Sterling Guy King

Sterling Guy KingGuy King

Guy was born to Jim and Lou King in Franklin County TX on 25 Nov 1871.  He married Sally Garner, who was born in 1874.  Four children:
+Alton Regan King born 2 May 1894
+Shelton King born 15 Jan 1896
+Manley Dee "Pete" King born 4 Aug 1898
+Carrie Mae King born 30 Jul 1904

Guy and his family moved to Oklahoma (then Oklahoma Territory) around 1903 and settled at the little town of Emet, about fourteen miles southeast of Tishomingo.  Guy began teaching in a rural school called Black Jack but quit after five terms because one of the older boys in the school hit him on the head with a baseball bat.  After he recovered from the injury, which was almost fatal, he made his living as a grocery clerk.  Sally died while Carrie Mae was still a very small child, and Guy took her body by wagon to Pleasant Hill for burial.

Sometime after returning to Oklahoma, Guy married Sue Clay, who had come to Oklahoma from Tennessee as a young girl.  She worked as a domestic for the Cheadle family in Emet.  Mr Cheadle, an Indian man, was an office holder in the Chickasaw Nation Cabinet.

Guy and Sue had five children:
+Clay T.Bone King born 3 May 1910
+Alma King born 25 Sep 1911
+Sterling Guy King Jr died in infancy of accidental suffocation
+Harold King born 27 Nov 1916
+Billie King born 15 Feb 1918

The family moved from Emet into Tishomingo not long after T.Bone was born.  In 1917 they moved to Texas, settling between Afton and Roaring Springs in Dickens County.  Guy bought 160 acres of land and began farming, but he lived long enough to make only one crop. One day he used a knife to pick a splinter out of his finger.  Earlier he had used that knife to skin a cow that had died of blackleg.  Soon blood poisoning set in, and Guy died 15 Mar 1918.  On the day he died, his first grandchild was born.

After Guy's death, Sue and her children moved back to Tishomingo.  She lived there the rest of her life and supported her children by taking in washing and ironing.  She died in Tishomingo in 1958 and is buried in Tishomingo City Cemetery.

+Alton Regan King was born to ]Guy and Sally King at Purley in Franklin County TX on 2 May 1894.  He moved with his parents to Emet OK and later into Tishomingo, where he married Mamie Mae Hacker on 18 Jan 1917.  Three children:;
++Turner King born 15 Mar 1918
++June King born 22 Jun 1921
++Alton Scott King born 24 Nov 1927
Alton and Mamie were living in Stamford TX at the time of Alton's death on 5 Nov 1959.  Mamie died eighteen years later.  They are buried in Tishomingo OK.

++Turner King was born to Alton and Mamie King in Tishomingo OK on 15 Mar 1918, the day his grandfather Guy King died in Afton TX.  Turner married Eunice Basset in 1941.  Two children:
+++Janet Sue King born 4 Oct 1944
+++Kathryn Ann King born 9 Nov 1952
Turner died in Amarillo TX on 30 Nov 1985.

+++Janet Sue King was born to Turner and Eunice King on 4 Oct 1944 in Roswell NM.  She and Larry K Patterson were married 13 Jul 1965 in Amarillo TX.  Two children:
++++Tracy Paige Patterson born 1 Nov 1969
++++Matthew Patrick Patterson born 19 Dec 1973

++++Tracy Paige Patterson was born to Janet and Larry Patterson on 1 Nov 1969.  She and Matt Pryor were married 22 Jan 2000 in Dallas TX.

+++Kathryn Ann King was born to Turner and Eunice King on 9 Nov 1952 in Amarillo TX..  She and Larry Gene Farber (born in Sayre OK) were married 6 Apr 1974.  Four children:
++++Karie Beth Farber born 9 Jul 1977
++++Kellie Ann Farber born 4 Jun 1979
++++Gregory Gene Farber born 21 May 1981
++++Grant James Farber born 7 Nov 1986

++June King was born to Alton and Mamie King on 22 Jun 1921 in Tishomingo OK.  She and Jack Webster were maried 19 May 1943.  Two children:
+++Nancy Ellen Webster born 25 Jun 1948
+++David W Webster born 10 Oct 1954
Jack died 19 Nov 1972 in Amarillo TX.

