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Bryantown, Maryland, area, August 2001

This web site will both chronicle (very briefly) our recent visit to Maryland and provide some useful background material (via hyperlinks to additional information) for better understanding of the ancestoral heritage of the Kinnick line (Bill's mother's father's line) in colonial times.


Kinnick Land

Area Highlights

Poplar Hill

Bryantown is located in Charles County, Maryland. This is south of Prince George's County and west of St. Mary's County. The southern and western boundaries of Charles County are the Potomac River:

Bryantown in circled in the middle of the map.
Poplar Hill is circled upper right, in Prince George's County.
Benedict is lower right, on the Pautuxent River, down the road from Bryantown.
Washington, D.C., is off the map to the upper left, of course.
The yellow part in the lower right is upper St. Mary's County.

Note Zekiah Swamp is the blue line (river) just to the left of Bryantown,
running generally from near the Prince George's border, past Bryantown
just left of it, down the map, becoming more swampy as it gathers runoff water.

To the left of Zekiah Swamp you can see LaPlata (yellow), the County Seat.
Historic Port Tobacco is just lower left of LaPlata.

The first sentence says: "The Indian village of Potobac visited in 1608 by Capt. John Smith
occupied this site." That caught my attention!

College of Southern Maryland is just to the northwest of LaPlata.
We spent nearly a day in the
Southern Maryland Studies Center
and gathered much useful information.

We stayed in Waldorf, actually, so it was a short drive east along Highway 5,
to cross Zekiah Swamp and into the Bryantown area.

"The Swamp" here is now a small stream, requiring only a small highway bridge.

Bryantown is just a mile ahead, around the corner a bit, to the right.

We are approaching "Kinnickland"....


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