We think the lady in the front row, seated in the center, is Priscilla Mankins. We feel the man in the back row, second from the right end, is Walter Andrew Strain, her son. And the young man standing in front of Walter, we KNOW is Leonard Earl Strain, son of Walter Andrew and Fannie Davidson-Strain. We are fairly certain, comparing with other photos, that the young lady second from the left end is Mary Lucille Strain-Roby. The pair of eyes peeking from the very back row (forth set of eyes) are those of Della Mae Johnson-Sconiers. If anyone seeing this photograph can help us identify the family members in this photo, we would appreciate your input! Thank you so much!

While there is some speculation and no absolute verification at this time of the origination of the Mankins Family in America, it is understood and known as fact that Peter Mankins I, was born in the 1700s and lived a very long and colorful life.

The Mankins Family's American roots begin in the Maryland and Virginia areas during the Revolutionary War era, and from there grow into Kentucky and Illinois.

Peter Mankins II was said to have been the first of the family to migrate into Washington County, Arkansas, this being before 1832. His father, and patriarch of the family, Peter, Sr., followed in about 1832.

The Mankins Family was known far and wide as an adventurous, lusty, earthy, powerful and affluent family. Tales of their strength, daring and fortitude have become legendary. They married much and begat many offspring.

For the most part, and with few exceptions, the Mankins Family remained in the area around Washington County, living out their lives and contributing to the communities as they established their homes there. It was mainly with the younger generations we see any migration into other areas of the United States.

This historical family, playing major roles in wars, settlements, businesses, churches and local legislation, present an interesting challenge in that there is so much to cover. We endeavor to at least present a profile of this important early American family, and their impact in the middle-America region.




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