+++Nancy Ellen Webster was born to June and Jack Webster on 25 Jun 1948 in Amarillo TX.  She married Steve Dennis on 25 Dec 1971.  One child:
++++Bert Patrick Dennis born 22 Nov 1983

+++David W Webster was born to June and Jack Webster on 10 Oct 1954 in Grandview MO.  He and Gloria Dimcheva were married 19 Sep 1992 in Aspen Hill MD.  One child:
++++Christopher Webster born 6 Oct 1999

++Alton Scott King was born to Alton and Mamie King on 24 Nov 1927.  He and LaNell Allison were married 22 Jun 1952.  Two children:
+++Alton Scott King Jr born 26 Jun 1954
+++Tonya LaNell King born 22 Nov 1962
Alton died 21 Feb 1993 in Amarillo TX.  He is entombed in Llano Mausoleum in Amarillo.

+++Alton Scott King Jr was born to Alton and LaNell King on 26 Jun 1954.  He and Rebecca Lynn Lauder were married 11 Jan 1974.  Two children:
++++Bryan Scott King born 16 Jan 1977
++++Breanne Elizabeth King born 3 Sep 1979

+++Tonya LaNell King was born to Alton and LaNell King on 22 Nov 1962.  She and Sam Lowe were married in May of 1987.  One child:
++++Emory Allison Lowe born 3 Oct 1999

+Shelton King was born to Guy and Sally King in Red River County TX on 15 Jan 1896. He and Josie Jewel Winkels were married 2 Dec 1917.  Shelton enlisted in the Army to fight in World War I, but after he completed his training and was boarding ship, word came that the Armistice had been signed.  So Shelton returned home and began working with his uncle Dave Garner, learning to do carpenter work.  Four children:
++Oleta Monez King born 13 Feb 1920
++Mildred King born 30 Jul 1921
++William Don King born 18 Jan 1923
++Wendel Gale King born 5 Jul 1928
Soon after Pearl Harbor was bombed, Shelton joined the Navy and served as a Chief Petty Officer in the Seabees.  After World War II he and Jewel lived in Imperial TX.  Jewel died 21 Sep 1965, and Shelton died 3 Jan 1973.  They are buried at Monahans TX.

++Oleta Monez King was born to Shelton and Jewel King on 13 Feb 1920.  She and Oliver Grove were married 24 Aug 1940.  Two children:
+++Barbara Lynn Grove born 24 Sep 1942
+++Elaine Grove born 2 Jan 1947
Oliver died 30 Sep 1987.

+++Barbara Lynn Grove was born to Oleta and Oliver Grove on 24 Sep 1942 in Monahans TX.  She and Jerry Heflin were married during Barbara's junior year in high school.  Later, when she married Woody Gray, he adopted Barbara's two children:
++++Jim Shelton Gray born 30 Nov 1960
++++Deborah Eugene Gray born 11 Mar 1963
Barbara and Woody divorced, and on 18 Apr 1981 Barbara married Charles Robert Smith.

++++Jim Shelton Gray was born to Barbara and Jerry Heflin in San Angelo TX on 30 Nov 1960 and adopted by his stepfather Woody Gray.

++++Deborah Eugene Gray was born to Barbara and Jerry Heflin in Imperial TX on 11 Mar 1963 and adopted by her stepfather Woody Gray.  She married Jody Weaver.  Three children:
+++++Thomas Joseph Weaver born 23 Dec 1982
+++++Katie Monez Weaver born 25 Apr 1984
+++++Dylan Lin Weaver born 9 Apr 1986

++Elaine Grove was born to Oleta and Oliver Grove on 2 Jan 1947 in Monahans TX.  By her first husband Elaine had three children:
++++Charlotte Anita Kay Sims born 18 Oct 1965
++++Charles Oliver Sims born 1 Sep 1966
++++Michael Neal Sims born 19 Dec 1968
Elaine married Jerry G Pearce on 8 Jan 1978.

