Hiram VAUGHN & Ellen WOMBLES "08 Oct 1897" Clay County Kentucky at G.M Cobb,witness;Sallie Wombles.(Ellen is the daughter of Felix Wombles & Manerva (Nervy Ann) NORTH Wombles)

Felix VAUGHN & Lillian WOODS "29 Dec 1918" Knox County Kentucky (Felix is the Son of Hiram Vaughn & Ellen Wombles)Both parents give their consent in writing,Ellen and William and View Record

Andrew VAUGHN & MARY J. GIBSON "27 Dec 1853" Clay County Kentucky

John WAGES & Polly MAYS "15 Sept 1815" Clay County Kentucky(John is the Son of Benjamin Wages)

Joshua WOMBLES & Rebecca WAGES "17 Oct 1815" Knox County Kentucky (Daughter of Benjamin Wages)

Felix WOMBLES & Nervy Ann North (Manerva) "13 Jan 1876" Clay County Kentucky at Chester Eversole,in the presence of Levi Hacker & William Collins,Levi Metcalf J.P (Felix is the son of Benjamin Wombles & Ruth SIZEMORE Wombles)

Benjamin WAGES & Nancy BLANTON "25 Feb 1847" Morgan County Kentucky (Benjamin is the son of Moses WAGES,Grandson of Benjamin WAGES)(Nancy died; 15 Apr 1855 in Morgan County of ChildBirth)

Dillion (Dill) WOMBLES & Nancy COUCH "19 Dec 1896" Knox County Kentucky at Richard Abner in the presence of Warren Stewart & Ball Young(Dill is the Son of Benjamin Wombles & Ruth Sizemore Wombles)View Record

Ervin WOMBLES & Mary MESSER "26 Aug 1917" Knox County Kentucky at Nelson Messer in presence of Mary Messer & Felix Vaughn(Ervin is the Son of Felix Wombles & Nervy Ann North Wombles)View Record

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