My JOHNSON Family line is very sketchy at this point. For years I have searched for verified information on the members of this family and have hit many dead-end roads, been given misleading information and have been frustrated beyond imagination. What I have posted on these pages is what I have been able to confirm, according to census information and histories found on the internet. It is my hope that in posting the data I do have, that someone might recognize some of the names and places and be able to help me fill out what is missing.

Based on my research, Allen Johnson was born somewhere in New York about 1796. He married Elizabeth (Unknown) who was born about 1803 and he made his way to Ohio, to Marion County.

Their children were all born in Ohio:

(1) John Allen Johnson was born in 1827 and married Jane Van Buskirk, b. 1831. Their children, Nancy (b. 1852), Elizabeth or Elisabeth (b. 1853), Catherine (b. 1855), William (b. 1860), Porter (b. 1862) and Freeman or Truman (b. 1864).

Jane Van Buskirk died in 1867 and John Allen Johnson then married Adeline Longberry (b. 1842). There seems to be some connection between the Longberry family and the Van Buskirk family. I have not sorted that out yet.

Children of John Allen Johnson and Adeline Longberry are: John H. Johnson (b. 1875) and Thomas S. (b. 1878).

(2) William Johnson, b. abt. 1828 in Ohio

(3) Ann Caroline Johnson, b. abt. 1829 in Ohio and married David Taylor Hewitt in Ohio. They migrated to Kansas, returned to Ohio briefly, then went back to Kansas. They are supposedly buried in a cemetery in New Lancaster, Miami County, Kansas, but I have not been able to confirm this. Ann Caroline and David Taylor Hewitt had children, but I have not been able to confirm names.

(4) Phillip Johnson, b. abt. 1833 in Ohio

(5) Elenor (also sometimes spelled Eleanor or Ellinor), b. 1835 -- my great-great-grandmother. Married John Montgomery Canfield, b. 1824. They married in Ohio and migrated to Kansas by way of Illinois where their oldest girl, Ella, and perhaps another daughter who died young, Sophia (or Sofia) were born. In Kansas they settled in Miami County (then called Lykins County), where John Montgomery Canfield died before 1900 and Elenor then moved to Houston, Harris County, Texas with some of her younger children and that is where she died in about 1921 and is buried in a cemetery in Houston.

Children of Elenor Johnson and John Montgomery Canfield are:

Ella L. (b. 1835), Sophia (b. 1856), William Byron (b. 1858), Clemer (b. 1860), Mary Frances -- my great-grandmother -- (b. 1862), John Mark, (b. 1864), Hugh Elsworth, (b. 1865), Samuel Ernest, (b. 1869), Erston Albert, (b. 1872), Carrie Jane, (b. 1874), Stillborn Infant, (b. 1875), May Elizabeth "Lizzie" (b. 1876), Clarence Smith (b. 1878), Stillborn Infant 2 (b. 1879), Grace Iona (or Ione) (b. 1881)

(6) Olivar (Oliver) Johnson, b. abt. 1839

(7) Israel Johnson, b. abt. 1841

(8) Mary A. Johnson, b. abt. 1843

(9) Harmon Johnson, b. abt. 1849

So these are the JOHNSONs as I know them. On the following pages there will be many more descendants listed, I have a few pictures I will post with individual names, and will tell all I know about this pioneering family who traveled much of the United States as it was back in the 1800s.



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