Albertson, Marguerite - Senior Girl Reserve. "I am young but give me time."

Bassett, Clifford - Assistant Mgr. Football '20 '21; Assistant Mgr. Baseball '20 '21; Circulating Mgr. of annual (Cast Iron Stove League); High Times Staff; Hi-Y; Spoof Hound. "He profits most who serveth best."

Baze, Ross - Hi-Y; Football '20 '21; Asst. art editor of annual; B.M. Basketball '21; Band. "He hath a baby blush and a man sized body."

Bennett, Bernice - Senior Girl Reserve. "Silence is golden."

Biron, Leonard - "His ways are ways of quietness."

Bostock, Alberta - Senior Girl Reserve. "Come thou expressive silence muse her praise."

Cadenhead, Willa - Library Club; Senior Girl Reserve. "If silence gives consent, she is yours for the asking."

Casteel, Irene - Senior Girl Reserve; Glee Club; Asst. Treasurer of Senior Class '22. "Why so sad and mute, young student?"

Caywood, Cleo - Football '20 '21; Basketball '20; Baseball '21; Track '21. "He is so stingy with his knowledge that wild horses cannot drag it from him.

Colleasure, Glen - Hi-Y; Glee Club; Asst. Athletic editor of annual. "He hath more learning than appears."

Connor, George - Hi-Y; Football '20; Baseball '20 '21; Basketball '20 '21. "Be to his virtues very kind but to his faults a little blind."

Croston, Harry - Spoof Hound; Hi-Y. "Sometimes I sits and thinks and others I just sits."

Dagley, Leslie - "I could play the part of a woman with mine eyes."

Davis, Daryll - Hi-Y; Business Mgr. Annual and Advertising editor; Glee Club. "His looks are not deceitful."

Davis, Oltha - Senior Girl Reserve. "She keeps her thoughts to herself and goes serenely on her way."

Desmukes, Raymond - Baseball '20 '21. "He likes them young."

Dyer, Harry - Football '20 '21; Hi-Y; Basketball '22; Track '21 '22; Cast Iron Stove League; Sec., Treas. '22. "Just a whirlwind, that's all."

Flynn, Virginia - Social Chairman S.G.R.; Royal Vagabond; Debating; Society editor of the annual. "I'm a man hater but the Bible says love your enemies."

Gilbert, Walton - Spoof Hound; Baseball '21' 22. "Nothing shines but his hair."

Groff, Rupert - Hi-Y. "Watch those eyes. Beware! He's fooling thee."

Hagle, Herbert - Hi-Y; Debating. "Built for comfort, not for style."

Hines, Mary - Senior Girl Reserve. "Not one of the fifty-seven varieties."

Hubbard, Velma - "She is one of those who is born to work."

Iliff, Mary Louise - Senior Girl Reserve. "Short and snappy."

Johnson, Wilma - Senior Girl Reserve; Orchestra. "She has a heart as sound as a bell."

Jones, Quelma - Senior Girl Reserve; Glee Club; Royal Vagabond; Community editor of annual. "My man's as true as steel."

Jucksch, Frances - Senior Girl Reserve; Pep Pirate; Glee Club. "She follows her leader."

Katz, Milton - King Spoof, Spoof Hounds; Hi-Y; Editor-in-Chief of annual; Mgr. Football '20 '21; Mgr. Baseball '21 '22; Mgr. Athletic Association. "I fool 'em - the Mgr. Ed. tried to flatter me with a flowery compliment, so I erased it. Dat 'a boy turn the tide."

Key, Paul - Hi-Y; Glee Club. "From the sublime to the ridiculous."

Knappenberger, Dorothy - Senior Girl Reserve; Literary editor of annual. "She who hath brains hath wealth."

Lance, Curtis - Hi-Y; Mgr. Basketball '22. "I did all of my studying next week."

Lewis, Geraldine - "I'm not of the talking sort."

Linsdale, Ruth - Senior Girl Reserve. "Knowledge is power."

Lyon, Hal - Hi-Y; Football '21. "Pleasant to walk with, Witty to talk with, Pleasant to think on."

Martin, Howard - Hi-Y; Football '20 '21. "A thing of beauty is a joy forever."

McAllister, Charles - Hi-Y; Football '20 '21. "My heart's in the highlands, My heart is not here."

McFarland, Earl - Hi-Y. "He comes from a small town and Sapulpa has little to offer him."

Miller, Charles - Hi-Y; Athletic editor of annual; Glee Club. "He would love to reap a harvest of vamps."

Morris, Lyle - Hi-Y; Exchange editor of paper; Basketball '22. "It takes brains to ask questions."

O'Neill, Lewis - Hi-Y. "Some one's bashful barefoot beau."

Parkin, Loreen - Pep Pirate; Soc. Service Comm. S.G.R. "Tis better to have loved and lost than to be married and be bossed."

Procter, Bertram - "Too young thou art for Cupid's darts to harm thee."

Ray, Pearl - "Modest as a violet."

Robinson, Dwight - Hi-Y; Band. "Every day is a lady's day for me."

Saunders, J.B. - Hi-Y; President Senior Class '22. "He acts the part he plays."

Saunders, Luther - Hi-Y. "Still water runs deep."

Sawdy, Louise - Senior Girl Reserve. "A soft answer turneth away wrath."

Schwab, Louise - Pep Pirate; Glee Club; Ass't. editor of paper. "She traileth in his wake."

Thornton, Grace - "She vamps them while they're helpless."

Trieb, Fred - Hi-Y; Football '21. "Never speaks until spoken to."

Van Velzer, Kathryn - Pep Pirate; Sec. S.G.R.; High Times Staff; Joke editor of annual; Glee Club; Sec. and Treas. of Dramatic Club. "Music hath charmes to soothe the savage beast, But when she sings none but the deaf have rest."

Vanlandingham, Raymond - "Masterpieces are his specialty."

Wierling, Gertrude - "Not as weird as she sounds."

Wilkinson, Elenora - Senior Girl Reserve. "Small but mighty."

Wilkonson, Belle - Pep Pirate; Managing editor of annual; Vice President Class '22; Debating; Hi Vag, Royal Vagabonds; Senior Girl Reserves. "Looks and ability, a winning combination."

Wilson, Opal - Senior Girl Reserve. "Everpresent, evertalking, seldom working."

Winget, James - Hi-Y. "Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all."

Wisdom, Pauline - Senior Girl Reserve. "Her character is judged by her name."

Wolfe, Percy - Hi-Y; Glee Club; Basketball '22; Baseball '22. "Not as wild as his name."

Wood, Glenn - President S.G.R.; Chief Neck, Ruf Nex; Royal Vagabond; Adv. Mgr. of Dramit Club; Art editor of annual. "All of the remarks of Abe Lincoln, Webster, Napoleon, Franklin, Shakespeare and Longfellow could not express the sweetness in such a lot - 'Thy Art no bark'."

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