Grave Sites I have Visited

While on a trip to New York, Of course I made a stop to Dutchess and Columbia Counties of New York.  I met 2 of the greatest people, and they are cousins, All thanks to my research on the Killmer Family.  It was these 2 people that made these pictures possible.  Thanks Jim and Ynes I could not have done this without you.

While there I made it to the Gallatin Reformed Church and Cemetery.  I was fortunate to even met the current pastor of the church and to see inside of it  

I also went to the Pines Plaines Cemetery and got a couple of pictures as well, These are the pictures, I am sorry that it just took so long to get them displayed. 

I met the Town Clerks, from Pine Plaines and Milan, and there were great people. 

I have contacted the Reformed Church of America and was told that all the records are on Film with the LDS, but it will not be release from Salt Lake City. 

Someone has given permission to film them records but they signed a form to not have them released.  I tried to get a copy of the film sent to my local LDS and was told it could not be done.

I did the best with these pictures, some of them are not too good, but i am putting them out there for anyone to see.  I just wish I can get up there again and get some more pictures.  I was not too experienced on taking pictures of old graves, but I have since bought a better camera and will hope some day to get up there again and get better pictures, but until then these will have to do.

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I am standing next to Hiram Killmer and Elizabeth Pulver's  grave.
This is my 5th Great Grandfather and Grandmother



This is David Killmer, and Polly Clark
My 6th Great Grandfather and Grandmother


This is my 7th Great Grandfather







Sarah Wolcott

Wife of John P. Pulver.  I just wish I could find information on John P. Pulver.