ANTHONY, Juanita -- Girl Reserve; Dramatics Club. "Small but full of pep."

BLACK, Frances -- "Youth personified."

BALEY, Gladys -- Debate '24. "Always seen with Everett."

BRIGGS, Lois -- Normal Training. "A School teacher to be."

BARTLETT, Merril -- "Girls do not count in his earthly existence."

BROWN, Juanita -- Whiz Gang '23 '24; Student Council; C.C.C. '24; Debate '24. "Squanto now and forever."

BEARD, Mildred -- "One who freely offers her opinions and criticisms on all subjects."

BURD, Leslie -- Humor Editor, Sapulpan; Orchestra '23 '24; Band '23 '24; Hi Y. "One of the youngest."

CADENHEAD, Edna -- "A girl with a ready smile."

CLARK, Willard -- "Ever loyal to his class."

CAYWOOD, Lester -- Glee Club '22 '23 '24; Football '20 '21 '22 '23; Basketball '22 '23 '24; Baseball '22 '23 '24. "As all 'round athlete."

COOPER, Lionel -- Glee Club '24; Baseball '24. "We hope for his sake that silence gives consent."

CHAPMAN, Fred -- "Willing to do his part."

CORNET, Grady -- Debate '24. "I would I were a butterfly."

CLARK, Nancy -- Captain girls' basket ball team '24. "Short, sweet, snappy."

CORNWELL, Leo -- Vice-President Senior Class; President of Gold "S"; Glee Club '22 '24; Dramatics Club; Dramatic Reading '24; Football '23; Debate '23; Band '23; Hi Y. "Mary's little lamb."

CRAWFORD, Ruth -- Girl Reserve. "Only speaks when spoken to."

EDGERTON, Charles -- Band '22 '23 '24; Hi Y. "Learned in dancing, rather than perplexing books."

EVANS, Roy -- Glee Club; Debate '24. "An agreeable person never known to get exicted."

GOFF, Otto -- Glee Club; Joke Editor Sapulpan. "A big little man."

GOOD, Harold -- Hi Y; Glee Club. "Apollo in looks."

GORDON, Madeline -- Glee Club; Girl Reserve; C.C.C.; Whiz Gang '23 '24; Picture Editor Sapulpan. "Known to all and loved by everyone."

HAMILTON, Ruth -- Student Council. "A deserving girl who does her work with sincerity."

HANCOCK, Margie -- Literary Editor Sapulpan; Glee Club '21 '22 '23 '24; Girl Reserve; Whiz Gang '23 '24; Dramatics Club; High Times Staff '23 '24. "Clear, cool, deep, true and blue as the sea, is this girl who inspires you by her sincerity."

HARLAN, Wilma -- Girl Reserves. "Some libraries are for books, but -----."

HARRIS, Garland -- Hi Y; Band '22 '23 '24; Student Council; Debate '24; Dramatics Club. "Persistent Dream Daddy."

HARTON, Margaret -- Ochestra '22 '23 '24. "A true southern girl."

HATCHER, H.L. -- Band '22 '23 '24; Orchestra '21 '22 '23 '24; Secretary Sapulpan; Glee Club '22 '23 '24; Student Council; Hi Y. "A boy worth knowing."

HAYES, Zedna -- Normal Training. "Among those present."

HILLMAN, Glenn -- "Long on day dreaming, in fact, the habit may cause people to think him lazy."

HOLCUM, Ruth -- Normal Training.

HOLLARS, Everett -- Basketball '23. "May he live up to his name."

HOLLINGSWORTH, Harrison -- Debate '22 '23; Dramatics Club; Football Manager; Dramatic Reading; Oratory; President Senior Class '24; President Sigma Deltas. "One boy in a hundred."

HOWER, Mable -- Glee Club. "Noted for sincerity."

HUFF, Maurine -- Associate Editor Sapulpan; President Girl Reserves; Business Manager Dramatic Club; Secretary Golden "S"; Debate '23 '24; C.C.C.; Whiz Gang '23 '24; Glee Club '23 '24; Vice-President G.A.A.; Oration '24. "A girl with a winning personality."

JACKSON, Lloyd -- Editor-in-Chief Sapulpan; President Class '23; Debate '22 '23; Golden "S"; Hi Y; Dramatics; Vice-Preident Sigma Deltas. "Every boy falls hard for some girl some time."

JARVIS, Desmon -- Glee Club '23 '24. "Cares for nothing but Radio."