++Mildred King was born to Shelton and Jewel King on 30 Jul 1921.  She and Roy Chester Rixse were married 5 Jan 1941.  One child:
+++Wynona Nell Rixse born 13 Jan 1943
Mildred and Roy divorced after ten years of marriage.  On 13 Jun 1952 Mildred maried Luther "Luke" Holladay.

+++Wynona Nell Rixse was born to Mildred and Roy Rixse in Lubbock TX on 13 Jan 1943.  She married David Bruce Wilson in 1959.  Two children:
++++John Bruce Wilson born 16 Oct 1960
++++David Clay Wilson born 30 Jun 1962
In 1963 Nell and David divorced, and Nell married Richard Shuck.  One child:
++++Lisa Marie Shuck born 15 Jul 1964
Nell and Richard divorced in June of 1983.  Nell married Darrell Boyd Michels on 26 Oct 1985.

++++John Bruce Wilson was born to Nell and David Wilson on 16 Oct 1960.  He and Cynthia Ann Harless were married 18 Jul 1983.  One child:
+++++Crystal Dawn Wilson born 29 May 1985 in College Station TX

John and Cynthia divorced.  On 1 Aug 1998 John married Betty Ann Thawley.

++++David Clay Wilson was born to Nell and David Wilson on 30 Jun 1962 in Fort Stockton TX.  He married Samantha Ann Young.  One child:
+++++Amanda Wilson born abound 1990

++++Lisa Marie Shuck was born to Nell and Richard Shuck on 15 Jul 1964 in Madisonville TX.  Prior to marriage she had one child:
++++Erin Nicole Shuck born 1 Nov 1985
Lisa and her husband Flores had one child:
+++++Miranda Flores born around 1992

++William Don King was born to Shelton and Jewel King on 18 Jan 1923.  He joined the Army Air Corps just after Pearl Harbor was bombed.  He served in Europe, flying 24 missions before being shot down over Germany.  After 26 months as a prisoner of war, he was liberated by Patton's division in 1945.  Don and Joyce Gaultney were married 12 Jul 1945.  Two children:
+++Marilyn Leah King born 13 Apr 1946
+++William Don King Jr born 21 Apr 1948
Don reenlisted in the Air Force and was sent to Korea, where he was killed in a plane crash on 30 Aug 1952, after having flown 51 missions in Korea.  He is buried at Monahans TX.  On 4 Jun 1955 Joyce married Maurice Young.

+++Marilyn Leah King was born to Don and Joyce King on 13 Apr 1946 in Monahans TX.  She married Dean Clark Magee.  Two children:
++++Angela Joyce Magee born 7 Apr 1967
++++Leslie Irene Magee born 5 Dec 1968
Marilyn and Dean divorced.  On December 1, 1979, Marilyn married F Ivan Steele.  Dean died of lung and brain cancer in Colorado City TX in September of 1996.  He is buried in Odessa TX.

++++Angela Joyce Magee was born to Marilyn and Dean Magee on 7 Apr 1967 in Rankin TX.  She and Clayton C Kennedy were maried 6 Aug 1985.  One child:
+++++Clayton Dean Kennedy born 14 Jul 1986 at Iraan TX
Angie and Clayton divorced, and Angie married Wayne Warren.  One child:
+++++Ashton Brooke Warren born 23 Mar 1992
Angie and Wayne divorced.  On 2 Apr 1994, at Abilene Christian University in Abilene TX, Angie married John Fortney Welch, a native of Morgantown WV.

++++Leslie Irene Magee was born to Marilyn and Dean Magee on 5 Dec 1968 in Odessa TX.  She and Randall Joseph Demny were married 26 Aug 1989 in Tomball TX.  Two children:
+++++Ryan Joseph Demny born 17 Mar 1990
+++++Rylie Morgan Demny born 13 Feb 1996

+++William Don King Jr was born to Don and Joyce King on 21 Apr 1948 in Monahans TX.  He and Linda Wall were married 10 Dec 1964.  Two children:
++++Jeffrey Lance King born 2 Oct 1970
++++Stephen Anthony King born 6 Mar 1974 in Midland TX

++++Jeffrey Lance King was born to Bill and Linda King on 2 Oct 1970 in Big Spring TX.  He and Tracy LeMaster were married 17 May 1997.  One child:
+++++Savannah Nicole King born 22 Nov 1999

++Wendel Gale King was born to Shelton and Jewel King on 5 Jul 1928.  He married Charlsie Laminack.  No children.  Charlsie died 15 Mar 1995.  Wendel died of a heart attack at a ski lodge in Ruidoso NM on 9 Jan 1996.  He and Charlsie are buried in Restlawn Memorial Park in El Paso TX.

