Sapulpa, Oklahoma

Year Book
1943 - 1944


To promote the welfare of children and youth in home, school, and Community.

To raise the standards of home life.

To bring into closer relation the home and the school that parents and teachers may cooperate intelligently in the training of the child.


Mrs. V. F. Rea, President
Mrs. Roy H. Page, 1st V. President-Council Representative
Mrs. M. D. Fitzgerald, 2nd V. Pres.-Membership Chairman
Mrs. Foley Wright, 3rd V. Pres.-Welfare Chairman
Mrs. W. G. Bridges, 4th V. Pres.-Program Chairman
Mrs. X. Jones, 5th V. Pres.-Health Chairman
Mrs. Leslie McDaniels, Secretary
Mrs. A. G. Tye, Treasurer
Mrs. Floyd Coil, Parliamentarian
Mrs. A. G. Tye, Devotional Leader
Miss Irene West, Principal


Program - Mrs. W. G. Bridges, Chairman
Finance - Mrs. Gordon Benfield, Chairman
Mrs. Henry Smith
Mrs. R. H. Adams
Miss Cecil Stiltz
Mrs. Jim Dinsmore
Hospitality - Mrs. Jack Doudican, Chairman
Mrs. Delmar Shapp
Mrs. Ralph C. Hail
Publicity - Mrs. Harold Rector
Chairman, Mrs. Leo Harvey
Mrs. G. R. Williby
Mrs. Floyd Smith
Mrs. G. A. Ragan
Kitchen - Mrs. Basil Payne, Chrm.
Mrs. H. M. Gaines
Mrs. X. Jones
Mrs. Lee Harvey
Mrs. Joe Harris
Mrs. Leonard Strain


Mrs. Fred Fretz
Mrs. F. F. Fronkier
Mrs. F. H. Gaines
Mrs. M. M. Gaines
Mrs. Fred Gamble
Miss Carrie Giles
Mrs. H. Q. Gilliam
Mrs. John B. Godwin
Mrs. Hubert Goodman
Major H. T. Goodman
Mrs. E. C. Hamlin
Mr. E. C. Hamlin
Mrs. J. D. Harris
Mrs. Leo Harvey
Mrs. Ike Hayter
Mrs. V. G. Hayter
Miss Carmen Hemphill
Mrs. Frank Hobens
Mrs. Otis Holt
Miss Elizabeth Howard
Mrs. Hazel Huycke
Mrs. J. C. Jones
Mrs. X. Jones
Mr. X. Jones
Mr. N. D. Criswell
Mrs. John Grooch
Mrs. Charles Daly
Mrs. Orvin Dean
Mrs. Clarence Denham
Mrs. Jim Dinsmore
Mrs. Jack Doudican
Mrs. J. O. Edwards
Mrs. M. D. Fitzgerald
Mrs. E. H. Fowler
Mrs. Florence Fowler
Mr. Guy Williby
Mrs. F. H. Wright
Mrs. Harry Young
Mrs. Clarence Denham
Mrs. Bernice Law
Mrs. James B. Henderson
Mrs. M. D. Haney
Mrs. J. W. Cowman
Mr. M. L. Murphy
Mrs. M. L. Murphy
Mr. J. W. Cowman
Mrs. John E. Schnieder
Mrs. R. H. Adams
Mrs. W. A. Asher
Mrs. G. H. Aston
Mrs. G. L. Baber
Mr. G. L. Baber
Mrs. Russell Beatty
Mrs. Gordon Benfield
Mrs. W. G. Bridges
Mr. W. G. Bridges
Mrs. Walter Brown
Mrs. E. M. Burke
Mr. E. M. Burke
Mrs. Willard Burkhammer
Mrs. Ralph Cahail
Mrs. Richard Caldwell
Mrs. Kenneth Carnes
Mrs. W. A. Carter
Mrs. A. W. Castels
Mrs. Shelby Cline
Mrs. Floyd Coil
Mrs. F. W. Cooper
Mrs. N. D. Criswell
Mrs. T. J. Kennedy
Mrs. Dale Klingensmith
Mr. Dale Klingensmith
Mrs. Berneice Law
Mr. Leslie McDaniel
Mrs. M. L. McVey
Mrs. O. S. Maness
Mrs. C. R. Miller
Mr. C. R. Miller
Mrs. W. C. Miller, Jr.
Mrs. John Mobley
Mrs. R. A. E. Morrison
Mrs. Alex Naifeh
Mrs. Sam Naifeh
Mrs. Max Oldenhage
Mrs. Snow M. Oswalt
Mrs. Roy Page
Mrs. H. B. Payne
Mr. H. B. Payne
Mrs. Thelma Payne
Mrs. J. H. Pulliam
Mrs. G. A. Ragan
Mrs. V. F. Scott
Mrs. Delmar Sharpe
Mrs. Victor Sherman
Mrs. E. C. Simons
Mrs. Floyd Smith
Mrs. Harry Smith
Mr. Harry Smith
Mrs. J. K. Smith
Miss Cecil Stiltz
Mrs. Kenneth Strain
Mrs. Leonard Strain
Mr. Kenneth Strain
Mrs. A. G. Tye
Mr. A. G. Tye
Mrs. Hubert True
Mrs. J. W. Waters
Miss Irene West
Mrs. W. E. White
Rev. W. E. White
Mrs. Clarence Whiteside
Mrs. O. B. Whittenton
Mrs. Alice Williams
Mrs. Maude Williams
Mrs. Guy Williby
Mr. Sam Naifeh
Mr. F. F. Wright
Mr. M. A. Snyder
Mrs. M. A. Snyder
Mrs. J. Thompson
Mrs. L. C. Miller
Mr. F. H. Gaines
Mr. J. B. Godwin
Mrs. Sherman Jett
Mrs. H. M. Freeman
Mrs. Guy Tilbets
Mrs. R. B. Wresche


Theme - Juvenile Protection in Home and Community

October, 1943

Membership Tea and Announcement of Committees

November, 1943

Father's Night
"Recreation's Contribution to Youth Protection"
Chairman-Delmar Sharp
Speaker-Warren E. Shull
Devotionals-Rev. W. A. Carter
Music Leader-T. J. Kennedy
Pianist-Foley Wright

December, 1943

"Wartime Challenges to Youth"
Leader-Mrs. Roy Page
Speaker-Rev. W. E. White

Christmas Pageant
Directors-Miss Irene West and Miss Cecil Stiltz

January, 1944

"From What Are We Protecting Our Children"
Leader-Mrs. F. W. Cooper
Speaker-Judge Geo. D. Wilhite

Feburary, 1944

Founder's Day Program - High School
Chairman-Mrs. Foley Wright

March, 1944

"Does Youth Need Protection"
Leader-Mrs. O. S. Maness
Speaker-Judge C. O. Beaver

April, 1944

"Are Parents Protecting Their Children"
Leader-Mrs. X. Jones
Speaker-Dr. Joseph

May, 1944

Installation of Officer's
Installer-Mrs. Thos. Harris
Leader-Mrs. Jack Doudican


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