Norm's Military Ancestors & Relatives

Norm's Military Ancestors
and Relatives

This page honors my husband Norm's ancestors and their brothers and sons who served in America's military throughout her history.  Below is a list of wars, conflicts and peacetime eras in which these brave men served (dates are given for years in which the United States participated).  Ranks are listed, if known.

Norm's direct ancestors have been noted with an asterisk (*).  All other men are brothers and sons of direct ancestors.  If I have an AnceStory or other biographical information about an individual on this website, his name is hyperlinked.  Information in database format can be found on all the individuals listed below by doing a search on Norm's WorldConnect database.

The Colonial  & Indian Wars
(17th and 18th Centuries)

*Jesse Taliaferro
(he also served in the American Revolution)



The American Revolution
(1776 - 1783)

*Joseph Chaplin
*John Luke
*Henry Redenbaugh
Jacob Stamper
James Stamper
Jesse Stamper
Joel Stamper
*Jonathan Brooks Stamper, I
Jonathan Brooks Stamper, II
Joshua Stamper
Powell Stamper
*Jesse Taliaferro
(he also served during Indian wars)



The Civil War
a.k.a. The War of Southern Independence
(1861 - 1864)

Pvt. William J. Dailey
(Union; 15th Regiment, Iowa Infantry, Co. F)

Pvt. Baxter Richard Hainline
(Union; 16th Regiment, Illinois Infantry, Co. A)

Pvt. David T. Hainline
(Union; 124th Regiment, Illinois Infantry, Co. I)

Pvt. Joseph Hardin Hainline
(Union; 124th Regiment, Illinois Infantry, Co. I)

Pvt. Meredy Hubby
(Union; 44th Regiment, Iowa Infantry, Co. C)

*Pvt. Isaac Luke
(Union; 16th Regiment, Wisconsin Infantry)

*Henry Lyton

*Pvt. Charles Anderson Midkiff, I
(Confederate; Hardeman's 1st Regiment [Arizona Brigade], 31st Texas Cavalry, Co. A) 

Pvt. John Rufus Midkiff
(Confederate; Hardeman's 1st Regiment [Arizona Brigade], 31st Texas Cavalry, Co. A; later transferred to Captain LeKorster’s 4th Regiment [Arizona Brigade], Co. E)

Pvt. William Franklin Midkiff
(Confederate; First Frontier District, Cooke County, Texas, Co. D)

*Pvt. Jacob Toliver
(Confederate; 37th North Carolina Infantry, Co. K;
deserted, re-enlisted, captured, released, went A.W.O.L.)



Peacetime Service

*François Joseph Martin



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