Flag_A_Drewry_ Colorado1920
Captain Flag Allen Drewry - U.S. ARMY - The Colorado Years

Mt. Manitou Incline Railway - just right outside of downtown Colorado Springs, Colorado 1920
The X marks Flag, Pricie & Margerite Drewry
sitting in front of them are Papa Campbell & dau. Louise

* This photo tells me that they visited the sights of Colordo Springs, same as we did 88 years later in 2008
Seven falls, the Manitou Cliff dwellings, The Garden of the Gods, Pike's Peak and Gold mines.
Mt. Manitou Scenic Incline Railway
"No longer used -Built in 1907. Cable car took people up the eastern face of Rocky Mountain to about 8,600 feet. Shut down in 1990. The steepest section is at a grade of 68% with the average grade just over 40%. Today hikers climb (run) up the road where the cable car used to be"-  even though they are not supposed to trespass on it.

The Incline as viewed from Highway 24 today - Colorado Springs, CO

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