KAUFMAN, Barbetta -- Glee Club, '23 '24; Vice-President Girl Reserve; G.A.A. Cabinet. "Boys in school hold no charm for Bob."

KAUFMAN, Ben -- Band '22 '23 '24. "An ol' married man."

LANGSTON, Bertha -- "The kind of a girl that is steady and true."

LAWRENCE, Ardie -- Normal Training. "The hair of Nazimova."

LEHNHARD, Phil -- Hi Y. "Always stagging, should be an Elk."

LEWIS, Eunice -- "Quiet and unassuming."

LINDSEY, Rosalie -- "By mistake this serious Junior happens to be among the Seniors."

MADDOX, Roberta -- Whiz Gang '23 '24; Dramatics Club. "Should be studying domestic science."

MARS, Marie -- Glee Club '21 '22 '23 '24. "Full of the kind of pep that takes."

MANNERING, Kenneth -- Advertising Manager Sapulpan; Hi Y; Glee Club '22 '23; High Times Staff '23. "Long to be remembered and missed."

MATHIS, Edgar -- Snap Shot Editor Sapulpan; Dramatics Club; Hi Y; Class Treasurer '23. "A true, sincere friend is worth his weight in gold."

McCALL, Frances -- Girl Reserve. "Where he leads me I will follow."

McKINNEY, Vernard -- Football '23 '24; Hi Y; Glee Club '23 '24. "He loves a cave woman."

McMUNN, Marc -- Dramatics Club; Hi Y. "Good school spirit is long to be remembered."

MENGERHAUSEN, Carl -- Baseball '23 '24. "A born executive."

MILLER, Hazel -- Valedictorian '24; Class Secretary '24. "Seriousness is her motto."

MORRIS, Donald -- Basketball '24; Baseball '23 '24. "Quiet but full of thought."

NOURSE, Ketha -- Glee Club. "Singing is her hobby."

NOURSE, Tullie -- Dramatics Club. "Kind to everyone."

OWENS, Gladys -- Normal Training. "A girl true to thought."

PARROT, James -- Hi Y. "A cook, baker, candle stick maker?"

RAY, Helen -- Treasurer Senior Class '24. "She's true to her word, her work and her friends."

REDD, James -- Hi Y. "Can always be relied on."

RHULE, Thelma -- "A smiling face is welcome anywhere."

RIPLEY, Jewel -- Hi Y.; Track '22. "A loyal backer."

ROCKWOOD, Doris -- "No sweeter girl can be found."

SCHMIDT, Heinrich -- Hi Y; Glee Club. "Just Hynie."

SHAFFER, Edith -- Basektball '24. "A constant friend, one who can be depended on."

SMITH, Addie -- Glee Club; Hi Times Staff; Girl Reserve Secretary. "Hard to know but easy to like."

SMITH, Glenn -- Football '23 '24; Basket Ball '23 '24; Glee Club '22 '23 '24; Hi Y; Student Council President; Sport Editor Sapulpan; Dramatics Club Business Manager '23 '24. "Keeps his affairs to himself."

STRICKLER, Fred -- "If I'm not mistaken he rushes a certain pretty blonde."

SUMMERS, Connie -- c.C.C. '24; Glee Club '23 '24; Dramatics Club; Whiz Gang '23 '24; President G.A.A.; Yell Leader; Golden "S". "The vamp of the school."

TARR, Audrey -- "Often seen but seldom heard."

TODD, Lois -- Boys' Glee Club Pianist. "We shall have to refer to Omar for her qualities."

TRACY, Kathryn -- Service Chairman, Girl Reserve; Girls' Athletic Association. "An all 'round girl."

TRAYLOR, Edith -- "That red-head gal."

UMLAUF, Loree -- Glee Club '24. "She has no enemies."

WALLIS, Faun -- Hi Times Staff '23 '24; Publicity Manager of Sapulpan. "A regular business man."

WHITTLESEY, Wesley -- Business Manager Sapulpan; President Delphian; Stage Manager Dramatics '23 '24; Hi Y. "Wesley likes 'widdle durls'."

WILCOX, Mary Potter -- Society Editor Sapulpan; Glee Club '23 '24; Girl Reserve; Whiz Gang '23 '24; Dramatic Club; C.C.C. '24. "A one-man woman."

WILLIS, Melba -- Normal Training. "A lovable girl."

WILLS, Mildred -- Normal Training. "A pretty girl with lots of friends."

WORKMAN, Douglas -- Hi Y; Band '22 '23 '24. "A friend to everybody."

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