ADAMS, Anna Mae -- Spanish Club. "Quiet, kind, and smiling; we shall never see her like again."

BARNES, Violet -- "There is a soft and pensive grace, A cast of thought upon her face."

BARTLETT, Martin -- Not graduating.

BLAKLEY, Carl -- "Since brevity is the soul of wit -- I will be brief."

BLAKLEY, Vola -- Standard Oration '23; Debate '23 '24; Golden "S" Club. "She's never too busy to give you a smile."

BLYTHE, Edith Stanley -- Not graduating.

BOSTOCK, Violet -- Spanish Club; Glee Club; Girl Reserve; Orchestra. "'Tis a girl with a sparkling eye; 'Tis a girl whom we call 'Vi'."

BOYD, Stuart -- President Hi Y.; Band. "None but himself can be his parallel."

BROOKS, John -- Football '24; Hi-Y. "Woman is the fairest work of the Great Author -- No man should be without a copy."

BROWN, Frances -- Orchestra. "A noticeable girl with large brown eyes."

BROWN, Harold -- Not graduating.

BUCKNER, Helen --

BURCH, Marie Hedrick -- PIcture Editor Sapulpan; Dramatic Club; Spanish Club; Golden "S" Club; Debate '25. "We all like you, so we don't blame him."

BURD, Ralph -- Band; Hi Y. "Greater men than I have lived, but I doubt it."

BURNETT, Katherine -- Girl Reserve. "A charming combination of grace and beauty."

BURNS, Delores -- Glee Club. "The eyes express the sweetest kind of bashfulness."

BURT, Mildred -- Girl Reserve; Glee Club. "Charming and popular."

BUTNER, Helen -- Not graduating.

CHASE, Floyd -- Glee Club. "The world knows nothing of its greatest men."

CONKWRIGHT, Dorothy -- "Her sunny locks hang on her temples like a golden fleece."

CRAWFORD, Martha -- Girl Reserve; Glee Club; Operetta '25. "Come and trip it as you go, On the light fantastic toe."

CRAWFORD, Raymond -- Glee Club. "I stand alone in my greatness."

CROWE, Helen -- "Too young thou art for Cupid's darts to harm thee."


DICKS, Russell -- Spanish Club; Hi-Y; President Student Council Organization. "Why girls leave home."

DILLMAN, Martha -- Spanish Club. "A quiet conscience makes one so serene."

DODD, Harold -- Snapshot Editor Sapulpan; Orchestra; Band; Hi Y. "Fain would I climb, but that I fear to fall."

DODD, Iva -- Not graduating.

DOTY, Thelma -- Not graduating.

EDEN, Howard -- Radio Club; Hi Y. "Hard to know, but easy to like."

FELKEL, Herbert -- Humor Editor Sapulpan; President Dramatic Club; High Times Staff; Orchestra '24; Glee Club; Band '24; Hi Y. "There is great ability in knowing how to conceal one's ability."

FORD, Grace -- Vice-President Latina Societas. "Thinkers are scarce as gold."

GROFF, Amos --

HAIR, Rachel -- Girl Reserve; Glee Club; Orchestra. "Well-known and well-liked."

HANCOCK, Margie -- Post Graduate.

HEYBURN, Virginia -- Not graduating.

HIGGINBOTHAM, Lucy -- President Senior Class; Editor-in-chief Sapulpan; Debate '24 '25; Golden "S" Club; Basekt Ball '24 '25; Girl Reserve; Original Oration '24. "Sweet as the blossom sprinkled with dew, Combined with ability equaled by few."

HOLMAN, Louise -- Glee Club. "Kindness has resistless charms."

HOOD, Helen -- Glee Club; Girl Reserve. "Kings are sometimes trumps."

HOPKINS, Vernon -- "A little learning is a dangerous thing."

HUBEN, Susann -- Editor-in-chief Hi Times' 25; Dramatic Club; Vanity Fair' 25; Girl Reserve. "She is liked by all who know her, and she is well known."

HUGHES, Birdie -- Glee Club. "Always good-natured."

HUGHES, Louise --

JONES, Mabel --

KIERGAN, Benjamin --

KING, George -- Not graduating.

