What did YOUR family do over Christmas in 1959? If you lived in Jenks, Oklahoma, chances are your celebration was announced in the Jenks Journal! This article, published on Christmas Day, 1959, is full of family names and extended families. Read down through and see if you or yours appear!


From "The Jenks Journal," Thursday, December 25, 1959

Family Dinners, Visits To Feature Activity Of Jenksians On Christmas

Jenks residents will travel far and wide and have guests from far and near for Christmas Day events this year. Family dinners and get-togethers, as is customary, will again top activities.

Following is a partial list of what residents of Jenks will do this Christmas season:

Betty and Bud BOLTON and their daughters, Becky and Kathy, will spend Christmas Day with his sister and family, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil BRADLEY.

Mr. and Mrs. Obie BROWN will have all their children home for Christmas. They are: Mr. and Mrs. LaVerne ROWLAND, Broken Arrow; Mr. and Mrs. Jay FOY, Tulsa, and Mr. and Mrs. James HELLER, Travis Air Force Base, Calif. They all graduated from Jenks high school. Besides the three married daughters, they have three children at home.

Mr. and Mrs. Carl WALLS and family will spend Christmas at home.

Mrs. D. C. GRUBBS will work in the post office part of Christmas Day.

Mr. and Mrs. E. A. SMITH and family will have Christmas at home with their parents. Mrs. Smith's parents are Mr. and Mrs. Lem HUNTER. Mr. Smith's mother is Mrs. Margaret SMITH.

Mr. and Mrs. K. M. ALLGOOD will spend Christmas Eve with her sister and family, Rev. and Mrs. George SMITH in Sand Springs, and Christmas Day they will spend with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. H. ALLGOOD, in Tulsa.

Mr. and Mrs. Jim FINN, newcomers to Jenks, will have Christmas dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Gordon SWEARINGEN in Tulsa.

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph RAPER and children, Nancy, Nina and Steve will spend Christmas with his sister and family, Mr. and Mrs. Tony GOMMA in Tulsa.

Mr. and Mrs. Pete BRIDGES and children, Jennifer and Mike, will spend Christmas with her mother, Mrs. W. M. DUKE, in Tulsa.

Mr. and Mrs. G. W. HARMON are preparing Christmas dinner for relatives, including his mother, Mrs. Clella HARMON of Okmulgee; his brother and family, Mr. and Mrs. Von HARMON and son Dwaine, of Houston, Tex; another brother, Don, of Oklahoma City; her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jack HENDRICKS, and her brother, Al HENDRICKS of Jenks.

Mr. and Mrs. J. R. ROBINSON and children, Jamie and Karen, are to spend Christmas Day with Mr. and Mr. B. N. COOK and children, Jo Ann and Loy. Jo Ann is home for the holidays. Mrs. Cook's mother, Mrs. Bessie HULSEY, of Fort Worth, Tex., visited last week and returned home Thursday.

Mr. and Mr. C. W. GAITHER and family will spend Christmas Day at home. They have a visitor with them, Miss Isobel SPINKS.

The C. F. ANDERSON family has no plans except a dinner at home with the family.

Mr. and Mrs. Elvie ANGLIN will eat Christmas dinner with Mrs. Anglin's parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. E. STEELEY.

The Oscar ANGLIN family will be staying home with the family this Christmas.

Mr. and Mrs. W. R. ANGLIN who have six children and 11 grandchildren will have their family home, which will include Earl and Betty DENTON and son Randy of Stockton, Calif.; Willard DENTON, wife and their three sons, Tommy, Jerry and Dean of Jenks; George and Lena WILSON, Jenks; LeRoy CREEKMORE and Reba and their three girls, Linda, Barbara and Connie from Broken Arrow; Lewis and Ruby HANEY and their girls, Gloria, Lusie and Carrol, Jenks. Because of sickness, Billy and Edna ANGLIN will not be able to attend from Oregon.

Mr. and Mrs. Archie DANIELS will have their son, Vernon, from El Paso, his wife and three children, Donald Lee, Iris Lynn and Dennie Wayne; Archie Ray and wife, and three children, Junior, Susan, and Dollie Mae from Mounds; Raymond, wife and two children, Phyllis and Ramona also from Mounds. Melualile ROGERS, Verna Jo and her husband, Rosella MARSHALL, two girls, Rhonda Sue and Debra Kay, and her husband, James; Mary Ann and Junior EASTER, Fayetteville, Ark.; Cotta, Janetta and Marion are now home. One son, Eugene is not expected home from Wyoming.

Mr. and Mrs. S. H. COLEY will have dinner with their daughter, Mrs. Imogene HOLMES in Tulsa. Two other daughters will also be there, Mrs. L. B. PORTER and Mrs. SHIELDS, from Collinsville.

Mrs. R. A. BENSER and sons, Bobby and David, from San Antonio, Tex., will spend Christmas with her sister, Mrs. Wardy C. CASTLE, in Jenks.

Mr. and Mrs. W. T. CAUDLE have their son Ronald home for Christmas. He is stationed in Virginia, in the Army Transportation Corp.

Mr. and Mrs. W. E. COOPER will have dinner with their daughter, Mrs. Burt EDMONDSON of Tulsa. Her father, J. M. ISHMAEL, has been visiting them for a month.

Mrs. Dave ADAMS has not made any plans for Christmas.

Mr. and Mrs. ADKINS also have not yet made plans for the holidays.

Mr. and Mrs. Harve ADKINSON have their son, Bobby and family from Colorado, and also their daughter, Billie WINKLE from Wichita, Kansas.

