Va. and his family
household #1249 James Bryant ,his wife Caroline Kirby (dau of Boling Kirby)
household #1250 Terry Kirby age 65 b.1785 Va. and his family
household #?
Samuel Gossett age 26 b.ca. 1824 (farmer for Lane's)

household #1292
Fielder Gossett  age 57 b.ca.1793
Rachel age  59   (see 1860 Union)
Fincher age 32 b.ca.1818 (Fincher never married/had some sort of handicap)
Lawson age 30 b.ca.1820 (David Lawson)(settled Lafayette Co.Ms.)
William  G.age 23 b..ca. 1827 (see 1860 Union)

Fielder and Rachel Gossett had two married daughters who will be mentioned at a later time.


household #1293
Sonsberry Gossett age 52 b.ca. 1798 (note will)
Tresea age 58

Sounsberry Gossett (twin to Asberry Gossett) may have been married prior to his marriage to Tresea Donaldson as they married in 1844 (Jeff's records)  It is stated that Sounsberry Gossett died in Chereokee Co.Tx. Feb.20,1875.



1850 Benton County,Alabama census M432-1

29th Sub.Dist, Feb.22,1850
household #810
Asberry Gossett age 53 b.ca. 1797 S.C.(to 1860 c)
Mary age 52 b.S.C.
Lucinda A. age 26 b.ca.1824 S.C. (m) E.H. Self
Harriet M. age 25 b.ca.1825 (m) Joseph Long
Rufus C. age 23 b.ca. 1827 (was a school teacher in Tx.)?
Sarah A.E. age 17 b.ca.1833 S.C. (m) J.F. Jones
James P. age 16 b.ca.1834 S.C. (m) Sarah J, Manuel
Francis A. age 13 (male) b.ca.1837 S.C.
Adolphus L. age 9 b.ca.1841 S.C.
Hiram Peterson age 38 b.ca.1812 S.C.

It has been stated that Asberry Gossett married Mary Peterson.  Hiram Peterson may be Mary's brother, or she could have been his mother ?? as many girls were married by the time they were 14 years of age.


Marriages found:
Recorded Calhoun Co.Ala.
Harriett Gossett (m) Oct.27,1852 Joseph Long
Lucinda Gossett (m) Aug.15,1854 E.H. Self

Cherokee Co.Tx. marriages:
Asberry Gossett (m) Jul.28,1860 Nancy Taylor
S.A.E. Gossett (m) Jul.11,1861 J.F. Jones



1860 Union Co.S.C.P.O. Goshen Hill
Rachel Gosset age 69 b.ca. 1791 S.C. (see 1870 Union)
Fincher Gosset age 42 b.ca.1818
(living in household of John and Sarah Goforth).Sarah born 1832 S.C.

1860 Union Co.S.C. P.O. Goshen Hill
Samuel Gossitt age 36 b.ca.1824 (farmer for W.W.Gist)

1860 Union Co.S.C. P.O. West Springs
W. Gosit age 33 b. ca. 1827 (see 1870 Union)
Caroline age 31
Randolph age 7 b.ca.1853
Samuel age 6 b.ca.1854
Amanda age 5 b.1855
Nellie age (5 months old) b.ca.1860(Nellie not listed on 1870 census)

1860 Spartanburg Co.S.C. P.O. Pacelot
Samuel Gossett age 50 b.ca. 1810
Nellie age 44 b.ca. 1816
Jno. age 18 b.ca. 1844
Gra.(fe) age 14 b.ca. 1846
Russell age 12 b.ca. 1848
Martha age 10 b.ca. 1850
Lucinda age 7 b.ca. 1853
Eliza age 5 b.ca. 1855



1870 Union Co.S.C. census P.O. Unionville,Draytonville Twp. June.22,1870

household #211
Rachel Gossit age 78 b.S.C. ca, 1792
(Living in household of John and Sarah Jane Goforth)  The Goforth family also settled around Lafayette Co. Ms..

household #215
Wm.G. Gossit age 44 b.ca.1826 S.C.
Caroline age 30
Randolph Losso age 16 b.ca.1854 S.C. (settled in Tx.)
Samuel age 15 b.ca. 1855 S.C.
Amanda age 14 b.ca. 1856 S.C.
Wallace age 11 b.ca.1859
Emerelia age 6 b.ca. 1864 S.C.
Clarence age 5 b.ca.1865 S.C.
Elvira age 3 born ca,. 1867 S.C.

