Abstracts of Revolutionary War Pension Files

CANADY, William or William Cannady, S39272, VA Line, sol enl in Culpeper Cty VA, appl 28 Nov 1818 in Laurens Dist SC aged 67, in 1821 sol had a wife aged 57 & a daughter Nancy aged 22.

CANAFAX, William, S19233, VA line, appl 31 Jan 1834 Monroe Cty VA aged 75 on 9 Jul 1833, sol was b 9 Jul 1758 in Cumberland Cty VA, lived in Campbell Cty VA at enl & after the war lived 30 yrs in KY & in 1829 moved to Monroe Cty VA.

CANAHAN, Nathan or Nathan Carnahan, Lydia, BLW #36242-160-55, MA Line, see Nathan Carnahan.

CANDE, Zaccheus or Zacheus Cander, S29062, CT Line, sol was b 4 Dec 1762 in Middletown CT, lived at Canaan CT at enl, appl 15 Aug 1832 Berkshire Cty MA a res of Sheffield Ma, sol d 11 Aug 1838.

CANDEE, Job, S13036, CT Line, appl 16 Aug 1832 New Haven Cty CT aged 72, lived at Oxford CT at enl in 1781 & lived at West Haven (now Orange) in 1776 & also enl there, sol was b 20 Apr 1760 at Oxford Ct.

CANDEL, Absalom or Absalom Candle, Elizabeth, W10589, NC Line, sol appl 11 Oct 1832 Anson Cty NC aged 73, enl in Cumberland Cty NC at Cross Creek (now Fayetteville), sol was b 1759 in Halifax Cty VA & lived in Bladen Cty NC at enl as above stated, sol's son Jesse Candel grdn of sol's wid Elizabeth appl 13 Jan 1847 Anson Cty NC aged 57 & states sol d 7 Mar 1846, family records, sol was b 7 Oct 1757, sol's wife Elizabeth (Maness) b 7 May 1768, they m 22 Mar 1787, children were: Elendar b 0 Jun 1788, Jesse b 5 Oct 1791, Rebecca b 3 Mar 1794, William b 1 Apr 1796, Richard b 1 Mar 1798, Absalom b 15 Sep 1800, Sampson b 19 Oct 1803, Jeff'n probably Jefferson b 20 Oct 1808, Elizabeth b 29 Sep 1810, Minnie b 3 Mar 1818, Margaret b 16 Sep 1820, Nanna b 16 Sep 1822.

CANDER, Zacheus or Zaccheus Cande, S29062, CT Line, see Zaccheus Cande.

CANDLE, Absalom or Absalom Candel, Elizabeth, W10589, NC Line, see Absalom Candel.

CANDLER, William, S9159, VA Line, appl 8 Oct 1832 Campbell Cty Va aged 80, lived in Bedford Cty VA at enl, sol stated David Candler of Campbell Cty VA had the record of his birth.

CANE, David or David Cain, S36958, Cont & MA Line, appl 13 Apr 1818 York Cty MA aged 66 a res of York MA, in 1820 sol had a wife Elizabeth aged 55 & children; Sarah 28, Mary 24 & Elizabeth aged 22.

CANEDY, Noble, S18760, MA Line, appl 6 Aug 1833 Plymouth Cty MA aged 73 a res of Middleborough MA & lived there at enl & in 1786 moved to Taunton MA & lived there a number of yrs then returned to Middleboro Ma.

CANELY, William J., S23564, PA Line, appl 6 May 1833 Philadelphia Cty Pa aged 74.

CANEFIELD, Amon, Meribah, W20832, NY Line, sol appl 5 Apr 1827 Litchfield Cty CT aged 68, sol had orig appl 22 Apr 1818, in 1827 sol stated he had several children but none depending on him but had a wife, one Amasa Smith who was adm'r of wid's estate appl 4 Jul 1843 in Sharon CT & states that sol d 4 Nov 1842 in Dutchess Cty NY, sol & wife had m in 1783, wid d 29 Jan 1843 leaving children, towit; Philip, Chloe, Susannah of Wayne Cty NY & Rebecca of Sharon CT, family records, sol was b 19 Sep 1759, wife Meribah b 21 Nov 1759, children were; Andrew b 4 Jun 1781, Samuel b 13 Jul 1786, Philip b 9 Apr 1790, Fila b 26 Jun 1792, Chloe b in Oct 1795, Susannah b 6 Jun 1798 & Rebekah b in Jul 1880.