+Manley Dee "Pete" King was born to Guy and Sally King at Mount Vernon in Franklin County TX on 4 Aug 1898.  He and Lona Winkels were married around 1917 in Afton TX.  Five children:
++MD King born 10 Dec 1919
++Dorothy Mae King born 6 Mar 1921
++Mary Frances King born 27 Jan 1924
++George Clifton King born 26 Jun 1925
++Harold Wayne King born 14 Apr 1936, single
Pete was a Methodist preacher who served various churches in Texas and Oklahoma.  Eventually he tired of moving so often, stopped preaching, and bought a farm in Muleshoe TX.  He pioneered irrigation and vegetable farming in that area and became known as the "Onion King."  When he developed high blood pressue, his doctors recommended that he move to a lower elevation, so in 1946 he moved to Harlingen TX and soon resumed preaching.  After two strokes he died on 5 Feb 1949, and is buried in Restlawn Memorial Cemetery near Harlingen.  Lona died in a nursing home in Sweetwater TX in 1979.  She is buried in Garden of Memories in Sweetwater.

++MD King was born to Pete and Lona King in Tishomingo OK on 10 Dec 1919.  He and Etha Mae Oliver were married in 1940.  One child:
+++Miles Lee King born 6 Apr 1950
Etha Mae died of polio in 1953.  On 2 Feb 1955 MD married Joan Boon.  Eight children:
+++Paul Manley King born 4 Aug 1955
+++John Marcus King born 27 Jul 1956; single
+++Curtis Boon King born 29 Jun 1957
+++Anne Claire King born 11 Jun 1958
+++Thomas Gordon "Pete" King born 9 Jul 1959
+++Mary Catherine King born 30 Sep 1960, died 18 Jun 1965
+++Philip D King born 11 Oct 1961, died in February of 1962
+++Jean-Marie King born 22 Apr 1963
MD and Joan divorced in 1988.

+++Miles Lee King, the only child of MD and Etha Mae King, was born 6 Apr 1950 in Harlingen TX.  He and Lydia Cook were married 20 Dec 1969.  Three children:
++++Stephanie Marie King born 19 Aug 1970
++++Melanie Leigh King born 6 Dec 1972, single
++++Meredith Elaine King born 22 Apr 1976, single
Miles and Lydia divorced.  Miles and Bonnie Reeves were married 11 Jul 1987 in Houston TX.

++++Stephanie Marie King was born to Miles and Lydia King on 19 Aug 1970.  By her first husband she had one child:
+++++Megan Gray Totman born 31 Dec 1989
On 23 Jun 1991 Stephanie married Paul Thomas Webb in San Antonio TX.  One child:
+++++Tyler Webb born 7 Dec 1991

+++Paul Manley King was born to MD and Joan King on 4 Aug 1955.  He and Darlene Haner Murray were married in 1980.  Darlene had two children from a prior marriage:  Kristine Murray and Shannon Murray.  Paul and Darlene had one child:
++++Paul Manley King II born 13 Aug 1981

+++Curtis Boon King was born to MD and Joan King on 29 Jun 1957.  He and Debra Jones were married in 1980.  Two children:
++++Timothy Boon King born 14 Oct 1984
++++Samantha Jo King born 6 Jan 1986
Curt and Debra divorced in June of 1986.

