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JAMES O'HALLORAN (born in Ireland) married MARY BROWN, (born in Ireland, Aug. 1852)

Their children, all born in Missouri were

MargaretJuly 1874
Richard Brennan
Annie March 1876
Joe Gray
MamieMarch 1879
TheresaApril 1881
Will Jones
Nora July 1883
Guy Kelly
Katie July 1885
Peter Grant
Thomas J.July 1887
Laura Rynne [Clara?]

Children's names and approximate birthyears are from the 1900 Census, which shows them living at 1905 S. 10th St. with their widowed mother. Same Census shows cousins Maurice J. Brown (machinist - b. 1876; wife Julia) and Michael Brown (machinist - born 1877) lived at 1902 12th St.

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Other records of our family

St. Joseph Missouri Directories (1887-1890) show living at 1905 S. 10th, at some point from 1887-1890
Michael J. Brown - Carpenter - K.C.St.J.&C.B.R.R.
James O'Halloran (aka O'Holloren) Car repairer; clerk - K.C.St.J.&C.B.R.R.
Maggie O'Halloran (aka O'Holloren) - works - McDonald Factory; Wood manufacturing Company
1920 - Thomas J. O'Halloran 33, car repairer, wife Clara 28 children Edward, Gertrude, "Madelinia" Chicago 18th Ward
1930 Thomas J., laborer, wife Clara children Edward, Gertrude, Madeline, Thomas Jr, Charles, Clara, Jack, Lois "Patracia", 22nd ward,


Records of O'Hallorans in Missouri

1870 James 26 yoThis may be our ancestor Buchanan county
working as attache in hotel
1880Stephen O'Hallo***43 yo IrelandHonora 3X Irl
Maggie 20 MN; Mary 12 MO
Thomas 9? MO; Kate ? MO
1880 Soundex
T 758.76; ED 81
Lebanon Lapiede
1880Edward S. b 1835 (Ire)wife Mary (b1840, Ire)
Edmund (c 1861, Mississippi- sic)
Kate (c 1865 MO)
Mgt. (c 1870, MO
Anthony A (c. 1873, MO)
Jas. (c1875,MO)
Joseph (c.1877, MO)
Theresa (c 1879, MO)
1827 Ohio Avenue, St. Louis
1880 Census
vol 41, ed 383
sheet 17, line 7
1880Thos. J.b.1830 Farmer
from Kerry
wife Frances (b. MO),
Edwin (c 1860) (all children born MO)
James J. (c1862)
Annie Belle (c1870)
Mary E. (c1868)
John (c1874)
Kate (c 1875)
Camden County, AuGlaize
1880 Census
vol 6, ed 39
sheet 42, line 1,
1880 Mary 9
Maggie 7
born MO

in Boarding School
Enumerated with Emily Jordan
St. Louis, on Tenth
1880 Census
vol 37, ed 90
sheet 2 line 25
1900Tom O Holloran /
O Hollaran
b. Aug. 1867 Ireland
RR laborer,32
to US 1890
Parents Irish
1900 Census

Records of O'Hallorans in Chicago

1850James Halleron
25 M laborer Ire
with George Clark and wife
1850 Census
3132 3181
1916Mary D. O'Halloran
b 1861
father James Daley
informant James O'Halloran
1877Mary A. O'Halloranfather's name Walsh
mother's maiden name Wall
Approx death year
buried Holy Sepulchre
1910George Ohalloren 31 IL
(Irl parents) teamster
Ma? 35 PA (Irl parents)
son 14 IL; Marie 13 IL
Irene 3 IL; George 6/12 IL
1910 Chicago?

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