CANFIELD, Andrew, Enice, R1658, CT Line, sol appl 11 Sep 1832 Susquehanna Cty PA aged 71 a res of Middletown Twnshp Pa, enl at New Milford in Litchfield Cty CT & was b there 3 Feb 1761 & lived there for 3 yrs after the war & moved to Pownal VT for 3 yrs then to Kent a town adjoining New Milford CT for 5 yrs then to moved to Middletown PA, sol m Eunice Fairchild in Jan 1781 at Kent CT & she was b 11 Feb 1764 & sol d 13 Jun 1843, wid d 3 Dec 1844 both in Middletown PA, children were; Amos b 7 Oct 1782, Polly b 10 Feb 1783 & m Jesse Edsell, Fairchild b 1 Jan 1785, Deborah b 12 Apr 1787 & d 10 Oct 1833, Wilson b 28 Dec 1789, Mosely b 5 Apr 1792 & d 2 Dec 1811, Eunice b 8 Jun 1795 & m Catlin Pierce, Sally b 2 Sep 1796 & m Nathaniel Billngs, Noble b 12 Mar 1802, Ruth b 5 Apr 1804 & m James W. Pratt & Andrew b 13 Apr 1808, in 1845 the residence of surviving children was as follows, towit; Fairchild, Wilson, Eunice Pierce, Nobel & Ruth Pratt at Pike in Bradford Cty PA, Amos & Andrew in Middletown PA, Polly Edsell in Warren PA & Sally Billings in Elmira NY, in 1832 one Russel Pratt was a res of Middletown PA but no relationship to sol's daughter Ruth was stated.

CANINE, Peter or Peter Carnine, S1182, NJ Line, sol was b 16 Nov 1752 at Boundbrook in Somerset Cty NJ & enl in Somerset Cty NJ, appl 18 Sep 1832 Shelby Cty KY where he had moved in 1803, sol d 2 Feb 1841 leaving a wid but she wasn't named.

CANION, William or William Cannion, Martha, W842, NJ Line, see William Cannion.

CANK, Garret, BLW #s 11990 & 12964-100-19 Jan 1792, srv as a Pvt in Lee's Legion in the VA Line.

CANN, Augustine, BLW #2059-100, MD Line, sol's heir Mary Johnson of Anne Arundel Cty MD signed p.o.a. 13 Aug 1834 at Annapolis MD, one Stephen Rummels of Anne Arundel Cty MD in 1834 states sol d leaving no wid or children but left grandchildren, towit; Mary Johnson, John, William & James Richardson.

CANNADAY, John or John Kennady or Canaday or Kanaday, Mary, R1654, VA Line, sol was b 14 Mar 1763 in King George Cty VA & lived in Bedford Cty VA at enl & also enl in Cumberland Cty, sol appl 20 Aug 1832 Casey Cty KY & in 1836 was living in Montgomery Cty Il, sol m Mary Shearer 26 Mar 1787 Campbell Cty VA & sol d 15 Dec 1836, in 1844 was aged 83 a res of Montgomery Cty IL, children were; James b 27 Jan 1788, John b 26 Aug 1789 & was dec'd in 1844, Robert b 24 Sep 1791, William b 8 Jan 1796, Sophia b 3 May 1798, Patsey b 24 Jun 1800 & Elizabeth b 9 May 1806, in 1836 a John Canaday & a William I Canaday were living in Montgomery Cty IL & knew sol but their relationship to sol was not stated, in 1844 sol's son Robert Kanaday (as he signed) was of Montgomery Cty IL.

CANNADY, John or John Canady, BLW #2091-100, VA Line, see John Canady.

CANNAN, James, R1661, NY Line, appl 26 Mar 1818 Otsego Cty NY, sol d 12 Sep 1829 at Cherry Valley NY & his 2 daughters; Nancy Cannan aged 42 & Mary Cannan aged 40 appl for final payment 22 Oct 1852 in Montgomery Cty NY.

CANNDAY, John or John Canady, S9161, Sea Srv & VA Line, appl 10 Dec 1832 Stafford Cty VA aged 68, sol was b 21 Aug 1764 in Westmoreland Cty VA & lived there at enl & followed the sea until 1804.

CANNEDAY, Andrew or Andrew Kenedy, BLW #89-100, PA Line, see Andrew Kenedy.

CANNER, Daniel or Daniel Conner, S45321, Cont & MA Line, sol lived at Great Barrington in Berkshire Cty MA at enl, appl 4 May 1818 Onondaga Cty NY aged 63 a res of Fabius NY.




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