Wm.G. Gossett, son of Fielder and Rachel (?) Gossett

Wm.G. Gossit/Gossett (m) Caroline Coleman.  Many of the Coleman families came to Tippah Co. Ms. from Union Co.S.C..  Randolph Losso Gossett aslo came to Tippah Co. Ms., and married 2nd. Mrs. Texas Levi (Brummit) Kirby.  Randolph Losso Gossett and his family moved to Tx..early 1900's.Randolph Losso Gossett had a daughter named "Flossie" who married a "Yancy", a son named "Loyd Martin", and a daughter named "Jimmie" who married W.F."Frank" Brown.  For information on this family of Randolph Losso Gossett, please contact: Garland McCoy, 1019 State Hwy #6 East, RR 6, Box 267, Oxford, Ms. 38655-9238 (phone # (601)234-9240)  Garland has much information on the Gossett/Brummett/Kirby/Coleman families who settled in Lafayette Co.Ms..


Randolph Losso Gossett b.ca.1848
(m) Mar.06,1895 Oxford, Ms. Lafayette Co.
Texas Levi (Brummett) Kirby b.Apr.10,1877 Ms. d:Oct.03,1903 Texas
              children found
1. Lloyd Martin Gossett
2. Flossie Gossett b.Sep.1898 (m)Luther Yancy

Randolph Losso Gossett, son of William & Caroline (Coleman) Gossett.  Texas Levi (Brummett) Kirby was the daughter of Louis Martin and Georgia Ann (Heard) Brummett.  Texas Levi Brummett was first married to Miles E. Kirby, Sr., a child Miles E. Kirby Jr. died 1893. Randolph Losso Gossett was married several times and had more children other than ones listed according to Mr. McCoy of Oxford, Ms..

P.O. Unionville, Cross Keys Township Aug. 24,1870
household #159-163
Sam Gossett age 40/45 b.ca. 1825/30 S.C.
Amanda age 26 b.ca. 1844 S.C.
Model ?(male) age 13 b.ca.1857 S.C.
Ness? (male) age 11 b.ca.1859 S.C.
Edmond age 6 b.ca. 1864 S.C.
C.?(unleg) age 4 b.ca.1866
Sam age 2 born ca, 1868 S.C.

(No records have been found as to who this Sam Gossett belongs to.  He may be another son of Fielder and Rachel Gossett.  Nothing has been found on this Samuel Gossett since the 1870 Union Co.S.C. census. {kgk}


1870 Lafayette Co. Ms. census:
D.L.(David Lawson) Gossett age 51 b.ca. 1819 S.C.(son of Fielder & Rachel)
S.A. (wife) age 40 b. ca. 1830 S.C.
W.R. (son) b.ca.1852 S.C. (W.Robert)
N.J. (dau) age 14 b.ca.1856 S.C.
E.L. (dau) age 12 b.ca. 1858 S.C.
S.C.(Samuel C) (son) age 10 b. 1860 Ms.
S.A (Alcie) (dau) age 6 b.ca.1864 Ms.

Lafayette Co.Ms. marriages:
W.R. Gossett (m) Jul.27,1872 E.H. Hughes
S.C. Gossett (m) Nov.28,1882 M.J. Wells
Alcie Gossett (m) Jan.25,1885 W.B. Coleman

JUNE 24,1850 UNION CO. S.C.

Will of Fielder Gossett , being weak in body, to my son, David Lassin Gossett, all my property after my debts are paid, 160 acres of land, hogs, sheep, and cattle, household and kitchen furniture, to support his mother and his brother Fincher Pickney Gossett, the rest of the children have already received their share, if there arises any dispute concerning the estate, each child is to have a disinterested man represent them and they shall settle the matter, son David Lossen Gossett, exr. 24 June 1850, Filder Gossett (signed).
Witnesses: Bartley Coleman, SunsburyGossett, Reuben Coleman, prbed by Sunsbury Gossett Oct. 07,1850 before J.J. Pratt, ordinary.

