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King Family of Kentucky

This website details my "King" family line from Norfolk, England to Virginia to the northern Kentucky counties of Bracken, Harrison, Pendleton and Kenton:

Allied Families

My family research is not limited to the surname KING. My family includes the surnames: Kreeb, Wenning, Sheehan, Watson, Dunn, Hannan (Hannah), Curle, Bruin, Blackburn, Casey, Elliot, Lemmon(s), Marksberry, McClanahan, Pendergast, Turner, and many others. To see a complete list of surnames and individuals, click on the King database link in the menu bar.

Research Content

This website is a collection of information from various family researchers and contributors as well as hired researchers, websites and online databases. As with all genealogies, there are undoubtedly gaps and errors. It is a work in progress as genealogy technology developes and new information becomes available. Feel free to contact me with additions and corrections.

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King Family Genealogy