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Henry H. & Keuttah (Goswick) Kennemore
Picture taken 1994 Inverness, Ms.
by: Bobby Duncan.

Keuttah "Kay" Goswick b. Dec.30,1931 Mayfield, Ok. Beckham Co.(me at age 3)
(m) Nov. 11, 1947 Hernando, Ms.
Henry Howard Kennemore,Sr.  b.Oct.22,1924 Osceola, Ar. Mississippi Co. d:Nov.20,1998 Sardis, Ms.
1. Sharon Kay b.Dec.19,1948 Osceola,Ar. (m) James David Forehand
2. Henry H.,Jr."Lucky" b. Jan.01,1952 Osceola,Ar. (m) Nancy Lee Thomas
3. Patricia Ann b. Apr.17,1954 Portsmouth, Va. (m)lst.Larry T.Moss (2nd) Marcus L.Hooper
4. Daniel Eldon b. Jan.20,1956 Osceola,Ar. (m)Pena Lee McClaskey
5. Ross L.   b. Oct.23,1959 Osceola,Ar.(m)lst.Anita Mobley(2nd)Betty Harrison(3rd)Roxy Vaughn

(Our two babies)

Keuttah "Kay" (Goswick) Kennemore, daughter of James William Charles and Amanda Bece (McClure) Goswick.  Henry Howard Kennemore's parents were: James Edwin and Nancy Lottie (Montague) Kennemore of Ark., and Tn., the grandson of Charles Daniel 1843Ga.-1894Ar.and Martha Elizabeth (DETTOR/DETTERY b. 1847 Ky.-1883Ar.)Kennemore, and g-grandson of Jesse 1820 Ga.-1895Ar.and Rebecca (BROCK b.  1822 Ga.-bet.1855-60 Ar.) Kennemore. Howard's maternal grandparents were: Alfred Richard and Mollie (Eastham) Montague of Shelby Co.Tn. Shelby Forrest, and Osceola, Arkansas.

  Just a little about my first name "Keuttah" which is pronounced "Ka-u-ta".  I have heard different stories about how I acquired the first name of "Keuttah".  An older Aunt (now deceased) said Mother had read the name in some book, then another said I was named for some "Cherokee Indian Relative".  Wish I could prove that I was part Indian so I could claim some of the Oklahoma Indian Lands.  Of course, my husband said that he thought I was part "Apache Indian".

My husband Henry Howard Kennemore, Sr. passed away at home after a long illness on Nov.20,1998.  He was honored with a full Navy Military Funeral.    Below is a news article in the Batesville Ms. paper dated Nov.24,1998.  There are many mistakes listed in this article.  Mildred Kennemore is listed as Howard's sister, but she is a sister-in-law and widow of Charles R. Kennemore (Howards deceased brother).  Osceola, AR. is also misspelled at different times.   The article also has his birth date as Oct.20, 1924 instead of Oct. 22, 1924.   It is getting to the point where we cant believe what is written in the news any more. (kgk).  Howard was a member of the Church of Christ. {kgk}


Henry Howard Kennemore
Oct.22,1924 Osceola,Arkansas
Nov.20,1998 Sardis, Mississippi

In Loving Memory
of Henry Howard Kennemore, Sr.

Touched by an Angel

 Pictures taken Nov.23,1998 Forrest Memorial Park Cemetery, Batesville, Ms. where
Lt.Cmdr. Henry Howard Kennemore, Sr. was laid to rest.
The Service Men (10) were from Millington Naval Station, Millington, Tn.
God Bless Them All.

November 23,1998
Batesville, Mississippi
Lt.Cmdr.Henry H.Kennemore
Carried to his final resting place.
The Bugler(click)
 Robert Rawson-Church of Christ Minister.

 Folding of the Flag
11/23/1998 Batesville, Ms.