Searchers for this lineage:
Loretta Phifer (husb desc of: James Henry & Alcie Caroline (Gossett) Phifer
Shirley McCowin  (husb adopted desc of:  Thomas Adolphus Gossett)
Garland McCoy (desc of Coleman/Brummett/Kirby's and McCoys)
Amanda Canter (desc of Fielder & Rachel Gossett-through Goforth's)



GOSWICK, Thomas, Catharine, Vilet & Elizabeth

GOSWICK, Sarah, Violet, Thomas, Josephus, George

GOSSETT, Catharine
GOSWICK, Joseph, Sally (died 1866)

1860 Cherokee Co.Tx.index book --------------------1870 Cherokee Co.Tx.
Asbury Gossett P.O.Rusk-----------------------------missing
Elijah Gossett P.O. Rusk------------------------------Elijah #202 (to 1870 Elijah)
Mary D. Gossett P.O.Rusk-------------------------------missing
Rufus C. Gossett P.O.Rusk---------------------------missing -----------(see 1880 c)
                                                                                  +Aaron #225



1870 Henderson Co.Tx. index
James P. Gosset (288 Athens Prect 3)

1880 Anderson Co.Texas index book
Hendson Gossett    ( E.D. 7)

1880 Gonzales Co.Tx. index(all in E.D. 71)
John R. Gossett
John V. Gossett
Rufus C. Gossett (note he is in Cherokee Co. 1860)
V.E. Gossett
Wm.H. Gossett


 Thomas Adolphus Gossett b.ca. 1852 (son of Robert D. & Elmira (?) Gossett)
(m) Jul.05,1886 Anderson Co.Tx.
Fredona Miles b.ca. 1864
        (7 children) issue found:ch not listed in order
1. Mack D. Gossett b.Sep. 23,1888 Anderson Co.Tx(m)Mary T.Regard McCowin)
2. Marshall Gossett (lived Palintine Tx. never married)
3.Benjamin Gossett (wf unk-2 ch:Billy k/ww11 & Don)
4.Herndon Thomas Gossett b. 1896 (wf-K Lanich from Pa.ch-son Devon Gossett)
5. ?
6. ?
7. ?

Thomas Adolphus Gossett, son of Robert D. & Elmira (?) of Union S.C. & Cherokee Co.Tx.

#1.Mack Donaldson Gossett b. Sep.23,1888 Anderson Co.Tx. d:Oct.3,1934 Seattle,Wa.
    Mary Teresa (Regard) McCowin (she had one child Wm.Frank McCowin)
               children of Mack & Mary Teresa
a. William Frank McCowin Goswick  (m) Shirley
b. Mack Thomas Gossett b.July 19, 1926 Renton, Washington

Mack Gossett lived in Oregon.   Mack was one of 8 children born to Thomas A. & Fredona (Miles) Gossett. (info supplied by Shirley McCowin and more information on this family to be listed later.)  Shirley McCowin stated that William Frank carried the last name of Gossett until his grandfather McCowin told him his last name was McCowin and had him to change his surname from Gossett to McCowin about the year 1954.

b.Mack Thomas Gossett b. Jul 19,1926 Renton,Washington
   (m) lst. Apr.30,1954 Seattle Wash. (div 1985)  (m) 2nd. Sep.06,1985 Santa Ana Ca.
    lst. Arlene Vandeer b. n/r
    2nd. Jane Wimer b.n/r
          children of Mack Thomas & Arlene (Vandeer) Gossett
1. Timothy Patrick b. Mar. 17,1955 Culver City, Ca. (m) Laurie Egge
2. John Michael b. Feb.26,1957 Orange Calif. (m) Lyn Tuttle
        (3 son's)Garrett & Jonathan (twins) & Nathan Gossett
3. Jeffery Mark b. Feb.26,1957 Orange Ca.
4. Cary Christopher b. 1961 Orange, Ca.
 (information supplied by Shirley McCowin)

SS Death Records

Benjamin Gossett born Mar.12,1894 died Dec.1969 San Antonio, Bexar Co.Tx.

Marshall Gossett born July 25,1898 died July 1974 Houston, Harris Co.Tx.



Palestine, Tx. Anderson Co.

