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by: Henry H. & Keuttah (Goswick) Kennemore

Nicholas Corbin
Info found in Early Baltimore Co.Families
New info: 6/26/1999 

Corbins/Gostwicks found in early Md. tax lists.

1671 Md
1671 Main
1675 Mass
1692-1707 Md
1723 VA.
1738 Va.
1755 NC
1760 Va.
1762 NC
1764 Va.

Nicholas Corbin b. England  died Baltimore Co. Md. (note will)
(m) lst. Elizabeth Kemp  "Read Will of John Kemp" ( note mention of Elizabeth Corbin dau of Nicholas)
(m) 2nd. Alice (?)
               children mentioned in will

1. Elizabeth Corbin (wife of  Mr. Roberts)
2. Mary Corbin (lst. wife of Joseph Gostwick)
3. Edward Corbin b.ca. 1676 (m) ca. 1698 (?)

Nicholas Corbin came into province with wife Elizabeth and daughters: Elizabeth & Mary.  (Just were did Nicholas come from and what year?).  It has been written that Nicholas Corbin's 2nd wife Alice (m) 2nd. John Barrett who mentions his g-son Nicholas Corbin in his will in 1717 (eldest son of Edward Corbin).


(go to Nicholas Corbins will dated 1695 Baltimore Co.Md.)
Check the will of William Corbin of New York 1707
Corbin & Corban's in Balt.Co.Md. early tax list.(who do all these Corbins belong to?)
Go to the Will of William Wilkinson
Go to Will of John Barrett
Corbin marriages in Baltimore Co.Md.
(Check out the surname changes found on Corbin's)

Corbin births in Baltimore Co.Md.
Corbin Marriages before 1699

Edward Corbin b.ca. 1699/1700 Md. alive 1750 Baltimore Co.Md.(his father born ca. 1676)
Jane Wilkinson (daughter of William)
              children listed:
  1.Abraham Sep.07,1722 Balt. Co.Md. died:Oct.07,1793 Ky.
  2.Phylissanna May 12,1725 Balt.Co.Md.
  3.Providence Jun.26,1727 Balt.Co.Md.
  4.Unity Mar.02,1730 Balt. Co.Md.



Providence Corbin (m) Jan.14,1745 Henry Peregoy (son of Henry and Amy (Green) Peregoy)


Unity Corbin (m) Sep.21,1745 Robert Green (son of John and Mary (Sampson) Green)

Other Corbin marriages in Balt.Co.Md.

1733,Sep.03, Nicholas Corbin b.ca.1710/12(m) Eleanor Smith(Note: he names a son "Nathaniel")
1735,Jan.31. Thomas Corbin b.ca.1713(m) Mary Barnette
1745,Feb.10, Sophia Corbin (m) Thomas Marsh
1745, Aug.11, William Corbin (m) Rachel Wright
1753, Jan.29, Elizabeth Corbin (m) Edmund Deadman
1755, Dec.09, Benjamin Corbin b.ca.1733(m) Sarah Sias
1758, Oct.16, Nathaniel Corbin b.ca.1734(m) Sarah James
1760, Jun.18, Rachel Corbin b.ca.1740(m) Soloman James
1761, Sep.03, Leah Corbin b.ca.1742(m) Labon Welsh
1766, Dec.04, Abraham Corbin b.ca.1743(m) Rachel Marshall
1789, Dec. 14 Temperance Corbin (m) Gilliam Lucas of Fr.Co.Md. (recorded St. James Church,Balt.Co.Md.)
1790,May 11, Thomas Corbin of Hr.Co.Md. (m)Nancy Turner (recoded St. John's Church)Balt.Co.Md.
1793, Apr.06, Patience Corbin b.ca.1774(m) Abraham Byfield


1788, May 03, Nathan Corbin born to Abraham & Rachel Corbin (St.James Parish Register)
1789,Mar.15, Abraham CORBAN born to Nathan & Sarah CORBAN (St.James Parish Register-Balt.Co.Md.)
1792,Aug.08th Abraham CORBAN baptised.


1697,Apr.07 James Corbin & Hannah Eastman (Woodstock, Conn.)

