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     This week we continue the names of officers listed in the publication, TRANSACTIONS OF THE TEXAS STATE MEDICAL ASSOCIATION, TWENTY-FOURTH ANNUAL SESSION HELD AT TYLER, TEXAS, APRIL 26, 27, AND 28, 1892 (Galveston: J. W. Burson Co., Printers and Publishers, 1892). The roster gives the names of the officers from the formation of the organization on 15 June 1869 in Houston through the April 1892 session. Appearing on an unnumbered page, the list furnishes the date and place of the annual meeting, the person’s name, and the office he held.

April 1877 – Galveston, TX

W. D. KELLEY, president

Geo. (sic) CUPPLES, 1st vice-president
     (Editor’s note: Geo. was a common abbreviation for George.)

R. M. SWEARINGEN, 2nd vice-president

J. H. SEARS, 3rd vice-president

April 1878 – San Antonio, TX

Geo. CUPPLES, president

R. W. WHITE, 1st vice-president

W. E. SAUNDERS, 2nd vice-president

J. T. FIELD, 3rd vice-president

April 1879 – Sherman, TX

John H. POPE, president

S. F. MATCHETT, 1st vice-president

S. F. STARLEY, 2nd vice-president

S. EAGAN, 3rd vice-president

April 1880 – Brenham, TX

A. R. KILPATRICK, president

R. M. SWEARINGEN, 1st vice-president

E. J. BEALL, 2nd vice-president

O. H. S(?)EEDS, 3rd vice-president
     (Editor’s note: Part of the first letter in the surname is faded.)

R. H. L. BIBB, secretary (Note: BIBB held this office, 1880-1881.)

April 1881 – Waco, TX

Ashbel SMITH, president
     (Editor’s note: For more information about Smith, a pioneer doctor and early Texas leader, go to the Texas State Historical Association Handbook of Texas website at

S. F. STARLEY, 1st vice-president

J. W. MCLAUGHLIN, 2nd vice-president

J. A. SUMMERS, 3rd vice-president

April 1882 – Fort Worth, TX

S. F. STARLEY, president

W. P. BURTS, 1st vice-president

W. A. ADAMS, 2nd vice-president

Joe S. WILL(I?)S, 3rd vice-president
     (Editor’s note: The next to the last letter in the surname is faded.)

W. J. BURT, secretary (Note: BURT held this office, 1882 – 1886. A remark at the bottom of the list states that he died in July 1886. After being appointed to replace Burt, F. E. DANIEL remained in that office, 1887-1890.)

(To be continued)

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