Colley Hilga Gossett (m) Dec.14,1939 Palestine, Anderson Co.Tx. Alexander Stuart Sinclair

Alexander Stuart Sinclair b. Feb.26,1894 Palestine,Tx. d:Jun.26,1946 Palestine, Tx.
Colley Hilga Gossett b. Jan.30,1895 Palestine, Tx. d: Aug.19,1987 Palestine, Tx.



Recent findings of Gossett's in Tx.{kgk}

CENSUS YR:  1850  STATE or TERRITORY:  TX  COUNTY:  Henderson1  DIVISION:  27  REEL NO:  M432-911  PAGE NO:  250


 28  14   15  Gossett        William L.     31    M                                     Farmer         2,000               AR
 29  14   15  Gossett        Rebecca S.     25    F                                                                                      NC
 30  14   15  Gossett        Preston             8    M                                                                                     TX
 31  14   15  Gossett        Finas A.            5    F                                                                                       TX
 32  14   15  Gossett        Margret E.       1    F                                                                                       TX

   1850 Census, Houston County, TX.
Extracted from microfilm # M432.911
By Bill and Sandy Tubbs ©
This information may be freely used for any non-commercial purpose.

464-464   Gossett, Lee                  27        m   Farmer                           450      TN
          " , Lucindy                          24        f                                             LA
          " , James L.                            2         m                                                              p/b listed Houston County
          " , John W.                            2         m                                                              p/b listed Houston County

Census_Year 1870
    Microfilm # 593-Roll 1579
    State       TX
    County      Coleman
    Post Office San Saba
    Enumerated  27 July - 1 Aug 1870

6     15    42    42    Gosset         Isai J.        25   m    w      Farmer                100    300      Texas          .        .           .    .       .         .      .      .       X       .
6     16                Gosset         Harriet        26   f    w      Keeping House         .      .        Mississippi    .        .           .    .       .         .      .      .       .       .
6     17                Gosset         William H.     2    m    w      At Home               .      .        Texas          .        .           .    .       .         .      .      .       .       .
6     18                Gosset         John           1    m    w      At Home               .      .        Texas          .        .           .    .       .         .      .      .       .       .

1880 Runnels County, Texas Census Schedule

Grissett, John, w, m, 30, married, farmer, La, La, La

Mary, w, f, 19, wife, married, keeping house, Texas, Miss, Miss

John A, w, m, 2, son, single, Texas, La, Texas

Rusk Co. Confederate Pension Applications on file at the Texas State Archives
Gossett, Joseph L. 19229
Gossett, Mrs. L. M., husband Joseph L. 23812

ERATH COUNTY 1896-1908
Microfilm #1026024  Volume #1
MALE                    FEMALE                        VOL. NO.  PAGE
Gossett, W.T.           Carey, Miss M.N.                J       84

All other Gossett info on births, death's, census of Tn., Ar. & Ms. have been sent to Frank Gossett, Sr. to place on his Gossett website..  The Gossett's that descend from GOSWICK, have been linked to the Goswick website and can be found on the  main page  under Misc. index.


Posted by: Shirley Bingham McCowin
                                                                                Date: October 16, 1998 at 22:20:46
In Reply to: Re: Gossetts in Texas by Ron Cowin
                                                                                                  of 278

Thanks for the come back, Ron. Yes, I have the father of Thomas Adolphus Gossett. His name is Robert D. (Donaldson?) Gossett b 1822 d
1899 marr 1st Elmira Wilbanks or Woodbanks. 2nd Sarah S. (Sally) McDonald b 26 Oct 1860, Cherokee Co., TX. d 1903
I have the following siblings of Thomas Adolphus and Sarah. Laura m Jos Woodward, Amanda, Roda (Rhoda)m J.K. Mckenzie, (Thomas
Adolphus), Henderson, Susan m A,M. Brashear,
Alsey(Ailsey)m James Henry Phifer and Daniel Edward m Hattie Love. 6 born in SC the rest in TX.
I believe that the 2nd Robert R. Gossett found on the census is probably an older son and his family.
Robert D. Gossett's parents are Elijah and Sidney Donaldson Gossett, SC. And parents of Elijah are James Gossett and Catherine (Kirby),
Spartanbury, S.C.
Do you have this line? Let me know.
Shirley McCowin