+++Anne Claire King was born to MD and Joan King on 11 Jun 1958 in McAllen TX.  She and Robert C Sneed were married 31 Mar 1979.  One child:
++++Shelley Anne Sneed born 25 Feb 1983

+++Thomas Gordon "Pete" King was born to MD and Joan King on 9 Jul 1959.  He and Kathy Renner were married in 1979 and divorced in 1982.  No children.  Pete married Monika Beatrice Neth Byrd on 6 Jul 1983.  By a previous marriage Monika had one child, Tammy Lynn Byrd born 17 Oct 1977.  Pete and Monika had two children:
++++Christina Marie King born in September of 1983, died 2 Dec 1983
++++Christopher Thomas King born 16 Jan 1985, later adopted by a stepfather
Pete and Monika divorced, and Pete married Sibylle Schindler on 20 Apr 1990.  One child:
++++Vanessa Sybille King born 13 Sep 1999 in Russelsheim Germany

+++Jean-Marie King was born to MD and Joan King on 22 Apr 1963.  She and Kirk Randall Otto were married 27 Sep 1986.  Two children:
++++Hannah Laine Otto born 31 Aug 1988 in Lubbock TX
++++Grace Evelyn Otto born 12 Nov 1994

++Dorothy Mae King was born to Pete and Lona King in Estelline TX on 6 Mar 1921.  She and Bob B Beller were married in Muleshoe TX on 5 Nov 1939.  Three children:
+++Richard Edwin Beller born 13 Aug 1940
+++Robert Mac Beller born 27 Oct 1942
+++Donna Dolores Beller born 22 Oct 1944, died 18 Nov 1962 from a congenital heart problem
Dorothy and Bob divorced in November of 1957.  On 15 Nov 1958, Dorothy married Norman Taylor.  Norman died 3 Mar 1976.  On 12 Mar 1984 Dorothy married Larry Kirton.  Larry died 12 Dec 1999 and was buried in Red Bluff CA on 16 Dec.

+++Richard Edwin Beller was born to Dorothy and Bob Beller on 13 Aug 1940 in Muleshoe TX.  His first wife was Elda Anne Baker.  Two children:
++++Lyannita Ann Beller born 2 Aug 1960
++++Cynthia Jean Beller born 20 Aug 1961, last known to be single
Richard and Elda divorced, and on 14 Jan 1972 Richard married Dee Forster.

++++Lyannita Ann Beller was born to Richard and Elda Beller on 2 Aug 1960.  She had three children: Benji, Kevin, and Crystal, whose surnames and birthdates are unavailable.  In 1986 Lynn married and moved to Tucson AZ.  Her married name may be Kincannon.

+++Robert Mac Beller was born to Dorothy and Bob Beller on 27 Oct 1942 in Muleshoe TX.  He and Deborah Jeane Swartz were married in 1968 in Carson City NV.  Two children:
++++Dawna Jeane Beller born 6 Oct 1971 in Upland CA, single
++++Robert Mac Beller III born 29 Jan 1973 in Upland CA, died in a car accident 24 Oct 1994 in California
Mac and Deborah divorced, and Mac married Amy.  Two children:
++++Veronica Dolores Beller born 30 Jun 1990
++++James Larry Norman Beller born 7 Nov 1994

++Mary Frances King was born to Pete and Lona King on 27 Jan 1924 in Big Spring TX.  She and Venice R Lane were married 26 Jul 1947.  No children.  Venice died in California on 12 Mar 1990.

++George Clifton King was born to Pete and Lona King on 26 Jun 1925.  He and Dorothy Cox were married 28 Aug 1944 in Clovis NM.  Three children:
+++Georgia Carol King born 18 Jun 1945
+++Maxim Darren King born 24 Dec 1946
+++Joe Michael King born 9 Nov 1948
Clif died in Sweetwater TX on 17 Aug 1993  He is buried in Garden of Memories in Sweetwater.