N.S.P.H. (North Side Patapasco Hundred
S.S.B.R. (South Side of Back River)
Spesutij H. (Spesutij Hundred)
MD e.c. (Maryland early census index)

1692-1695 on Nicholas Corbin of Baltimore are my earlier findings.Nicholas was constable of Patapsco Hundred in 1692.
1694 tax list of Nicholas Corbin, and Nicholas Corbin,Jr..Did some record keeper list Nicholas Corbin, Jr., and possibly should have listed a "Nathaniel" Corbin, who may have been a brother to Nicholas Corbin. Note that the 1699 tax list shows a Nathaniel Corbin, and in 1700 he is listed as "Nathan" Corbin.  It is my personal opinion that many of the Corbin researchers have placed their lineage going back to Old Nicholas Corbin, and they should be going back to "Nathaniel" Corbin.{kgk}
** My records found (they are not listed in Ancestry.com)


1671 Corbin Nicholas Balt.Co. Md. tax records



1671 Corbin  Robert Cumberland Co.Main 325 Falmouth Me Early C MES1a798396



1675 Corbin John Norfolk Co  Ma. 242 Wanting Ma.Early C MAS1a798283



Year Surname Given name County State page # town/info record type Database ID#

1692 ** Corbin Nicholas Balt.Co. Md. Folio 226-227 Patapasco Hundred early rec.
1692 Gostwick Joseph Balt.Co. Md. N.S.P.H. early tax
1694 ** Corbin Nicholas Balt.Co,. Md. Folio 274 N.S.P.H. early rec.
1694 Gostwick Joseph Balt.Co. Md. S.S.B.R. early tax
1694 ** Corbin Nicholas,Jr. Balt.Co. Md. Folio 274 N.S.P.H. early rec.
1695 ** Corbin Nicholas Balt.Co. Md. Folio525-525 N.S.P.H. early rec.
1695 Gostwick Joseph Balt.Co. Md. N.S.P.H. early tax
1699 Corbin Nathaniel Balt.Co. Md. none listed N.S.P.H. tax list MD e.c. MDS1a798355
1699 Gostwick Joseph Balt.Co. Md. N.S.P.H. tax list
1700 Corbin Nathan Balt.Co. Md. none listed N.S.P.H. none listed MD e.c. MD5503368
1701 Gostwick Joseph Balt.Co. Md. N.S.P.H. earl tax
1702 Corbin Nicholas Balt.Co. Md. none listed N.S.P.H. tax list MD e.c. MDS1a798456
1703 Corbin Edward Balt.Co. Md. none listed N.S.P.H. tax list MD e.c. MDS1a798148
1704 Corbin Edward Balt.Co. Md. none listed S.S.B.R. tax list MD e.c. MDS1a798145
1704 Gostwick Joseph Balt.Co. Md. S.S.B.R. tax list
1705 Corbin Edward Balt.Co. Md. none listed N.S.P.H. tax list MD e.c. MDS1a798146
1705 Corban Henry Balt.Co. Md. none listed Spesutij H. tax list Md e.c. MDS1a797598
1706 Corbin Edward Balt.Co, Md. none listed N.S.P.H. tax list  Md e.c. MDS1a798147
1706 Corbin Nathaniel Balt.Co. Md. none listed N.S.P.H. tax list Md e.c. MDS1a798352

All these records are taken from Ancestry.com

From those early records between 1671 and 1706 we have:
Nicholas Corbin (1671-1694 tax) b.ca.1650 died 1696/7)(my Nichoas Corbin-{kgk}(note his will)
Nathaniel/Nathan Corbin(1699-1700 tax list), born at least 1679 or earlier. (are they the same person?)
Nicholas Corbin,Jr.(1694 Tax list) born at least 1674) or earlier (not my Nicholas Corbin)kgk
Edward Corbin(1703 tax list) born at least 1681 or earlier
Henry CORBAN born at least 1682 or earlier.

Maryland Calendar of Wills Vol.4(interesting findings)kgk


The will of JOHN BARRETT
of Baltimore Co.Md.

March 24, 1717
Testor directs that two tracts joining on Gunpowder Falls, viz.: "Barretts Delight" and "Barretts Addition". be sold for payment of debts.

 To grandson Nich CORBIN (eld. son of EDW. CORBIN) at decease of wife, dwel, plan, and 1/2 the land.

To John Royston, residue of land to be laid out on "Little Run"

To James Wells and John (son of Alex. Keith), personalty. (as spelled)

To wife Alice, ext. use of dewl, plan. for life, and residue of personal estate.

TEST: Alex. Keith, Kath., Lindall, Moses Edwards.



1718,June 16th.

To son: Robert and hrs.dw****lling plantation----, and all land on both sides of Humphrey's Ck. to which testor has any title or claim

To WIFE: TAMAR, extx, Edward CORBIN, daus. ANN, PHILLISANAH, & SOPHIA, personal estate equally.

