Business -- Individual Line 5.75, Extension Telephone 1.50, Additional Listing Per Line .35

Residence -- Individual Line 4.25, Two Party Line 3.00, 4 Party Line 2.50, Estension Telephone .75, Additional Listing Per Line .35



August, 1955


ACME Welding & Oil Field Repair, 14 S. 1st, SHerwood 9-5555
ADKISON, Bob, 512 East B Ave, SHerwood 9-5745
ADKISON, Harve, NE of city, SHerwood 9-5622
AGUILAR, Theo, r 423 East B St, SHerwood 9-5749
ALLGOOD, K M, r 602 East A St, SHerwood 9-5597
ALLTON, Bertha, 601 East A, SHerwood 9-5756
ALLTON, Joe L, 621 East A Ave, SHerwood 9-5738
ALLTON, Paul, r 706 East A Ave, SHerwood 9-5786
ALLTON, Sam, r SE of City, SHerwood 9-5375
ALLTON'S Green House, 14 S 6th, SHerwood 9-5375
ANGLIN, Elvie, 208 East A Ave, SHerwood 9-5763
ANN'S Beauty Shop, 608 East C St, SHerwood 9-5732
ARMSTRONG, Buster, r 202 East A Ave, SHerwood 9-5758
ARRINGTON, Clyde, NW of City, SHerwood 9-5532
AVERS, A E, SE of City, SHerwood 9-5410
AVERYT, Dan, SHerwood 9-5279
AYERS, O H, NW of City, SHerwood 9-5425


B & S Hereford Farm, E of City, SHerwood 9-5519
BACCUS, F A, r N of City, SHerwood 9-5443
BAGBY Harris Sand Co., SE of City, SHerwood 9-5334
BAKER, Wallace, 304 S 3rd, SHerwood 9-5549
BAILEY, Claude, SE of City, SHerwood 9-5515
BANK of Commerce, 123 E Main, SHerwood 9-5321
BARNES, Woodrow, r 315 East A Ave, SHerwood 9-5493
BAYOUTH'S Department Store, 106 E Main, SHerwood 9-5233
BAYOUTH, Wm S, W of City, SHerwood 9-5230
BERTHA'S Beauty Shop, SHerwood 9-5279
BECKER, Fred, 123 West B Ave, SHerwood 9-5442
BECKHAM, Ada Mrs, NW of City, SHerwood 9-5420
BECKHAM, Leo, 316 S 4th, SHerwood 9-5553
BECKHAM, S W, r W of City, SHerwood 9-5689
BELL, Eugene, r N of City, SHerwood 9-5691
BENNETT, Chas, SW of City, SHerwood 9-5642
BENNETT, Russell, 16 East B St, SHerwood 9-5459
BERRY, Ham, 111 W Main, SHerwood 9-5479
BEST, Sam E, S of City, SHerwood 9-5223
BEVARD, Sonny, r NE of City, SHerwood 9-5220
BLATCHFORD, George H, SE of City, SHerwood 9-5325
BLESSING, S T, r E of City, SHerwood 9-5593
B0ERSTLER, Alta Mrs, 407 W Main, SHerwood 9-5476
BOGDONOFF, Angelo, W of City, SHerwood 9-5710
BOGDONOFF, Steve, r SW of City, SHerwood 9-5708
BOLT, Ed, N of City, SHerwood 9-5412
BOLTON, J H, 509 East A Ave, SHerwood 9-5744
BOLTON, W J, 408 W Main, SHerwood 9-5466
BOLTON, Willie, r SHerwood 9-5765
BONNIE BRAE Turkey Farm & Hatchery, SE of City, SHerwood 9-5323
BORTZFIELD, C W, 700 E Main, SHerwood 9-5656
BORTZFIELD, Elmer, N of City, SHerwood 9-5413
BORTZFIELD, Everett J, 502 East B St, SHerwood 9-5278
BOSS, Roy, 50 East A Ave, SHerwood 9-5271
BRACKEEN, S T, 414 W Main, SHerwood 9-5673
BRADLEY, Cecil, 116 West B Ave, SHerwood 9-5441
BRANCHCOMB Hardware Co., 207 E Main, SHerwood 9-5431
BRANCHCOMB, V R, 317 W Main, SHerwood 9-5373
BRANNON, J W, 109 W A Ave, SHerwood 9-5564
BRANSTETTER, Jack, W of City, SHerwood 9-5471
BRANSTETTER, Roy Col, SE of City, SHerwood 9-5332
BRAZEAL, Don D-X Station, 708 E Main, SHerwood 9-5437
BRIGHT, James Rev, 223 W Main, SHerwood 9-5265
BRIGHT, Samuel N, 405 West A St, SHerwood 9-5563
BROWN, Clarence, 401 East A Ave, SHerwood 9-5352
BROWN, Donald Wayne, r W of City, SHerwood 9-5696
BROWN, E L Plumbing, 109 W Main, SHerwood 9-5635
BROWN Farms Dairy, NW of City, SHerwood 9-5386
BROWN, James S, NW of City, SHerwood 9-5715
BROWN, Kenneth, r W of City, SHerwood 9-5395
BROWN, Oddis, 224 E Main, SHerwood 9-5368
BROWN, Ovie, 320 East B St, SHerwood 9-5330
BROWN, Walter, S of City, SHerwood 9-5724
BRUCE, J H, S of City, SHerwood 9-5219
BRUCE, V M, 22 N Ash, SHerwood 9-5263
BRYANT, Lake, 322 West B Ave, SHerwood 9-5274
BURDEN, C C, W of City, SHerwood 9-5361
BURDEN, Earl, 10 East B St, SHerwood 9-5760
BURRESS, George W, r 310 West A St, SHerwood 9-5486
BURTON, Howard, 320 West B Ave, SHerwood 9-5389
BUTTS, Cal C, 308 East B Ave, SHerwood 9-5548
BYARD, Fred O, 614 East A Ave, SHerwood 9-5572