+++Georgia Carol King was born to Clif and Dorothy King on 18 Jun 1945.  She married Warren Haney.  Three children:
++++Jeffrey Baldin Douglas Haney born 16 Aug 1969
++++Phillip Daniel Haney born 9 Dec 1973
++++Robert Lewis Haney born 3 Nov 1975

+++Maxim Darren King was born to Clif and Dorothy King on 24 Dec 1946.  Three children:
++++Dianne Elaine King born 7 Oct 1966
++++Melissa Michelle King born 30 Aug 1969
++++Elizabeth Ann King born 17 Oct 1980

+++Joe Michael King was born to Clif and Dorothy King on 9 Nov 1948.  Two children:
++++Michael Clifton King born 7 Oct 1975
++++Brenda Kay King born 8 Aug 1978

+Carrie Mae King was born to Guy and Sally King on 30 Jul 1904 in Emet OK.  She married Homer Grundy.  Three children:
++Homer Paul Grundy born 21 Feb 1928
++Joel Wayne Grundy born 10 Nov 1929
++Doris Nell Grundy born 28 Jan 1932
Homer died before Carrie Mae.  She died 5 Mar 1993 and is buried in Tishomingo City Cemetery.

++Homer Paul Grundy was born to Carrie Mae and Homer Grundy in Tishomingo OK on 21 Feb 1928.  He married Leatrice Maxwell on 26 Dec 1950 in Dallas TX.  Two children:
+++[twin] born 24 Sep 1956, died at birth
+++James Paul Grundy [twin] born 24 Sep 1956

+++James Paul Grundy was born to Paul and Lea Grundy in Temple TX on 24 Sep 1956.  He and Virginia Goforth were married 17 Jun 1976.  Three children:
++++Allison Leigh Grundy born 14 Nov 1979
++++Brittany Lynn Grundy born 22 Jun 1983
++++another girl

++Joel Wayne Grundy was born to Carrie Mae and Homer Grundy on 10 Nov 1929 in Tishomingo OK.  He and Emma Jean Lenard were married in Tishomingo on 27 Aug 1971.  Two children:
+++Timothy Joel Grundy born 4 Sep 1972
+++Priscilla Jean Grundy born 31 Oct 1976

Joe died 24 Mar 1998 in Tishomingo.  He was buried 27 Mar 1998 in Wodberry Cemetery in Madill OK.

+++Timothy Joel Grundy was born to Joe and Emma Grundy on 4 Sep 1972.  He married Sofia Goodin in Bartlesville OK on 17 Apr 1998.

++Doris Nell Grundy was born to Carrie Mae and Homer Grundy on 28 Jan 1932.  She and Ray Tabor were married 11 May 1952.  Three children:
+++Raymond DeWayne "Butch" Tabor born 2 Jul 1953
+++Freddie Tabor born 27 Aug 1963
+++John Paul Tabor born 10 Jul 1964, died when hit by a car on I-35 in Love County OK on 27 Jun 1994
Doris Nell died in 1978.

+Clay "T.Bone" King was born to Guy and Sue King on 3 May 1910 in Emet OK.  His given name was Clay, but he always went by his nickname, T.Bone.  In adult life, when he decided to run for public office, he made T.Bone his official name so people would recognize him on the ballots.  T.Bone married Bertha "Bert" McCurry on 12 May 1934.  Three children:
++DeLois Louise King born 4 Feb 1935, died in a car accident in March of 1958
++Kenneth Terry King born 5 Sep 1936, died of intestinal poisoning a year and a half later
++Joseph Deryl King born 16 Jun 1951, adopted by T.Bone and Bert after DeLois's death
T.Bone died in Tishomingo OK on 4 Aug 1991.  He is buried in Tishomingo City Cemetery in the plot with his mother and two children.

++Joseph Deryl King was born 16 Jun 1951 in Harrisburg PA and was adopted by T.Bone and Bert King in 1958.  He and Sherry Thompson were married in Wellington KS.  One child:
+++Deryl Andrew King born 4 May 1974, married and divorced, no children
Joey and Sherry divorced, and Joey married Barbara Fairbanks.

+Alma King was born  to Guy and Sue King on 25 Sep 1911 in Milburn OK.  When she was three yars old, she was run over by a train and lost her left leg just below the knee.  For the rest of her life she wore an artificial limb.  She married Virgil Lee (from Nida OK).  One child:
++Charles Ray Lee born 20 Jul 1942
Alma and Virgil were divorced after six years of marriage.  On 18 Aug 1957 Alma married Harold Hughes in Las Vegas NV.  She died of cancer in Tulsa OK on 18 Dec 1985.  Harold died in February of 1990.  They are buried in Tishomingo City Cemetery.

