From the "News Journal," Drumright, Oklahoma, October 31, 1984

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lee Robinson

Marriage vows were exchanged by Jackie Mills and Richard Lee Robinson during a garden ceremony on Saturday, October 6, at the house of the groom's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Terry Robinson in Jennings.

Fall colors of the trees and shrubs decorated the sitting as the Rev. George Boston of the First Baptist Church of Cleveland officiated. The couple's attendants were Ruby Crutchfield, sister of the bride and Kevin Lassater of Jennings.

Parents of the bride are Dorothy Mills of Jennings and Ned Mills, Sr., of Cleveland. A reception was held following the wedding at the home of the groom's parents.

Guests attending were Mr. and Mrs. Terry Robinson, Sr. (the groom's parents), Dorothy Mills and Ned Mills (the bride's parents), Mr. and Mrs. David Crutchfield, Terry Robinson, Jr. (groom's brother), Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Robinson, Mr. and Mrs. Ethel Robinson, Mr. and Mrs. Ricky Dawes and son, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Nicholas and Kevin and Chris Tilly of Jennings.

Donna Williams, Mr. and Mrs. Odell Blankenship, David Mills, Larry Ferguson, Ned Mills, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Don Hubbard, all of Cleveland. Also, Mr. and Mrs. Tony Blankenship and Coweta of Cushing, Mrs. Emma Green (groom's grandmother), of Oilton and Edward Robinson (groom's grandfather), also of Oilton.

Others honoring the couple with gifts but unable to attend were Lola Nichols of Kent, Washington (the groom's great-grandmother), and Ina Lindsay of Preston, Missouri (the groom's great-great-great-aunt).

The couple is now at home in Jennings.

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