Located In Tulsa, Tulsa County, Oklahoma

The pictures below were taken on our first "excursion" to Rentie Grove Cemetery in December of 2002. While I was photographing the headstones in the front (west side) of the cemetery, my sister, Patty, was exploring the back (east side). These photographs, all taken by Patty, give you a good idea of the size of the cemetery and overall "look" of the place.

We entered the locked cemetery from the south side, having to go through a wooded area and clamboring over a wire fence. This is the view of the cemetery just before we made our climb!

While I was photographing headstones with my digital camera, Patty was photographing ME photographing headstones with my digital camera! This picture was taken on the west side of the cemetery, about the fifth row toward the east from the front gate.

This photograph was taken toward the back of the cemetery. The wood fence you see in the background marks the Eastern edge of the graveyard. On the other side of the fence is another cemetery, Calvary Cemetery, which is primarily a Catholic cemetery, but not exclusively. There are high-dollar housing additions to the north and across the road to the west of the cemetery. The south side of the cemetery is the Creek Turnpike and its easments.


On Wednesday, February 18, 2004, my youngest sister, Sally Mayo-Freeman-Mason and I took another trip over to Rentie Grove Historical Cemetery and finished the inventory, to the best of our ability and knowledge. There were many leaves on the ground, and try as we did to uncover each and every headstone, we might have missed a few.

We hope to take another jaunt over there, perhaps just before Memorial Day, when the cemetery is cleaned up, to check our work. Meanwhile, if you have any relatives buried in Rentie Grove Historical Cemetery, and we have not listed them, please let us know! We would like for this inventory to be complete, and updated at least yearly, as there are still a very few spaces left before the cemetery will be completely full (and there is no room for expansion).



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