++Charles Ray Lee was born to Alma and Virgil Lee on 20 Jul 1942.  He married Terri Modic.  Three children:
+++Teresa Elizabeth Lee born 1 Mar 1965
+++Kristal Ray Lee born 13 Nov 1971
+++Kathy N Lee born in November of 1974
Charles died in a car accident 11 Nov 1976 while in Florida on business for Cabana Trailer Company.

+++Teresa Elizabeth Lee was born to Charles and Terri Lee on 1 Mar 1965.  One child:
++++Shayla Nicole Lee born 27 Aug 1984

+Harold King was born to Guy and Sue King on 27 Nov 1916 in Tishomingo OK.  He and Opal Shofner were married 10 Nov 1941.  Two children:
++Michael King born 26 Mar 1944
++David King born 26 May 1950
Harold worked for the Madill (OK) Record, a newspaper and job printing shop, from the time he was in junior high school until 1984.  He died in his sleep on 10 Jul 1984, the day after attending the King reunion.  He is buried in Tishomingo City Cemetery.  Opal died 10 Aug 1998.  Her body was cremated and her ashes interred beside Harold.

++Michael King was born to Harold and Opal King on 26 Mar 1944 in Corpus Christi TX.  He and Brenda Eddington were married in Madill OK on 8 Jun 1963.  One child:
+++Brian King born 16 Feb 1965
Mike and Brenda divorced.
   Michael King passed away on July 27, 2005 in Tishomingo, Oklahoma.

+++Brian King was born to Mike and Brenda King on 16 Feb 1965.  He and Connie Taylor were married in Oklahoma City OK on 30 Apr 1988.  Two children:
++++Jared Taylor King born 30 Jan 1996
++++Hannah Noel King born 28 May 1999 in Gainesville TX

++David King was born to Harold and Opal King in Ardmore OK on 26 May 1950.  He and his wife, Stacie, were married 20 Aug 1971.  Two children:
+++Robert Kenneth King born 12 Nov 1972, died of cancer 15 Dec 1983
+++Amanda Elizabeth King born 11 Dec 1977
David and Stacie divorced in October of 1997.

+Billie King was born to Guy and Sue King in Dickens County TX on 15 Feb 1918.  He and Geneva Snowder (born 23 Jan 1919) were married 23 Apr 1938.  Two children:
++John Herd King born 10 Sep 1941
++Elizabeth Sue King born 10 Jun 1947
Billie lived in Tishomingo OK all but the first few months of his life.  He died suddenly at his home in Tishomingo on 19 Oct 1988.  Geneva died in her sleep on 11 Mar 1996.  Billie and Geneva are buried in Tishomingo City Cemetery.

++John Herd King was born to Billie and Geneva King on 10 Sep 1941.  He and Barbara Saxon were married 20 Apr 1968 in Tishomingo.  From a previous marriage Barbara had two children:  Chad Green born 25 Sep 1960, and Donna Green.  Donna Green married Dusty Davis and had two daughters:  Jodi Davis and Taylor Davis.  Chad Green married Tamara Trai Wilson on 21 Oct 1995.  One child:  Joe Saxon Green, born 12 Jun 1997.

++Elizabeth Sue King was born to Billie and Geneva King on 10 Jun 1947.  She and Ronnie Cox were married 10 Jun 1968.  Four children:
+++Stacy Cox born 20 Nov 1969
+++Brook Cox born 22 Oct 1972
+++Coty Cox born 22 Jun 1976
+++Cam Cox born 29 Oct 1979

+++Stacy Cox was born to Liz and Ronnie Cox on 20 Nov 1969.  She and Britt Johnson were married 30 May 1992 in Ada OK.

+++Brook Cox was born to Liz and Ronnie Cox on 22 Oct 1972.  She and Jarrad Jones were married 18 May 1992 in Ada OK.  One child:
++++Dalton Tyler Jones born 31 Aug 1992

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