CANADAY, G E, r SE of City, SHerwood 9-5418
CAPEHART, Anna, S of City, SHerwood 9-5726
CAREY, Raymond E (Bill), 708 1/2 E Main, SHerwood 9-5700
CARLIN, J H, 305 West A St, SHerwood 9-5461
CASEY, Hertha Mrs, r W of City, SHerwood 9-5424
CASTLE, Forrest L, r SE of City, SHerwood 9-5312
CASTLE, Wardy, E of City, SHerwood 9-5314
CATHOLIC Cemetery, NE of City, SHerwood 9-5228
CHARLIE'S Service Station, 501 E Main, SHerwood 9-5731
CHASTAIN, Charley J, r NW of City, SHerwood 9-5743
CHEROKEE Pipe Line Co, W of City, SHerwood 9-5717
CHEROKEE Pipe Line Co, W of City, SHerwood 9-5495
CHILCOAT, W A, 204 East B St, SHerwood 9-5456
CHRISTIAN Church, 308 E Main, SHerwood 9-5268
CLARK, Eugene, N of City, SHerwood 9-5253
CLARK, Mona, 324 West A Ave, SHerwood 9-5560
CLAY, Grant Buddy, r S of City, SHerwood 9-5787
CLAYPOOLE, R L, 324 W Main, SHerwood 9-5467
COBB, P C, 508 E Main, SHerwood 9-5436
COLEY, S H, r 407 S 6th, SHerwood 9-5693
COLVIN, R W, SW of City, SHerwood 9-5783
CONVERSE, Lynn, SE of City, SHerwood 9-5457
COOK, J U, r SW of City, SHerwood 9-5383
COONCE, Ferral, W of City, SHerwood 9-5428
COONCE, Pearl, W of City, SHerwood 9-5327
COOPER, W E Real Estate, 213 E Main, SHerwood 9-5539
COOPER, W E, r 324 West A St, SHerwood 9-5477
COOPER, T R, 117 West B Ave, SHerwood 9-5208
COPLEN, C R, 314 East B St, SHerwood 9-5640
COSBY, Guy, 201 West A St, SHerwood 9-5556
COTNER, Edward, r 6th & C Ave, SHerwood 9-5789
COUCH, J O, S of City, SHerwood 9-5224
COWHERD, Jo Ann, r 101 East A St, SHerwood 9-5780
COWHERD, R L, 101 East A St, SHerwood 9-5320
COX, Earnest, S of City, SHerwood 9-5617
COX, F H, S of City, SHerwood 9-5616
COX, F H Barn, S of City, SHerwood 9-5615 (If No Answer Ring SHerwood 9-5618)
CRABTREE, Irene, 318 E Main, SHerwood 9-5557
CRIBBS, James, E of City, SHerwood 9-5311
CUMMINS, N C, E of City, SHerwood 9-5229
CROSS, Paul, SW of City, SHerwood 9-5685
CROY, F M, 507 E Main, SHerwood 9-5778
CROW, B F, W of City, SHerwood 9-5447
CROW, C C, r W of City, SHerwood 9-5492
CUNDIFF, Ray, W of City, SHerwood 9-5651
CUNNINGHAM, Marvin, r E of City, SHerwood 9-5784
CURTIS, A G, 124 N 1st, SHerwood 9-5276


