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     Sometimes just a simple tidbit of information can provide a clue or clues for further research. Below are items printed on the back of the “Memoir” of Mary Louise (WATSON) HOLMES, reproduced in the Kinsearching column on 1 March 2015. Although the article is not documented, details on both sides of the clipping suggest that it was probably published after 9 July 1923 in “The Register” (or “The Register-Mail”) in Galesburg, Illinois. The newspaper clipping is in the Opal and Lester Saffell family papers, currently held in a private collection in Lubbock, Texas. (Some punctuation, capital letters in proper names, and other letters have been added or deleted for clarity and readability. All-caps for surnames are used for emphasis.)

     Frank WELCH of Chicago is in this city on business for a few days.

     Mrs. Eugene OLSON of Moline is visiting with relatives in Galesburg.

     Mrs. Will MOTT is quite ill at her home on Michigan Avenue.

     C. E. FLINN of Sioux City is visiting his mother, Mrs. Caroline (C?)ulver (first letter cut off in the trimmed article), at 272 South Kellogg.

     Miss Eloise FORD left Sunday to visit friends in Cedar Rapids, Ia.

     Mr. and Mrs. S. D. HATFIELD returned home Sunday after a six weeks (sic) vacation at Long Beach, California.

     Roger WHIPPLE of Chicago visited Monday at the home of Mrs. (first initial cut off) J. OLSON, North Kellogg Street.

     Marie QUINN and brother, James, have gone to Moberly, Mo., to spend their vacation.

     George LAW and Eva SHANE spent Sunday at Shady Beach.

     Clarence SMYSER of Galesburg visited with his parents in Canton Sunday.

     Mr. and Mrs. A. PETERSON and daughter and Mr. and Mrs. K. PETERSON and son of Peoria spent the week end (sic) in Galesburg.

     Percy BURNS of Detroit is in Galesburg, visiting with relatives and friends.

     Swan PETERSON went to Bushnell Sunday to visit.

     Miss Georgene (sic) BARRY returned recently from Chicago where she has been visiting.

     Miss Ila BROCH of Marks and (K?)uhl is spending a week’s vacation in Abingdon.

     Miss Mabel PRATT of Lewistown is visiting at Don LOTTS of 1061 (B?)eecher Avenue.

     J. H. DAUGHTERTY returned to his home in Lewistown after a visit of several days in Galesburg.

     “Post Nuptial Shower for Mrs. Limely” – Victoria, Ill., July 10—“A miscellaneous shower was given in honor of Mrs. William LIMELY on Friday afternoon at the home of____” (Rest of article is cut off.)


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