Richardson Clark Drewry Family

Southampton County, Virginia & Davidson, Gibson, Weakley Counties of Tennessee

Richadson Clark DREWRY 
Martha Lackey McBRIDE
Richardson Clark " Dick" Drewry, 2nd son of Richard Drewry & Nancy Harwood Drewry was born in Southampton Co., VA, left Virginia in 1799 with family for the Nashville area of Tennessee. He married Martha Lackey McBride of Williamson Co., TN in 1813. He was a farmer, Justice of the Peace, active in local government, and school teacher, writing his own Math book. He built his log cabin to the far West of Richard & John's.
Ricardson Clark " Dick" DREWRY
Birth: 1793, Virginia
Death: 7 Apr 1855, Weakley Co., Tennessee

WAR OF 1812

Spouse: Martha Lackey McBRIDE
Birth: 1 Oct 1798, North Carolina
Death: 20 Sep 1849, Weakley Co., Tennessee - diabetes
Marr: 9 Feb 1813, Williamson Co., Tennessee

Two of R.C. and Martha's daughters, Francis Elizabeth Drewry Galey and Nancy Murry Drewry Jenkins, had a double wedding, on July 10, 1839. Francis Elizabeth and Egbert were twins.

14 Children: 4 Sons, Richardson Clark, Egbert Wyche, William Nicholas, and Robert Harvey would inheirit 1/2 of their Grandfather's [Richard Drewry] land after their father, Richardson Clark died in 1855. Richard left a Life Estate to his 2 sons, with the land divided in half. After his sons passed on, each half was to be divided between living grandsons. 

 Richardson Clark (Dick) (1836-1902)
 James Richardson (1814-1834)
 John Richardson Harwood (1817-1837)
 Monevira Louise (1818-1896)
 Samuel George (1820-1849)
 Nancy Murry (1823-1864)
 Francis Elizabeth Wyche (1825-1876)
 Egbert Wyche (1825-1878)
 William Nicholas (1827-1860)
 Robert Harvey (1829-)
 Mary Susan (1831-1834)
 Martha Washington (1833-1835)
 Margaret Katherine (1838-1905)
 Jemima Adams (1840-1840)



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