DALE, A M, 601 East A St, SHerwood 9-5558
DAVIS, Doc, r 608 East B St, SHerwood 9-5454
DAVIS, O K, 206 West A Ave, SHerwood 9-5594
DENNEY, Doyle, 212 East B Ave, SHerwood 9-5739
DIETLER, Ralph O, S of City, SHerwood 9-5723
DOBBS, Carl, W of City, SHerwood 9-5721
DOBBS, Earl, E of City, SHerwood 9-5750
DOHERTY, Roger D., r SE of City, SHerwood 9-5512
DONALSON, T E, 303 East C St, SHerwood 9-5257
DOWDY, Mary Mrs. 323 West A Ave, SHerwood 9-5364
DOWNEY, R B, 223 East A St, SHerwood 9-5337
DUGAN, Gus, 518 East B, SHerwood 9-5633 (Corrected to SHerwood 9-5292)
DUKE, H L, SW of City, SHerwood 9-5718
DUNHAM, Audry, SHerwood 9-5577
DUNN, H B, 24 N 6th, SHerwood 9-5468


EARP, Eva, r 526 East A St, SHerwood 9-5775
EASON, W K, 218 S 3rd, SHerwood 9-5771
EDMINSTON, Ray, 301 West A Ave, SHerwood 9-5433
ENGLE, C M, W of City, SHerwood 9-5217
ENGLE, Morris, 102 N 1st, SHerwood 9-5376


FEATHERSTONE, E G, r 507 East B Ave, SHerwood 9-5652
FIRE DEPARTMENT (To Report A Fire), SHerwood 9-5600
FORD, H U, r 8 N 5th, SHerwood 9-5709
FRAILEY, Arthur, r 407 East C Ave, SHerwood 9-5676
FRAILEY, E L, 621 East A St, SHerwood 9-5458
FRAILEY Gulf Service Station, 423 W Main, SHerwood 9-5243
FRANCISCO, J A, 619 East A St, SHerwood 9-5267
FREEMAN, L F Jr, 404 East B, SHerwood 9-5438
FREEMAN, L F Sr., NW of City, SHerwood 9-5531
FRIEND'S Bar, 111 E Main, SHerwood 9-5530


