From the "News Journal," Drumright, Oklahoma, August 14, 1985

To celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary, the family of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Heffington are planning a reception to be held at the community center Sunday afternoon, August 18, from 2 until 5 p.m.

Friends are invited to share this event -- no gifts please.

Howard and the former Martha Mae Logan were married in the Methodist Parsonage at Coweta, Oklahoma on August 18, 1935. Their attendants were Mr. and Mrs. Bill McCain of Tulsa (Now of Guthrie, Oklahoma).

The Heffingtons have two children, Don Heffington of Broken Arrow and Myrna Joy Monkres of Tulsa. Their grandchildren are Donnie Heffington, Carole (Heffington) Goddard (married to Rodney Goddard), Tim Monkres, Mark Monkres and Cynthia (Mondres) Brownlee (married to Craig Brownlee), all of Tulsa, Oklahoma

Howard worked 20 years for Tide Water Refinery in Drumright until it closed down in 1955. The Heffingtons left here in January 1957 and returned in December 1979 to retire.

He served in the US Navy during World War II.

Martha worked a number of years for Citizens Bank in the 30's and 40's. After leaving Drumright she worked as office manager and bookkeeper for Orthopedic Surgeons in Okla. City as well as in Bay City, Texas. She also worked a number of years for Cherokee Hill Christian School and retired from MIdwest Christian College in Jan. 1979.

Come join us in the fun August 18th.


From the "News Journal," Drumright, Oklahoma, August 21, 1985


A very festive occasion was held at the Community Center Sunday afternoon, August 18, to celebrate the 50th wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Heffington.

The part was hosted by their family.

The guest table was lace covered, holding a gold guest book, Howard and Martha's wedding picture and a beautiful bouquet of roses from the garden of P.J. Stephenson, Jr. given as a gift. A long-time, dear friend, Mrs. Kathryn Ingram, presided at the table.

The community center was set up with three serving tables, consisting of a long table covered with a white lace cloth and a large centerpiece arrangement of yellow gladiolus, white carnations and small gold chrysanthemums. Punch bowls were at both ends of the table, along with finger foods, melon balls and dips.

Silver candelabras with white candles completed the setting.

Champagne was served from a round table covered with a cloth of pale blue set with silver candle sticks, tray and ice bucket.

A beautiful four-tiered cake, white trimmed with yellow roses, 50 yr. gold ensignias and gold posts between layers was served from a round table also with a blue covering. The cake server used was a yellow gold community plate, a gift from Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Ingram to Howard and Martha for their anniversary. The silver cake knife used has been in the family over a hundred years, a wedding gift to Howard's aunt.

A dozen small tables for 4 with blue cloths were placed in the room and hall. Each table was centered with a bud vase of golden rose buds and babies breath.

Other decorations were many beautiful congratulation cards received by the Heffingtons, placed on the bulletin board and over the mantle.

Pictures taken through their 50 years were displayed over and on the piano.

The hall wall held poems written by Howard to Martha through the years.

The back-ground music from the Great Band Era which was used had been taped by the grand children.

After the cutting of the cake by Martha, the party started.

Their son, Don, presented them with a beautiful yellow gold tray with the inscription: "Martha and Howard Heffington - August 18, 1935." This was a gift from Don's family and their daughter Myrna's family.

With the tray was a poem written by Don called "Golden Memories," depicting their 50 year trek.

A champagne toast was made to them by their son-in-law, Terry Monkres, after which Martha and Howard waltzed to the "Anniversary Waltz."

Many lovely cards and gifts were received, among which was a diamond anniversary band from Howard to Martha.

The afternnon was spent in much visiting and merriment. Their thanks go to the many friends who attended and helped make "Their Day" a memorable occasion for them.

Out of town guests were: Mr. and Mrs. Bill McCain, Viola Brownlee and Reymoth Tontz, all of Guthrie, Okla. Mr. and Mrs. Nick Ward, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Stone and Mr. and Mrs. John Beardsley of Oklahoma City. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Baker of St. Augustine, Fla., Mr. and Mrs. Burns Davis, Mrs. Elaine Carr all of Sapulpa. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Logan of Rogers, Ark. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Morris, Brenda Heffington, all of Kingfisher. Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Keith of Vinita, Okla. Hobert Heffington and Rosie Carter of Duncan. Mr. and Mrs. Don Heffington of Broken Arrow, Okla. Ida Denyer, Edmond, Okla. Mr. and Mrs. Max Davis of Ponca City, Okla. Mr. and Mrs. Bill DeShazo of Sand Springs.

Those attending from Cushing were: Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Benthall, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Chase, Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Cargill, Erma Harmon, Letha Cagle, and Alma Davenport.

Those from Yale, Okla were: Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Fine and Mary Ann Fine.

Those from Tulsa, Okla. were: Donny Heffington, Carole and Rodney Goddard, Dr. and Mrs. Al Brownlee, Pauline Cheatham, Mr. and Mrs. Terry Monkres, Tim Monkres, Mark Monkres and Mr. and Mrs. Craig Brownlee.

Those attending from Drumright were: Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Ingram, Bertie Huffman, Floyd Talley, Mr. and Mrs. Cleo Hutchison, Mike Dumler, Eric Clements, Lawrence Osborn, Keith King, Mr. and Mrs. Steve Stephens, Eileene Coffield, Lysle Hand, Virginia Dorsey, Laverne Hunter, Vern Jackson, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Shaw, Mr. and Mrs. James Parker, Walter Shannon, Grace McCall, Chloe Goodman, Lillian Umberham, Ida Busharr, Ruth Busharr, Rith Winans, Arthur Gudson, Alma Hudson, Etna Varner, Ruby Davidson, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. Haskall King, Grace Mansell, C.E. (Kaki) Love, Helen Jones, Mrs. B.D. Howard, Lucile Anderson, and Inez Rogers.

Others from Drumright were: Eunice McSlwain, Louise Kane, Gene Barnes, Mr. and Mrs. Burney Brasel, Mr. and Mrs. Dennis English, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Holder, Mr. and Mrs. Orville Linduff, Winifred Hartsuck, James and Dorothy Parker, Mrs. Pearl Simonton, Mr. and Mrs. A.C. Wiemer, Fay Frazier, Elfrieda Orr, Dee Anne Stanley, Tara Stanley, Jessica Stanley, Jeff Hunter, Dr. and Mrs. Russell Godtel, Wilma Allard and Oma Ward.

Our thanks to the photoraphers - namely, Craig Brownlee, a grandson, our son-in-law, Terry Monkres and our friend Rosie Carter.

If your name was omitted, our apologies, please call us. A Lenox dove dish was received with no name card. Did you send it? Please call.

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