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"One Nation Under God"

July 2, 2017 is the 150th Anniversary that 2nd Lt. Lyman S. Kidder and his men were Killed in Action
2nd Lieutenant Lyman Stockwell Kidder - 2nd United States Cavalry -  Killed in Action July 2, 1867 - at Beaver Creek, Kansas - age 25

Photo of Lieutenant Lyman Kidder - Killed in Action - 1867

Revolutionary War

57 Kidder men served in the Continental Army 3 Kidder men were loyal to England

1746 - King George's War aka French and Indian War
 Sergeant Benjamin Kidder - New Hampshire - Killed in Action - 1746 - Louisbourg, N. S. - age 48  
 Captain Solomon Kidder - Massachusetts Regiment - Killed in Action November 20, 1776 - White Plains, New York  - age 43
Private Thomas Kidder - Massachusetts Regiment - Killed in Action June 28, 1778 - at Monmouth. New Jersey - age 24

1848 - Mexican War 
numerous soldiers buried in unmarked graves in US and Mexico
Private Enoch Lorenzo Kidder - Massachusetts - Killed in Action - he never returned from War - age 20

Civil War

225 Kidder men and women in the Union Army 13 Kidder men in the Confederate Army

Private William P. Kidder  20th Illinois Infantry -  Killed in Action April 6, 1862 - at Shiloh, Tennessee - age 21
Private Henry A. Kidder -  2nd Michigan Infantry - Killed in Action May 5, 1862 - at Williamsburg, Virginia - age 21
Private Benjamin C. Kidder - 2nd Michigan Infantry - Killed in Action June 30, 1862 - at Charles City, Virginia - age 21


Corporal Roscoe Jacob Kidder - 10th Maine Infantry -  Killed in Action - March 13, 1863 - at Fredericksburg, Virginia - age 26

Private Henry Kendall Kidder  12th New Hampshire Infantry - Killed in Action May 3, 1863 - at Chancellorsville, Virginia - age 21
Private William Kidder -  6th Michigan Infantry - Killed in Action June 27, 1863 - Port Hudson, Louisiana - age 21

  Private Dana Francis Kidder  - 14th Vermont Infantry - Killed in Action May 5, 1864 - at Wilderness, Virginia - age 20
 2nd Lieutenant George Thomas Kidder - 152nd  New York Infantry - Killed in Action May 6, 1864 - at Wilderness, Virginia - age 33
2nd Lieut. Edward John Kidder - 12th Massachusetts Infantry - Killed in Action May 10, 1864 - Spotsylvania, Virginia - age 39
  Private Hiram O. Kidder  - 1st Michigan Cavalry - Killed in Action May 28, 1864 - Haw's Shop, Virginia - age 16

Private Welcome B. Kidder - 74th Illinois Infantry - Killed in Action June 27, 1864 - at Kenesaw Mountain, Georgia - age 21
Corporal Gustavus Kidder -  19th Wisconsin Infantry -   Killed in Action - August 9, 1864 - at City Point, Virginia - age 41
 Private Joseph Kidder - 11th VT Infantry - Died Disease in a Confederate Prison Camp - Sept. 24, 1864 - Florence, South Carolina - age 36

 Private Henry Harrison Kidder -  2md California Cavalry -  Killed in Action July 12, 1866 - at Salt Lake City, Utah - age 34

 2nd Lieutenant Lyman Stockwell Kidder - 2nd United States Cavalry -  Killed in Action July 2, 1867 - at Beaver Creek, Kansas - age 25

World War I

Private Charles Martin Kidder - Army - Killed in Action - July 16,1918 - in France - age 23
 2nd Lieutenant Hugh Pratt Kidder - 2nd Marine Division Killed in Action - Oct. 3, 1918 - at Blanch Mont. France - age 25
 Private Harvey W. Kidder - 307th Infantry - Killed in Action -
Oct. 16, 1918 - at Romagne, France - age 22
Private Charles Kidder - Army - Killed in Action - Sept. 24, 1919 - in France - age 28

World War II
Private First Class Wallace Eugene Kidder  - 1st Ranger Battalion  -  Killed in Action - Nov. 12, 1943 - at Venafro, Italy - age 21 
Flight Officer Donald Leo Kidder  - 391 Bomb Squadron Killed training flight - Sept 22, 1943 - in Kansas - age 24
Ensign Joseph Dunbar Kidder  - U.S. Navy  -  Killed Mid-Air Collision  - Nov. 3, 1943 - in Florida while training - age 22

Lieutenant Gordon Arthur Kidder - 156 Squadron Royal Canadian Air Force - Executed by SS Nazi - Mar. 29, 1944 - Hodonin, Moravia, Czech Republic
 Private Neil Linden Kidder - 36th Infantry  -  Killed in Action - July 17, 1944 - in Belgium  - age 21
 Private First Class Elden Bennett Kidder - Co. E., 23rd Marine Battalion -  Killed in Action - Feb 28, 1945 - in Iwo Jima - age 26

