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     This week we continue with the list of "Our Sainted Dead," which appears in the JOURNAL OF PROCEEDINGS OF THE THIRTY-FIFTH ANNUAL SESSION OF THE NORTHWEST TEXAS CONFERENCE OF THE METHODIST EPISCOPAL CHURCH, SOUTH, HELD AT GEORGETOWN, TEXAS, NOVEMBER 14 TO NOVEMBER 20, 1900. Edited and published for the Conference by Jerome Duncan, the publication was printed in Temple, TX, by Gresham Brothers in 1900.

     Having no pagination, the list follows page 37. It usually provides the person's name, year of death, and burial place.

James HINER, 1883, Granbury

J. S. LANE, 1883, Georgetown

J. B. ALLISON, 1883, Waco

A. D. GASKELL, 1884, Waxahachie

W. C. BRODIE, 1884, Burnet

F. A. MOOD, 1884, Georgetown

S. S. YARBOROUGH, 1886, Waxahachie

John P. HOLMES, 1887, Georgetown

Rigdon J. PERRY, 1888, Gatesville

Samuel O. GAFFORD, 1888, Seymour

J. P. STANDFIELD, 1889, Whitesboro

Robert CRAWFORD, 1889, Franklin

Robert M. SHELTON, 1889, Belton

Thomas G. GILMORE, 1889, Fairfield

J. F. HINES, 1890, Evergreen, San Jacinto County

James JOHNSON, 1891, Stephenville

William VAUGHAN, 1891, Hillsboro

J. Fred COX, 1891, Hillsboro

Thomas Stanford, 1892, Stanford's Chapel

M. D. REYNOLDS, 1892, Nicholsville, KY

W. W. HENDERSON, 1893, Arkadelphia, AR

R. H. SIMPSON, 1893, Marble Falls

D. H. HICKEY, 1893, Temple

James MACKEY, 1893, Waco

George W. GRAVES, 1893, Georgetown

J. T. HOSMER, 1893, Martha, OK

J. M. JONES, 1894, Parker County

Jerre REESE, 1894, Cleburne

James GRANT, 1894, no place given

W. G. CONHOR (sic), 1894, Waco

C. C. ARMSTRONG, 1895, Albany

J. S. McCARVER, 1895, Paint Rock

J. W. WALKUP, 1895, Salado

J. W. SAMSOM, 1896, Hubbard City

S. B. ELLIS, 1896, Ennis

E. R. BARCUS, 1896, Stanford's Chapel

C. D. JORDAN, 1897, Lampasas

M. YELL, 1897, Hays County

W. R. D. STOCKTON, 1897, Belton

Berry M. STEPHENS, 1898, Weatherford

Oscar M. ADDISON, 1898, Eulogy

John CARPENTER, 1898, Belton

J. B. ELDER, 1899, Weatherford

William PRICE, 1899, Weatherford

Jno T. RASCOE, 1899, Snyder

R. O. EUSTACE, 1900, Canyon City

James PEELER, 1900, Cameron

John POWELL, 1900, Alvarado