Diane's Military Ancestors

Diane's Military Ancestors

This page honors Diane Ludke Midkiff's ancestors who served in America's military throughout her history.  Below is a list of wars, conflicts and peacetime eras in which these brave men served (dates are given for years in which the United States participated).  Ranks are listed, if known.

If there is an AnceStory or other biographical information about an individual on this website, his name is hyperlinked.  Information on all other individuals listed below can be found by e-mailing Diane.


The American Revolution
(1776 - 1793)

James Purvis

Capt. Semore York, Sr.
(Loyalist; captured at the Battle of Moore's Creek Bridge)



The War of 1812
(1812 - 1814)

Joshua Whitehead



The Civil War
a.k.a. The War of Southern Secession
(1861 - 1864)

Pvt. Chesley Franklin Leake
(31st Regiment, Indiana Volunteers, Co. A;
died in Indianapolis of dysentery, while serving)

Pvt. Josiah Starnes
(78th Regiment, Illinois Volunteers, Co. E;
died at the Battle of Chickamauga)

Sgt. Thomas Sloan Whitehead
(89th Regiment, Indiana Volunteers, Co. D)

Pvt. Caswell C. York
(44th Regiment, Indiana Volunteers, Co. F)



Indian Wars of the
Southwest United States
(late 1800's)

Diedrich Behrens
(21st Regiment, New York Infantry, Co. B)



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