U. S. Army Fort Shafter, Honolulu, Hawaii 1912 - 1914

Photo Collection of Sergeant Flag Allen Drewry, U.S. Army Infantry

Photo Postcards of the Base and of fellow Soldier friends

Flag Allen Drewry (1892 -1967), a Greenfield, Weakley County, Tennessee farm boy, enlisted in the U.S. Army Jan 13, 1912 at Jefferson Barracks, St. Louis, Missouri. He was transferred to Company "H" 2nd Infantry, Fort Shafter, Honolulu, Territory of Hawaii on April 13, 1912. A Tennessee farm boy traveling to Hawaii in 1912 must have been really something. Flag loved Hawaii, always wanted to go back.

Private Company "H" 2nd Infantry Jan 13, 1912 to April 5, 1913.
 Corporal Company "H" 2nd Infantry April 5,1913 to Feb 14,1914
Sergeant Company "H" 2nd Infantry Feb 14,1914 to Dec 19,1914
Discharged from Army Dec 19, 1914 at Fort McDowell, California

Flag returned home to Greenfield, TN - worked as Auto Mechanic - was conscripted back into Army 1917 for WWI and remained until his retirement as Captain Flag A. Drewry in 1933. Among his Army things were these treasured photos - if you are a descendant of one of these men, please email me for original scan of the photo postcard.

Granddaughter of Flag A. Drewry
In Loving Memory of my "PoPo"

*U.S. Army Fort Shafter opened in 1907. It was the first pemanent military post in Territory of Hawaii. Named after MG William R. Shafter (1835-1906) who led the U.S. expediditon to Cuba in 1898. Palm Circle was laid out as a cantonment for an infantry battalion.  The barracks and officers' quarters were arranged around a parade field ringed by Royal Palms.  The Fort gradually spread out from Palm Circle. In 1914 a regimental-sized cantonment area was constructed.

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Flag Drewry marked with X
3,000 men 2nd Regiment on Parade

Flag A. Drewry postcard to his Dad

"I am on this one - this is "H" Co. that is first two lines or Platoons as we term it.

There were abt 3,000 Soldiers in this parade. It is pretty nice to see a Regiment of Infanty on Parade"

                  Son, Flag

Officers - Colonel, Lt. Colonel, Adjudant
Quartermaster and Ordelies

Fort Shafter, Honolulu, Hawaii
Palm Circle * note small palm trees

Fort Shafter, Honolulu, Hawaii

In the Field -Flag Drewry 2nd from R
Returning fire "This is the way we fight
over here - ha ha"

Taining in the field
wagons, artillery, marching

Training in the field
Horses, wagons - Crossing the bridge

Training in the field
Men marching across bridge

Training in field
Men marching down road
Fort Shafter
Co. "H" 2nd Infantry Baseball Team

with names on back

"Baseball Team Company "H" 2 Infantry"
1. Gary
     2. Galusha
    3. Randall
   4. Barron
   5. Craven
     6. Bethume
  7. Bowes
   8. Thomas
   9. Johnson
10. Benge
 11. Brown
    12. Bambury

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"Target Camp"
Walter E. Dixson, Brooklyn, N.Y
Flag A. Drewry Greenfield, TN
Alex Miller, Glostenburg Conn.

Paul Lehu, Hamburg, Germany
Nagelrweg 37

Alva Wilson - Praireton, Indiana
Emil Treteault, Quebec, Canada
Floyd E. Anson, Rome, N.Y.
William Buchner, Austria-Hungary

Andrew Moseley
59 Villa Ave - Buffalo, N.Y.

Emil Kiszka - Gallitzin, PA - "polish"

Samuel Soifer
3818 3rd Ave New York City
Charles Schummen

William B. Still - Gulfport, Miss
and Unknown

Ira Hunt - Cincinnati, Ohio
William Brown - Detroit, Michigan

James Barker - Detroit, Michigan

Mr. Lawrance P. Barron
Cofferville, Kansas

Sam Leibowitz
108 East 103rd St. New York City

Edward J. Downing
Jeromeville, Ohio

Carloc (Carlos?) Marshall
 Primrose, Kentucky

Richard Geon
538 West 126th St. New York City

Frank Verderber
220 Wyhoff (Wykoff) Ave Brooklyn, N.Y.
Jesse E. Conway - Chico, California

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I'm hoping there are descendants - grandchildren, great grandchildren- of some of these men who find this webpage.

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