From "The Sapulpa Herald," Monday, September 9, 1974

By Terry Goggin
Harold Staff Writer

Marvin Wilson and Mary Fraizer were classmates at Mannford's Prairie View School in the early 1920's. They even dated in 1927 and '27.

But that year Mary's parents moved to Bristow, and she moved with them. Her schoolgirl romance with Wilson faded as the years passed. She married Jim Enslow in 1928 and Wilson married too, in 1930, and moved to California.

They raised their respective families; their mates died, and the two attended the Prairie View reunion in Mannford in early August. Sunday, they were married -- to each other.

"We hadn't seen each other since 1927," said Mrs. Wilson, "except for a quick chance meeting in a Kress store in Tulsa in 1938. And we had been writing to each other since January."

They finally came face to face for the first time in 36 years the night before the reunion at a Lake Keystone site.

"I didn't recognize her," Wilson admitted. "My brother Walter had to tell me who she was."

His children, Darlene Wilson and Mildred Sturmer, and hers, Eugene, Don and Mildred Frost, all approve of the new marriage.

"They're all pretty happy," Mrs. Wilson said. Mrs. Sturmer served as the bridesmaid, and Mrs. Wilson's oldest son gave her away at the alter of the Glenwood Assembly of God Church Sunday.

The couple is honeymooning in the Ozarks before returning to California. They plan to retire eventually back in Oklahoma where a romance started almost 50 years ago.

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