View picture of:the men in my life

View some pictures of Howard Kennemores family.Pictures taken Nov.23,1998

Family 1--  2----3---(please hit "back" button to return to these pictures)


Some of Henry H.Kennemores family.
Picture taken NOv.23,1998 Batesville, Ms.
L/R: Back row: Jeremy Gray, Tommy Golden, Henry H.Kennemore 111, Julie Moss
John Baker,Joseph Bryan Moss, James David Forehand, Henry H.Kennemore,Jr. Betty (Kennemore) Steed, James E. Kennemore,Jr., Margurite (Kennemore)Pickering, Edith Kennemore,Jr.,Katherine (Griffin) Noles, John W. Noles, R.L. Kennemore.
L/R Bottom Row: Tracie (Forehand)Gray, Jamie (Forehand)Golden, Nancy (Thomas)Kennemore,Jr., Kristi (Moss) Sexton, Travis Sexton, Michelle (DeBerry)Underkoffler, Leslie Moss, Kay (Goswick) Kennemore, Patricia (Kennemore) Moss, Hooper, Thomas A. Steed, Sharon (Kennemore) Forehand, Robert Tidwelll, Roxsann (Tidwell)Kennemore, Breanna Tidwell..
Picture taken by Kenneth Underkoffler (husband of Michelle) and nephew of Henry H.and Keuttah "Kay" (Goswick) Kennemore.  Thank you Kenny for the lovely pictures that you have taken. {kgk}


L/R: James E.Kennemore,Jr.,(brother of Howard) Henry H.Kennemore,Jr., R.L. Kennemore, Patricia (Kennemore)Moss, Hooper, (son's and daughter of Howard)and Thomas A. Steed(brother-in-law of Howard Kennemore).

These 4 pictures are smaller scales of the large family picture above.

L/R back row:
Joseph Bryan Moss
James David Forehand
Henry H.Kennemore,Jr.
Betty (Kennemore) Steed
Margurite (Kennemore)Pickering

L/R bottom row:
Leslie Moss,
Kay (Goswick) Kennemore
Patricia (Kennemore)Moss,Hooper
Thomas A. Steed

 2nd lady in back row is Katherine (Griffin) Noles (dau of Henry and Mary Pearl (Montague) Griffin)

Ross L. Kennemore and wife Roxsann (Vaughn)Tidwell, Kennemore.

Picture taken Nov.23,1998 in back yard of Howard Kennemore home on Sardis Lake.  Sardis, Ms.

See their first grandbaby & One more g-grand baby for me.


Brandon Lee Mardis
born Oct.11,2000
Oxford, Ms.
Weighed 5 pounds 5oz., and born with one tooth which the doctor pulled,
so he would not bite his great grandma.LOL
Beautiful son of John and Breianna (Tidwell) Mardis,
& Grand son of Ross L. and Roxsann (Vaughn)(Tidwell) Kennemore
Picture taken Jan.22,2001 by:"Great Aunt" Sharon (K) Forehand

Nancy (Thomas) Kennemore, wife of Henry H.Kennemore,Jr., and their son Henry H.Kennemore,111

Picture taken at home of Howard Kennemore,Sr. Nov.23,1998.



Daniel Eldon Kennemore b.Jan.20,1956 Osceola, AR. (view pictures)
(m) April 29,1978 Arkansas City, Kansas........Divorced
Pena Lee McClaskey born May 21,1959 Arkansas City, Ks.(Pena married 2nd. Jim Hagan)
   Children by Dan

1. Jason Daniel Kennemore born 7/07/1980 Oklahoma City, Ok.
2. Lindy Lee Kennemore born Nov.03,1981 Oklahoma City, Ok.
3. Christopher Seth Kennemore born 7/06, 1985 Oklahoma City, Ok.

Daniel Eldon Kennemore,. son of Henry Howard and Keuttah (Goswick) Kennemore.

Jason Daniel Kennemore/Hagan
(m)Jul.25,1999 White City, Mo.
April Dobbs born Nov.26,1978 Troy, Mo.
1. Jason Lee born Feb.26,1999 Newport, Ar.
2. Abbey Lea Elaine born 3/17/2000 Lake St. Louis, Mo.

Jason Daniel Kennemore, son of Daniel E. Kennemore...His wife April Dobbs is the daughter of Larry and Judy (Richard) Dobbs of Troy, Mo.

  Kay Kennemore

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