Deed - Richard Drewry from Adam Huntsman - 1829
Richard Drewry bought abt 596 acres - which surveyed out later for over 700 acres
Sales Price of $1,780

Gibson County deed book A page 443

This indenture made this 9th day of october in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred & twenty nine between Adam Huntsman of the county of Madison & state of Tennessee of the one part & Richard Drewry of the county of Gibson & state of Tennessee of the other part witnesseth that the Adam Huntsman for & in consideration of the sum of Seventeen Hundred & eighty dollars [$1,780] to him in hand paid by the said Richard Drewry the receipt whereof is herby acknowledged hath given granted bargained sold _____convey & confirmed with the said Richard Drewry his heirs & assigns for a certain tract or parcel of and  _____lying & be in the county of Gibson State of Tennessee and bounded as follows:

Beginning at a stake the north west corner of the  _______ ? running then south crossing the south fork of Obion river - 348 poles to a large poplar. Then east 274 poles crossing the south fork of Obion River to two small ash saplings in the line of  ________? Then North 348 poles to a poplar & Spanish Oak in the line of said ________  Then West 274 poles to the beginning it being a part of Entry No 520 Entered in the name of said Adam Huntsman for 960 1/2 acres in the 13th Surveyors District Range one & Section four on both sides South Fork of the Obion River & granted to said Huntsman by grant No [blank] [ warrant No 1436] dated [blank] [November 30th ] of [blank] [1821] containing about 596 acres be the same more or less.  To have & to hold the aforesaid land with  ________the rights ______insolvent herediments & appurtanances of in & to the behoof of him the said Richard Drewry his heirs & assignes forever and the said Adman Huntsman for himself his heirs executors & __________covenant & agree to  ______the said Richard Drewry his heirs & assignees that the before ________land & bargained _______he will warrant and forever defend against the right title interest a claim of all & every person or persons whatsoever.  In witness whereof the said Adam Huntsman hath hereunto set his hand & affixed his seal the day and year first above written.

Adam Huntsman + his seal

By Seal & _____In pressence of
HW Dunlap
John Shelby

State of Tennessee Davidson County - County Court Oct Term 1829 - This indenture of bargain & sale between Admam Hunstman of the one part & Richard Drewry of the other part was acknowledged in open court by the said Adam Huntsman to be his act & deed & ordered to be so certified for registration.

Test: Nathan Ewing - Clerk of said county

Transcribed by MaryCarol
Notes -This land was in Gibson County until land swap of 1837 - then it was in Weakley County.