Rev. and Mrs. Theo AGUILAR got into the church so late they have not had time to make plans for Christmas this year.

Mrs. Bertha ALLTON has made no plans for Christmas, but she does have a new great-grandson, Brad HAYNES of Pampa, Tex. The grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Charles DOWD of Jenks.

Mr. and Mrs. Dan AVERYT will be going to Arkansas for the holidays.

The O. H. AYERS will be staying home for Christmas.

Mr. and Mrs. O. H. BAKER will also be staying home this holiday season.

The Bentley BEACH's have made no plans for the holidays.

Mr. and Mrs. Clyde F. BEAVER will stay home with their family.

The L. J. BEELER family will stay home for the holidays.

Mr. and Mrs. Lewis J. BEJECK will be going to Maramec, Okla. to see her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bill SIMEON, and then to the parents of Mr. BEJECK, Mr. and Mrs. Frank BEJECK.

Mr. and Mrs. C. C. BELL will be having their family home. There will be Ollie SMITH, Lacy BELL, Ivan BELL, Roy C. BELL, Herman BELL, and Betty GASH, all of Glenpool.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles BENNETT will be entertaining Mr. and Mrs. John HELT from Sand Springs, Mr. and Mrs. Troy KELLER of Tulsa, and Mrs. Grace MILLER of Pueblo, Colorado.

The James E. ATKINS family will be expecting Roger home from school in Dallas, but Stephen who is overseas will not be home for Christmas.

All the children of A. E. AVERS, Harvey Gene AVERS of Okmulgee, Mr. and Mrs. Buddy AVERS and daughter from Pittsburg, Penn., Mr. and Mrs. Jerry BOARDMAN and daughter Nell from Tulsa, will be sharing Christmas dinner.

Mrs. Harry BENNETT will be hostess for Mr. and Mrs. M. E. MCLEOD of Jenks for Christmas dinner.

Mr. and Mrs. Ham BERRY are expecing Mr. and Mrs. Andrew HAMILTON from Hartford, Ark., for the holidays.

Mr. and Mrs. George A. BLATSHFORD met Sunday for their Christmas dinner in Neodosha, Kans. Those attending were Donald BURNS, Harriet and David BURNS, Iva BORDEN from Bartlesville. The dinner was held at the home of Francis O'LEARLY. Mr. and Mrs. George BLATSHFORD will be spending Christmas Day with their daughter, Harriet BURNS.

Mr. and Mrs. Angelo BOGDANOFF will have Christmas with their son, Mike BOGDANOFF and family.

Mr. and Mrs. Ed BOLT will be staying home with their children during the holidays.

Ethel BOLTON has made no plans for the coming Christmas holidays.

Mr. and Mrs. J. H. BOLTON will be home with their family, including Paul BOLTON and wife from Ponca City, Mrs. Jewel PARKER and family from Tulsa, Anna LACY and family from Jenks for Christmas.

Mr. and Mrs. Willie BOLTON will be entertaining Mrs. Albert BAKER of Bixby.

Mr. and Mrs. C. W. BORTZFIELD will visit her mother, Mrs. Otto E. FRENCH of Jenks.

Mr. and Mrs. Elmer BORTZFIELD will have their son, Marshall BORTZFIELD from Gladewater, Texas.

Mr. and Mrs. Roy BOSS will stay home this year.

Mrs. Jean BOUNDS will he having Christmas dinner with her daughter, Mrs. R. G. ELLIOT of Tulsa.

Mr. and Mrs. Benny BROWN will visit her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Jess WYSE in Sand Springs.

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence BROWN will stay home.

Mrs. M. P. CAPEHART will go into Tulsa to the home of her brother-in-law, Dr. Maurice CAPEHART to eat Christmas dinner with Dr. John CAPEHART and Dr. Sam CAPEHART.

Mr. and Mrs. C. R. CREEKMORE and family will spend Christmas with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. M. INHOFE, Tulsa.

Mrs. C. G. CROY will visit her son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. K. L. CROY of Tulsa.

Mrs. F. M. CROY will be spending Christmas season with her son, Norman Warren CROY of Kansas City, Kansas.

The O. K. DAVIS family will stay home Christmas.

Mr. and Mrs. Carl DODDS will stay at home.

The E. G. FEATHERSTON family will stay home Christmas.

The Don DODDS family will spend half the holidays with Mr. and Mrs. C. A. HELLER of Broken Arrow. Mrs. DODDS' brother, James HELLER, will be here for the holidays. The other half will be spent with Mr. and Mrs. Earl DODDS of Jenks.

Clara ELLIOT will entertain Max Evlyn BREWER and Marylin BREWER from Arlington, Texas.

Mr. and Mrs. D. L. GARLISK have not made plans yet concerning the holidays.

Mr. and Mrs. Ben GUTHRIE have made no plans for the holiday season.

The C. C. KAUFMAN family will stay home Christmas.

Mr. and Mrs. Lonell KENDRICK have made no plans for the coming holidays.

Mrs. RANKIN, Tulsa, and Mrs. SANDERS, Chicago, Ill. will be guests of Mr. and Mrs. George LAIR this holiday season.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank HAYES will be coming from Dallas, Texas, to be with Mr. and Mrs. Earl LAVER on Christmas.

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley NORTON will go to her mother's Mrs. Bert LAWSON, for a Christmas dinner.

The Leonard OWEN's will have a Christmas dinner at their home for the members of their family.


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