JOHN and SALLY KIDDER of London, Monroe Co., MI, lost two sons during the Civil War.
Oldest son, ISAAC D. KIDDER (35 years old) served with the 18th Michigan Infantry, became sick and died 8 July 1863, buried in the National Cemetery, Nashville, TN.
Their youngest son, HIRAM O. KIDDER served in the 1st Michigan Cavalry, Company A, he gave the following information at induction 5-4, black hair, black eyes, fair complexion, a farmer.
HIRAM O. KIDDER at 16 years of age was the youngest KIDDER to be KILLED IN ACTION during the Civil War, this occurred at Haw's Shop, Virginia, Saturday, 28 May 1864.
This was a fight between cavalry forces from the North and South.
Hard to put into words the price this family paid, losing two sons, especially the youngest at only 16 years of age.

A movie titled The Great Escape starring Steve McQueen, was a true story based on 200 soldiers who tried to escape from Stalag Luft III
Gordon Arthur Kidderwas murdered by German SS Gestapo in 1944, after he escaped from a Stalag

**NEW Sept. 2016**   Web site with complete history and photos of the Great Escape

Arizona Ranger Jeff Kidder murdered in Mexico

Theodore C. Kidder - murdered by mob in Minnesota - 1934

Unsolved Murder of Naomi Lee Kidder - 10 Sept. 1982 - Wyoming

A BLOG titled "Just Kidders"  at the web site below:

Kidder Blog


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Church at Maresfield, England
The following was taken from "Maresfield Old and New" by the Rev. J.L. Ward Petley, M.A., published Sept. 1896, page 28.
The stone that takes us back the greatest number of years, as far as I can discover, is one of those long narrow which is in the East angle of the North Transept. The inscription is on the South side:
"Here lieth the body of Mr. John Kidder,
descended from a Family of very great Antiquity of this Parish.
He died the 26th of September, 1684 Aged 73."

A special thanks to Paul, Bonnie and Matt Kidder for the Maresfield Church picture and book.

The above book "Maresfield Old and New" can be purchased from Paul Kidder for $15.00 this includes postage.
Paul has only 5 copies left, many Kidder names are mentioned all in England.
Send check to following:
Mr. Paul Kidder
3245 Decourcey Court
Annandale, VA 22003

New Book  "The Kidders of Wilmington."2012
Can  be purchased for $50.00, send check to either "Historical Society of the Lower Cape Fear", or "North Carolina Coastal Land Trust."                  
Mail to: Susan Taylor Block, 1908 Colleton Court, Wilmington, NC 28403.

"The Kidders of Wilmington." were, and are, a prominent name in Wilmington, stretching back nearly two centuries to 1826.
When brothers Frederic and Edward Kidder immigrated (via a stormy coastal voyage) from their ancestral home in New Ipswich, N.H., to Wilmington, where they opened a commission merchants business.
Frederic hated the climate, spent his summers back in New England and left for good after less than a decade.
Edward stayed on, prospered in the lumber business and even ran a blockade runner during the Civil War (while trying various peace feelers between the Confederacy and the North). 

Coat of Arms, Colonel Reuben Kidder (1723 - 1793)

Colonel Reuben Kidder, loyalist, of New Ipswich, NH, had a coat of arms of the Kidder family carved upon his mantel in his dining room
and a coat of arms painted which hung upon the walls in his drawing room in his mansion house.
The above coat of arms which I presently have, is NOT a Kidder coat of arms, the above was painted
( from the description of Colonel Reuben Kidder's coat of arms on mantel in his dining room )
by an unknown artist commissioned by my great aunt Bea Kidder Bodenstein of Staatsburg, NY

Kidder Coat of Arms
The above coat of arms was granted to an unknown person, with the surname Kidder during the reign of Henry VII (1485-1509), and is as follows:
Vert. three crescents or (which translated means three golden crescents upon a shield of green).
The recipient is said to have been of Maresfield, ancient seat of the Kidder family in Sussex.

  • During the War of the Rebellion (1861-1865) there were (238) Kidders that served, men and women from the North and South.

    Private Henry K. Kidder, (above) 12th New Hampshire Infantry, Company D, ( born 12 April 1841 - died 3 May 1863 ) Killed in Action at the Battle of Chancellorsville, Virginia - 22 years of age - died unmarried -

  • In the Revolutionary War (51) Kidder's enrolled with 17 of them responding to the Lexington and Concord Alarm on April 19th, 1775...

    Two Revolutionary War men are permanent residents at East Alstead, Cheshire County, New Hampshire, Lt. James Kidder (1745-1820) and his brother Lt. Samuel Kidder (1740-1824) -

    Lt. James Kidder (1745-1820)
    Revolutionary War - served in a Massachusetts Regiment

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