GAINES Propane & Butane Co, 117 S 6th, SHerwood 9-5491
GARDEN Trails Nursery, N of City, SHerwood 9-5712
GARDNER, Jack, 317 West A St, SHerwood 9-5450
GARDNER, John YH, r East B St, SHerwood 9-5385
GARRETT, Robert, E of City, SHerwood 9-5416
GARRISON, Roy Mrs, NW of City, SHerwood 9-5215
GATES, W E, r 501 East A St, SHerwood 9-5704
GENTIS, G K,SW of City, SHerwood 9-5222
GENTIS, N P, 520 E Main, SHerwood 9-5659
GEORGE, Bennie, W of City, SHerwood 9-5213
GEORGE, C L, 303 S 3rd, SHerwood 9-5734
GEORGE Cash Store, 1 E Main, SHerwood 9-5335
GEORGE, Fred, W of City, SHerwood 9-5374
GEORGE, Wm, 101 East A Ave, SHerwood 9-5371
GIBSON Graocery, 211 E Main, SHerwood 9-5524
GIER, Manuel, r NW of City, SHerwood 9-5287
GLASS, Eli H, r 311 East B St, SHerwood 9-5609
GOEN, Merlon L, 316 East B Ave, SHerwood 9-5258
GRAHAM, C A, SW of City, SHerwood 9-5583
GRAHAM, Ray, r 306 W Main, SHerwood 9-5288
GREEN, Walter, 315 East B Ave, SHerwood 9-5654
GREGORY, J L, r W of City, SHerwood 9-5798
GROVE, R H, S of City, SHerwood 9-5612
GRUBBS, D C, 402 East A Ave, SHerwood 9-5650
GULF Refining Co (New Perryman Sta), SW of City, SHerwood 9-5684
GULF Refining Co (Watkins Station), SW of City, SHerwood 9-5785
GUTHRIE, Ben, 301 W Main, SHerwood 9-5785
GUTHRIE, Charles, r, SHerwood 9-5485
GWINN, J W Mrs, SHerwood 9-5672


HALE, Emmerson, 320 E Main, SHerwood 9-5349
HALE, T P, Lewis Addn, SHerwood 9-5671
HALL, Don, r 315 East C Ave, SHerwood 9-5728
HAMIL, Fred, r 105 West B St, SHerwood 9-5797
HAMPTON, T M, SW of City, SHerwood 9-5752
HARBER, Paul, W of City, SHerwood 9-5328
HARE, Fred, 222 S 2nd, SHerwood 9-5355
HARLEY, O K, 223 West A St, SHerwood 9-5562
HARPER'S Sta, 601 E Main, SHerwood 9-5729
HARRIS, Mary, r 314 E Main, SHerwood 9-5639
HARRISON, Emma, r N of City, SHerwood 9-5792
HARRISON, Oliver, NE of City, SHerwood 9-5621
HARVEY, Mary Mrs, 510 E Main, SHerwood 9-5357
HAYS, Charles, E of City, SHerwood 9-5630
HAYS, Floyd, r W of City, SHerwood 9-5394
HEINEN, Bill, r 207 West A St, SHerwood 9-5559
HELLER, C A, r E of City, SHerwood 9-5588
HELM, Vera, r E Main, SHerwood 9-5663
HENDRICKS-MACE Funeral Home, 102 N Birch, SHerwood 9-5500
HENDRICKS-MACE Funeral Home, 102 N Birch, SHerwood 9-5501
HENRY, J S, r W of City, SHerwood 9-5687
HENSON, Vera B, r, SHerwood 9-5236
HERALD, F W, 310 West B Ave, SHerwood 9-5351
HERNDON, T E Rev, 206 N 2nd, SHerwood 9-5544
HERRING, R E, SE of City, SHerwood 9-5421
HEWLING, A W, r 406 E Main, SHerwood 9-5359
HEWLING, Joe, r 102 West A St, SHerwood 9-5264
HEWSON, W S (Bill), r 22 S 5th, SHerwood 9-5346
HIGHTOWER, Margaret, 313 East B Ave, SHerwood 9-5754
HOUSTON, N C, r 210 West A Ave, SHerwood 9-5377
HORTON'S Market, 120 E Main, SHerwood 9-5432
HOLLIDAY, D W, r W of City, SHerwood 9-5429
HOLLINGSWORTH, Albert, r 519 East B St, SHerwood 9-5392
HOLLINGSWORTH, E O, r E of City, SHerwood 9-5648
HOLLINGSWORTH, Stanley J, r E of City, SHerwood 9-5490
HOLMES Chevrolet Co, 110 W Main, SHerwood 9-5329
HORNER, W T, 302 West A Ave, SHerwood 9-5261
HUDSON, R D, r SE of City, SHerwood 9-5417
HUGHES, C L (Slim), NE of City, SHerwood 9-5226
HUGHES, J C (Pete), NE of City, SHerwood 9-5227
HUNT, Alfred, r SE of City, SHerwood 9-5393
HUNTER, C M, r Hunter Apts, SHerwood 9-5592
HUNTER, E L, r 622 East C St, SHerwood 9-5433
HUNTER, Lumber Co, 24 W Main, SHerwood 9-5733
HUTCHINSON, Edward B, 219 S 3rd, SHerwood 9-5664


