Helen Mary Westaby (1915 - 1997)

Helen Mary Westaby
(1915 - 1997)

The following Ancestory was written by my 13-year-old daughter as part of an Art project called "Venerations".  The students in her middle school art class were instructed to pick one family member they wished to honor.  They learned to draw a portrait using the grid technique of enlarging and copying.  They researched the life of their subject within a historical context, and wrote a report.  The final draft of the report was done in calligraphy, a new skill for many of the students.  Lastly, an open house was held to display their results.  I was impressed by the quality of work presented by these young people, both in art and in writing.

Portrait of Helen Mary Westaby drawn by Melissa Midkiff

"Grandma Tucker, my great-grandma, was born in 1915.  Many important things happened in that year.  Warren G. Harding was the U.S. president.  On February 12, in Washington, D.C., the first stone of the Lincoln Memorial was put into place.

"The big movie that year was The Birth of a Nation starring Lillian Gish.  A hit recording was Carry Me Back to Old Virginia by Alma Gluck.  A popular book was North of Boston by Robert Frost.

"My great-grandmother was loved by all.  She was everyone's favorite grandma or great-grandma.

"I know her best as Grandma Tucker, but she was born as Helen Mary Westaby on October 28th, 1915 in Glendive, Dawson County, Montana.  When she was seventeen, she married John Franklin Midkiff, II, my great-grandfather.  That day was November 28th, 1932.  They had three children, including my grandfather.  My great-grandparents divorced before 1956.  Helen married again, to Clifford I. Tucker, on May 18th, 1956.

"Grandpa and Grandma Tucker's farm was one of my favorite places to go.  I have memories of Grandma Tucker's food, talking with my great-grandparents, sitting in their living room, hanging clothes on their clothesline, and raking leaves with my three girl cousins long after dark.

"Great-grandpa Tucker passed away on June 29th, 1997, from heart problems.  A few months later, my great-grandmother passed away, too.  That day was November 8th, 1997, when she was 86 years old and I was a few days away from my seventh birthday.  She was laid to rest on the 13th, at Lower Valley Memorial Gardens in Sunnyside, Yakima County, Washington." (obituary)

--by Melissa Midkiff

More facts about Helen Mary Westaby:

More about my husband's grandmother, Helen Mary Westaby, will be found in the upcoming AnceStories of her parents George Rice Westaby, III, and Rena Lerfald, her first husband, John Franklin Midkiff, II, and her second husband, Clifford I. Tucker..

Thanks to Aunt Carol for the photos, and to Missy for all her hard work on the "Venerations" project. 

Miriam (Robbins) Midkiff
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