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     The previous articles in my series about Spur demonstrate that people were interested in the new West Texas town and came to visit for a variety of reasons. Many traveled to Spur to see what the excitement was all about and to enjoy the social life and festivities that accompanied a large gathering of family, friends, neighbors, and newcomers in one place. Others came to discover how the town was progressing and to check out the site for future homes, business ventures, and educational purposes.

     Who were some of the individuals among the large number of early visitors and where did they live? Selected items found in the 12 November 1909 issue of the town's newspaper, The Texas Spur, provide names of a number of persons and the places from which they came. (For background information about this series of articles, see Kinsearching column dated 8 February 2009.)

     Visitors specifically mentioned in the newspaper as attending the sale of lots or the "opening of Spur" include the following:

Dr. T. H. BLACKWELL, Dickens;
J. Q. CLARK, Albany;
A. W. DUCKWORTH, Dalhart;
W. J. DUNCAN, Casco (sic); (Editor's Note: Should this be Cisco?)
C. C., Homer, and L. B. HAILE, Cottonwood;
T. J. HARRIS and family, Dickens;
Pink HIGGINS, Kent County;
Sam HITT, carpenter, Cisco; (Editor's Note: The newspaper stated on page 2, column 5, that Hitt was "pleased with the prospects of Spur.")
R. S. HOLMAN, Afton;
Lee KELLY, postmaster, Afton;
T. M. LOCKETT, Dickens;
N. I. McCOLLUM, Haskell;
D. I. McCOMBS, Kent County;
Ned RICHARDS and family, Dickens;
Van SANDERS, Lubbock;
G. C. STONEMAN, Clairemont; and
Jno. WOOTEN, Wake, Crosby County.

     Other visitors, most of whom who were listed in the newspaper as having come "last week" to see how Spur was progressing, included:

Will AUSTIN and family, Afton;
J. M. BASSETT, Crosbyton;
Chas. BOARDNER, ex-sheriff of Stonewall county, Rayner;
Mr. BROCKETT, Anson;
C. M. BUCHANAN and daughter Miss Emma, who lived a few miles northeast of Spur;
John CHALK, Matador;
Sheriff COLE, Dickens;
Rev. S. A. COBB, Jayton;
L. R. DAVIS, Dickens;
L. W. DAVIS, Dickens;
H. T. GARNER, Dickens;
Mr. GARRETT, Lubbock;
F. C. GIPSON, druggist, Dickens;
B. B. GLASGOW, district attorney;
M. L. HALE, Afton;
Otho HALE, Afton;
C. L. HAMILTON, Anson;
T. C. HOY and son John, Aspermont;
W. L. HYATT, Dickens;

(To be continued)

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