INMAN, George, r Birch, SHerwood 9-5209
ISHMAEL, Jim, r NW of City, SHerwood 9-5713
ISHMAEL, Marshall, r NW of City, SHerwood 9-5481
ISHMAEL, Ralph, W of City, SHerwood 9-5716


JEFFERIES, Fred, 704 E Main, SHerwood 9-5322
JENKS Grade School, 304 E Main, SHerwood 9-5537
JENKS High School, 312 E Main, SHerwood 9-5522
JENKS DRUG, 121 E Main, SHerwood 9-5470
JENKS JHr High School, 308 E Main, SHerwood 9-5538
JENKS Lumber Co, 9 W Main St, SHerwood 9-5231
JENKS Maytag Laundry, 203 E Main, SHerwood 9-5241
JOHNSON, Wade J, r SW of City, SHerwood 9-5638
JONES, Ellis, r 504 E Main, SHerwood 9-5638
JORDAN, Sadie, r 110 West A Ave, SHerwood 9-5735


KAFFIR, Andrew, r E of City, SHerwood 9-5315
KAUFMAN, C C, r S of City, SHerwood 9-5221
KEARNS, Joe, r SW of City, SHerwood 9-5753
KEATHLEY, E E, r NE of City, SHerwood 9-5627
KEETON, Earl, r SW of City, SHerwood 9-5795
KELSEY, Donald E, 320 S 6th, SHerwood 9-5552
KENNEDY, W R, r 408 East B Ave, SHerwood 9-5245
KEPHART, Elmer, r SW of City, SHerwood 9-5782
KERBEL, L A, r SE of City, SHerwood 9-5516
KERR, W K, r E of City, SHerwood 9-5317
KIDDY, Leon, r 618 East A St, SHerwood 9-5573
KING, Darrell, 316 1/2 East A Ave, SHerwood 9-5469
KING, E J, 815 East C St, SHerwood 9-5578
KING, Jack, 624 East A Ave, SHerwood 9-5772
KING, R R, r 320 East A Ave, SHerwood 9-5275
KIRK, L E, 521 East B St, SHerwood 9-5446
KITTERMAN, Chas M Jr, r SE of City, SHerwood 9-5584
KNOWLTON, Ralph W, 316 West A St, SHerwood 9-5272


LAIR, George F, r 520 East B Ave, SHerwood 9-5497
LAMBETH, A T, 106 N 1st, SHerwood 9-5463
LAMBERT, E C, 222 East A Ave, SHerwood 9-5755
LAUER, Earl, r NW of City, SHerwood 9-5534
LAVELLE, Bert, r SW of City, SHerwood 9-5796
LEDFORD, J W, 123 West A St, SHerwood 9-5360
LEWIS, Helen, E of City, SHerwood 9-5256
LINER, Madelle Mrs, 609 E Main, SHerwood 9-5678
LINTHICUM, Darrell, r Lewis Addn, SHerwood 9-5680
LORTZ, F M, r 419 E Main, SHerwood 9-5388
LOVE, Mary Ellen Mrs, 623 East A Ave, SHerwood 9-5566
LOVE'S Cleaners, 209 E Main, SHerwood 9-5430
LUCAS, Byron, r W of City, SHerwood 9-5380