KINNAIRD, Dorothy --

KLINGENSMITH, Fred -- Football '24; Hi Y. "Me fatal beauty has been me lifelong curse."

LINDSEY, Rosalie -- Literary Editor Sapulpan; President Latina Societas '24 '25; Girl Reserve; Spanish Club. "A shining ray of light in the Senior Class."

MALONEY, Ada -- "Silence is more golden than speech."

MANERING, Kenneth -- Glee Club '22 '23 '24 '25; Student Council '25; Sapulpan Staff '23 '24; President Older Boys' Conference, 1925-26; Hi Y. "Nobody knows, and nobody seems to care."

MANN, Nile -- "I'll not be discouraged; I'll find her some day."

MANNING, Fred -- Business Manager Sapulpan; Vice-Preseident Senior Class; Treasurer Senior Class; Hi Times Staff '24; Glee Club '21; Orchestra; Band; Hi Y. "I want to be a sunbeam."

MARUYAMA, Motochika -- "With just enough of learning."

McCAULEY, Annie Mae -- Organization Editor Sapulpan; Hi Times Staff; Debate '25; Orchestra. "If eyes were made for seeing, Then beauty is its own excuse for being."

McMUNN, Marc -- Basketball '24 '25; Baseball '25. "He never lets his studies cramp his existence."

MEYER, Blanche -- Girl Reserve. "Everybody's friend; nobody's enemy."

MICHENER, Gertrude -- Glee Club. "A little nonsense now and then."

MILLIRON, Geraldine -- Latina Societas. "Much work and no madness, All good and no badness."

MOHNK, Audrey -- Art Editor Sapulpan; Girl Reserve. "In framing an artist, art hath thus decreed, To make some good, but others to exceed."

MOSE, Freda -- Girl Reserve. "School? Yes, another of those necessary evils."

MOSS, Anna Mae -- "I have ne'er yet found my ideal."

MURRELL, Howard -- Athletic Editor Sapulpan; Hi Y. "He is ambitious and he has tools wherewith to work."

NEAL, Virginia -- Dramatic Club; Spanish Club; Girl Reserve. "Oh, doctor, chloroform me; I'm just to cute to live."

NOURSE, Tullie -- "Must I work? Oh, what a waste of time."

PIRTLE, Travis -- Not graduating.

RALLS, Willie -- President Spanish Club; Basketball '24 '25; Dramatic Club; Girl Reserve. "Ginger? She's a whole spice box."

REED, Olin -- Advertising Manager Sapulpan; Hi Times Staff; Dramatic Club; Debate '24; Radio Club; Glee Club; Hi Y. "All great men are dying . . . I don't feel well myself."

RICHTER, Irene -- "In her is knowledge, humor and wit But she assumes an air of hiding it."

RYNEARSON, Mildred -- Not graduating.

SAUNDERS, Izora -- Latina Societas; Girl Reserve. "Izora studies both early and late, But stops occasionally for a date."

SCALES, Mary -- Glee Club '23 '24; Girl Reserve. "This girl who possesses both looks and ability, Inspires everyone with her deep sincerity."

SCHMIDT, Gail -- Latina Societas; Orchestra. "A sweet young miss with a friendly air; Blue-eyed golden haired, and fair."

SHOUSE, Mildred -- Glee Club; Girl Reserve. "Gifted with a smile that makes life worth while."

SMITH, Doris -- Girl Reserve; Glee Club. "She keeps 'em trailing in her wake."

SNAPP, Gertrude -- "Whole-hearted and fancy free."

SNYDER, Irene -- Library Club. "And still the wonder grew, That one small head could carry all she knew."

STANLEY, Bruce -- Debate '24. "Argument is food for the mind."

TEEL, Leonard --

TEEL, Leota --

THOMPSON, Lottie -- "True to her word, her work and her friends."

THRIFT, Caroline -- Not graduating.

TUCKER, Beatrice -- "Her eyes are much admired."

VON GONTEN, Frederick -- Not graduating.

WALLACE, Leone -- Not graduating.

WARREN, Earl -- Hi-Y. "Knowledge is power."

WHITESIDE, Clarence -- Not graduating.

WOOD, Phyllis -- Not graduating.

WRIGHT, Lucien -- Not graduating.

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