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This page contains the family history for Kevin Reed and Beverley Reed nee Kerr and extended family members, which includes those distant relatives related through marriage to a member of the close family.
Many thanks to those family members that have contributed to this page. 
Some people listed have:
1 An image section that contains a head shot for that person.
2 A notes section which has a chronology of that persons life events. (not always up to date)
The information is as accurate as possible but may contain some errors or omissions, so please check for yourself to be sure and let me know when you find an error or omission.
ML is the most likely place where the event occurred
Abt is an assessment based on average ages for females 23 and males 26 years when married.
Bef Before or Aft After an event 

If you have any updates, corrections, omissions and/or additions, including photos please email me as below.

Extended family size 15073

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