MAC'S Rexall Drug, 201 E Main, SHerwood 9-5631; Fountain SHerwood 9-5525
MAHAFFEY, Elizabeth, E of City, SHerwood 9-5514
MALL Tool Co, S of City, SHerwood 9-5618 (If No Answer Ring SHerwood 9-5615)
MANN, Noel, 402 East B St, SHerwood 9-5252
MARTIN, Charles Edwin, r 224 East A St, SHerwood 9-5596
MARTIN, E, r 323 S Date, SHerwood 9-5343
MARTIN, Hollis, SHerwood 9-5415
MARTIN'S Super Market, 8 W Main, SHerwood 9-5239
MARVEL, Harold, r 316 S 6th, SHerwood 9-5498
MATHIAS, J P, r 504 East B Ave, SHerwood 9-5729
MAXWELL, Ethel Mrs, r S of City, SHerwood 9-5280
MAYO, J M, 118 East A St, SHerwood 9-5542
MCCASKEY, Minna Mrs, 207 East B Ave, SHerwood 9-5764
MCCASKEY, W L, W of City, SHerwood 9-5448
MCCLURG, D N, r E of City, SHerwood 9-5788
MCCOPLIN, C A, Lewis Addn, SHerwood 9-5240
MCCORD, P L, r, SHerwood 9-5636
MCCUISTON, F D, r NW of City, SHerwood 9-5487
MCCULLEY, M L, 106 N 3rd, SHerwood 9-5345
MCCULLOUGH, Ocie Mrs, r 22 West B St, SHerwood 9-5575
MCDONEL, Clyde E, r 316 W Main, SHerwood 9-5540
MCDONALD, Olgar, 210 East A Ave, SHerwood 9-5342
MCGONIGAL, S J, r 401 West A Ave, SHerwood 9-5379
MCGUIRE, W P, 202 West B Ave, SHerwood 9-5736
MCKINNEY, J T, 308 S 6th, SHerwood 9-5769
MCKINNEY, R C, SE of City, SHerwood 9-5423
MCLEOD, A E, r 120 East A Ave, SHerwood 9-5354
MCLEOD, Mack E, r W of City, SHerwood 9-5688
MCLEAN, B W Mrs, 123 East A St, SHerwood 9-5567
MCMAHAN, Dwight, 16 West B St, SHerwood 9-5644
MEADOWS, T J, E of City, SHerwood 9-5255
MIDGLEY, Floyd, SW of City, SHerwood 9-5681
MILLER, E W, SE of City, SHerwood 9-5324
MITCHELL, Fred, r SE of City, SHerwood 9-5586
MITCHELL, H L, 4 S Ash, SHerwood 9-5235
MOCK, McKinley, S of City, SHerwood 9-5613
MORAY, Norman R, r NE of City, SHerwood 9-5626
MORRIS, Amos, r West A Ave, SHerwood 9-5674
MORRISON, L A, r 520 E Main, SHerwood 9-5480
MOSS, Roy, SW of City, SHerwood 9-5581


NEAFUS, W H, SW of City, SHerwood 9-5679
NEWLAND, J D, 502 E Main, SHerwood 9-5277
NEWLAND, Pearl, r, SHerwood 9-5565
NORRIS, James, 515 East B Ave, SHerwood 9-5546
NUNN, Tom Rev, r 409 E Main, SHerwood 9-5462


OCKERMAN, C E, SW of City, SHerwood 9-5570
OIL Capital Sales (KOME), NE of City, SHerwood 9-5762
OKLAHOMA School of Welding, 112 E Main, SHerwood 9-5326


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