Every person listed in this website has a Personal Info Page that contains the information I have about that person. Most people are grouped into one of six families. Each family has a separate section and a Family Narative page that you can go to by clicking one of the tabs at the top of any page.

Each Family Narative page covers the ancestors and other relatives of a specific person. The page has:
  • the person's family tree
  • short histories of some of the person's ancestors with links to their Individual Info Pages
  • a link to an index of the Individual Info Pages for the person's relatives
  • in some cases, an expandable chart showing the descendants of a person

Clicking on any person's name in a tree or clicking or any Blue name anywhere will take you to the person's Individual Info Page.

The graphic below shows the information that is presented on an Individual Info Page.

Click the Blue links to move between Individual Info Pages, charts, etc. To return to the Family Narative page or the website's main page, click the tab at the top of the page.

The Search and Links page has functions that may help in using the website. These include:
  • a list of all surnames of people in the website -- clicking a surname shows a list of people with that surname.
  • a list of all people in the website
  • a gallery showing thumbnails of all images used on the site -- clicking the image links to the page the image appears on; clicking the window icon above the thumbnail shows the full-size image.
  • a search function that searches the site for people by name, birth or death year range, an assciated place, parents, or spouse
To go to the Search and Links page, click the "search and links" tab at the top of any page.

Occasionally asked questions

    • How do I get back to the main page of the website? -- Click the "main page" tab at the top of any page

    • How do I get to a Family Narative page? -- Click the tab for the family you want at the top of any page

    • How do I get to a person's Individual Info Page from a Family Narative page? -- Click on the person's name where it's shown in Blue.

    • How do I get to a person's Individual Info Page from a chart or the index? -- Click the person's name

    • How do I move between the Individual Info Pages of two people? -- Click on any Blue name to go to that person's Individual Info Page

    • What do you mean by "circa" or "c" in front of a date? -- Generally, it means "about". I use that when I have some source for the date, and I imagine it's about right, but I think there's room for doubt. For example, when all I have for a birth year comes from an older person's headstone, I usually use "circa", since the survivors probably weren't present at the person's birth.

    • What do you mean by "say" or "s" in front of a date? -- That means I didn't have any source for the date and I just made an estimate. Usually, I estimate that a couple was married at the age of 20 and had a child at 25. Note that these are just guesses and may be wildly inaccurate.

    • What do "Surname-Not-Known" and "???" mean? -- When I don't know a person's last name, I use "Surname-Not-Known" in place of their last name. I use "???" when I don't know a person's first name.


    • How do I work the descendant charts? -- Click on the plus sign next to a person's name to show a list of his/her descendants. Click on a minus sign to collapse the list. "Expand all" and "Collapse all" expands and collapses the entire list.

    • How do I use the "Other Families" section? -- The "Other Families" page has a link to the index of all the people in that section. There are also clickable Family Trees for some people.

    • How do the Name Indexes work? -- The index is organized by surname. Indented below each surname are the first names of people with that surname. Click on a first name to go to that person's Individual Info Page.


    • Some of the family pages aren't done yet! -- Sorry, still working on that.

    • What are the sources for the narratives in the family pages? -- To improve readability, I haven't shown the sources for statements made in the history narratives -- click through to the person's page to see the sources used.

    • Where did the "3-generation trees" go? -- I didn't think they added anything and were distracting. I'll put them back if you want.

    • Everybody knows that ______ was the father of _______. Why don't you show that? -- Because I haven't yet found a source for that information that meets my (probably too picky) criteria. Where possible, I try to select information that is reasonably contemporaneous with the event and was reported by someone who was in a position to know what happened. If there's a source you know of, I'd appreciate it if you'd let me know.

    • ________ is broken/wrong/private/rude/incomplete/incomprehensible/misspelled/ill-formatted/ignorant -- Let me know. My email is at the bottom of every page.