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Last updated March 20, 2001

Near West Side Residents - 1850 - 1900
A virtual reunion
View of Near West Side
Old-time Chicago's Near West Side from the Lake Street Bridge (Click to enlarge it)
Many of my family's German and Irish immigrant ancestors lived within a few blocks of each other. They settled on Chicago's Near West Side, near 12th Street (Roosevelt Road) or 13th Street. Most likely, these families, that came from different countries and backgrounds, never met. They did not know that someday, in other neighborhoods, their descendants would meet and marry. Still, I like to think that these unrelated immigrants would talk with one another when they met, along the sidewalk, or in stores, or outside of their places of worship. My sister, Maureen, and I hope to be able to put the information that we learn about the Near West Side and its inhabitants on these pages. We hope that you'll contribute information about your Near West Side families, too.
The map to the right shows the streets where most of my ancestors lived in the 1860's and 1870's. Polk Street is 800 South and Maxwell Street is 1300 South of the center (in Chicago's street numbering system). 12th Street is now called Roosevelt Road. Because Chicago has grown so much, the house numbering system has changed going east and west Nowdays Halsted is 800 West and Lytle is 1235 West. The darkened area in the upper right shows where the Great Fire of 1871 started and first spreadsmall chicago map 1871
This is a map of part of the Near West Side in 1871.Click to enlarge it.

You can learn a lot more about the Near West Side
Chicago Historical Society's exhibit on the Near West Side and East Garfield Park Make sure to click the picture links along the left and text links near the bottom of their page, or you will miss some of what they have to offer
See the O'Leary's cottage, which still remained after the Great Fire of 1871 started in their back yard.
Picture of the St.Ignatius Prep Building a landmark building. This college preparatory school was begun by Father Arnold Damen,SJ, who was the priest who was instrumental in the beginnings of the Neighborhood's (Roman Catholic) Holy Family Parish
Imagebase by The University of Illinois in Chicago is a growing site with images and maps of Chicago and its neighborhoods. This particular link takes you to a wonderful map of the Near West Side
UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS - CHICAGO has an index to its Near West Side Project
If your ancestors came from the Near West Side Hull House and Jane Addams may have helped them.
Learn about Maxwell Street, the Maxwell Street Market, and Maxwell Street's connection with the Blues
Also you can read the book "Streets of the Near West Side," written by William Bike, which tells the origin of many of the street names on the Near West Side.

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