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     This week we continue the list of visitors in Spur "last week" to see how the city was progressing. The selected names can be found in the 12 November 1909 issue of the newspaper, The Texas Spur. (For background information about this series of articles, see Kinsearching column dated 8 February 2009.)

A. S. JACKSON, Dickens;
A. L. JOBE, Merkel;
O. O. LOVE, Dickens;
Bill McARTHUR and Jim McARTHUR, Tap;
Tom McARTHUR, Red Mud community;
Judge McCLAIN, ex-county judge of Dickens County, Tap;
R. F. McGILL, Dickens;
Jno. MURDOCK, Jayton;
Lee PAYNE and family, Dickens;
N. E. PORTER, Jayton;
Miss Anna RAYNOLDS (sic), Dickens;
Sam ROBERTSON, wife, and daughter Miss Mildred;
Miss Nonnie (sic) ROGERS, Clairemont;
W. T. SAMPSON, Duck Creek community;
Mr. SPARKS, Tap;
Rev. STOKES, Baptist preacher;
Mr. WARREN, Rotan;
B. G. WARSWICK, county attorney, and family, Dickens;
F. E. WHITE, editor of The Crosbyton Review; (Editor's Note: The Crosbyton Review was the newspaper published in the town of Crosbyton.)
M. M. YOUNG and family, Red Hill community, which was located ten miles east of Spur.

     Additional recent visitors in the town included:

J. CARLISLE, Duck Creek community;
W. A. CASTLEBERRY of Rockdale;
Mr. HAM, Emma, Crosby County;
Tol MERRIMAN, who resided a few miles south of Spur;
J. H. STRADLEY, Dickens; and
Mrs. I. G. VAN LEER, who "was in town Wednesday....Mr. and Mrs. VAN LEER have just bought a place two miles north of Spur and are now improving and building a permanent home." (p. 3, c. 2)

     Sometimes the newspaper reported names of individuals who stopped by for a chat. For example, the paper stated: "Prof. N. L. CLARK, teacher of the school several {miles?} west, was a pleasant caller at the Texas Spur office one day this week." (p. 3, c. 2)

     The issue also mentioned people like J. W. KIRKPATRICK and his family, who had already been in the new town "for some time." They "left this week for Hainesville (sic), La., where they will make their future home." (p. 3, c. 1)

(To be continued)

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