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Bryantown, Maryland, area, August 2001

This web site will both chronicle (very briefly) our recent visit to Maryland and provide some useful background material (via hyperlinks to additional information) for better understanding of the ancestoral heritage of the Kinnick line (Bill's mother's father's line) in colonial times.


Kinnick Land

Area Highlights

Poplar Hills

Crossing Zekiah Swamp, heading east on Highway 5, it is about a mile to Bryantown.

Clearing the trees on the left, above, about a half mile up the road, is the most
likely location of the land called "Scale of Head" that John Kinnick
bought in 1775 and sold in 1792.

This is the west end of the bean field now, that we think was the Kinnick land.
Just left of center, you can see some deer in the field, if you look real close!
The Kinnick land may have extended beyond the tree line at the back of this field.
Property was measured by "metes and bounds" in those days, not sectional surveys.
For that reasone, it is extremely difficult to pin down small plots of land.
This was 66-68 acres, measured from a "marked white oak" tree... !!

The east end of the above field is a soccer field, that is on the west side of
the road going north from the Bryantown corner.
Here we are are on that road, looking back toward the Zekiah Swamp bridge
area right over the soccer goal posts in the center of the picture.

Bryantown lies behind the trees on the left.

This view looks back down the road to the intersection.
The St. Mary's Catholic Church is on the road to the south on the left.
Just across the intersection, on the right, is the Bryantown Tavern and
Bryantown Store and Post Office.



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