To daus. Jane CORBIN, ANN, PHILLISANAH & SOPHIA and their heirs, "Cumberland", eldest dau to have first choice.

TEST: Pearsivall Sheppard, John Craggs, Jos. Dermitt, Saml Hinton 14.603



1723 Corbin Char. Stafford Co Va. Rental Role Rent Role Va.Early C. VAS1a798089



1738 Corbin John Northumberland  Co.Va. Mischaelmass Rent Role Va.Early C. VAS1a798246


1753 Corbin Col. Chowan Co N.C. N.C.Early C NCS1a798094


1755 Corbon
note spelling
John New hanover NC NTL NC Early C NCS1a798725


1760 Corbin Jno. Northumberland Co.Va. Michaelmass Rent Roles Rent Roll Va Early C. VAS1a798240


1762 Corbin Francis New Hanover Co N.C. N.T.L. NCEarlyC NCS1a798181


1764 Corbin Jerome Culpeper C Va. Rent Rolls Rent Roll Va.Early C VAS1a798238



Will of John Kemp of Baltimore County,


dated December 1, 1686, filed March 15, 1686/87

Source: Baltimore County Courthouse, Book 1, Page 56, Microfilm Only


In the Name of God Amen the first day of December Anoge Domini 1686, Know yee all Christian People to whom these presents shall or may come that I John Kemp of Baltimore County in the Province of Maryland being very sick and weak butt of sound and perfect Memory praise be given to God for the same and knowing the uncertainty of life on Earth and being Desierous to settle things in order do make this my last will and Testament in manner and form as followeth that is to say first and princeapally aI commend my Soul to Almighty God my Creator Asuredly believing that I shall Receave full pardon and free remission of all my sinns and be saved by the precious death and meritts of my dear Saviour and Redeemer Jesus Christ and my body to the Earth from whence it was taken to be buried in such decent and christian maner as my executrix hereafter named shall think fitt and convenient by her maiden name Sarah Wichell being now my dear and loveing wife whom I ordain and appoint and leave to be my whole and sole executrix of this my last will and Testament and as touching such wordly Estate as the Lord in his mercy hath lent me my will and meaning is the same shall be employed and bestowed hereafter by this my will is expressed and first I do revoke frustrate(?) Renounce and make voyde all wills by me formerly amde and declare this and appointe this my last will and Testament.

Item I give and bequeath to my dear wife Sarah the Plantation whereon I now live called Parkers Ganen(?) being one hundred acres of land as long as she lives and when my dear wife is deceased my will is that my son Richard Kemp shall enjoy it.

Item I give likewise to my son Richard that tract of land adioineing to my Plantation called Kemps Adition to enjoy it when he shall come to the age of Twenty years.

Item I will and bequeath unto my daughter Mary that Tract of land lying in bear Creek commonly called Clay Bank containing one hundred acres.

Item my will and meaning is that either my wife or my Son Richard may fetch as much Timber off this last Tract of land of my daughter if they have ocation as shall contains to the building of fower forty foot tobbacco houses now my will and meaning is that if either my children should die without Isue the Survivor shall enjoy the others part and if both dies without Isue then is my wife to enjoy all the land as long as she lives and if praise God to call my wife to needs or poverty my both children being dead she may sell or dispose of any one of the fore mentioned Tracts of land the other two Tracts my will and meaning is thatt Elizabeth daughter of Nicholas Corbin shall enjoy it and if she dies without Isue my will is that Nicholas Corbin Junior and Mary his sister shall equally enjoy it and my will and meaning is that after my wife have had her third of my personall Estate that the rest of my Personall Estate be equally divided between both my children.

Item my will is that Christopher Gist and Richard Cromwell and george Ashman shall be the oversears of this my last will and Testament to see it performed according to the true intent and meaning thereof. Item my will is that such debts as in consience I owe to any person be first satesfied contented and paid. Item I give unto Christopher Gist and Richard Cromwell twenty shillings apeece in money or moneys worth. In Witness hereof I have hereunto sett my hand and Seal this s.. day of December Anogo Dom 1686.

John (The mark of ) Kemp


George Ashman
Edward Norris
Denis Garrett
James Robardson


Memorandum 15th day of March Edward Norris, Dennis Garrett and James Robertson did prove this within mentioned will upon oath before me to be the act and deed last will and testament of John Kemp lately deceased given under my hand this 15th day of March 1686.

John Boring

This will was contributed by T.J. Shumaker

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