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     Thirteen years before the Pilgrims landed in Massachusetts, the first permanent English settlement in what became the United States was founded in Virginia. In preparation for next year's gala celebration of this milestone, Genealogical Publishing Co. plans to bring out several new books concerning this historic event. First to be printed is JAMESTOWNE ANCESTORS, 1607 - 1699: COMMEMORATION OF THE 400TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE LANDING AT JAMES TOWNE, 1607 - 2007 by noted researcher Virginia Lee Hutcheson Davis.

     JAMESTOWNE ANCESTORS presents an alphabetical list of approximately 1,000 people who are known to have owned land or resided on Jamestown Island between 1607 and 1699. For each individual, Davis furnishes his or her dates of residence in Jamestown, official position in the colony (for example, government official or landowner), and place of origin or county of residence in Virginia.

     In her preface Davis supplies background information about the colony's settlement and about documentation for early colonists. She also gives an alphabetical roster of the names of "Ancient Planters" (persons who were in Virginia before the close of 1616, survived the massacre in 1621/1622, and appear on the Muster of 1624/1625) and a list of hereditary organizations for which descendants of Jamestown progenitors may be qualified to join.

     The 1608 map of James Fort and a 2003 drawing of the site allow genealogists to compare the original settlement with recent archaeological findings. A detailed key to a map of "James Citty" for the years 1607 - 1698 describes the growth of the colony beyond Jamestown Island throughout the seventeenth century. Maps and data about original shires, plantations, and hundreds show their development into counties. Researchers may then be able to determine the areas where the early settlers made their homes. Having such material in one volume will be extremely useful for many genealogists. JAMESTOWNE ANCESTORS, 1607 - 1699 is a good starting point for establishing eligibility for descent from these early colonists.

     Besides maps, the 108-page hardback has several pen and ink illustrations and a photograph. A two-page explanation of descriptive terms provides necessary details about terminology associated with Jamestown. Scholarly notes and a bibliography of recommended sources for documentation on the early colonists give genealogists ideas for further research.

     To the book's price of $20, buyers should add the cost for postage and handling charges. (For U. S. postal mail, the cost is $4 for one book and $2.00 for each additional copy; for UPS, the cost is $6 for one copy and $2.50 for each additional book). The volume (item order #1381) may be purchased by check, MasterCard, or Visa from Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 3600 Clipper Mill Rd., Suite 260, Baltimore, Maryland 21211 (for phone orders, call toll free 1-800-296-6687; fax 1-410-752-8492; website

     On June 23-25, 2006, the Palatines to America (PAL-AM) will hold its German-speaking Ancestor Family History Research Seminar Conference and Annual Meeting at the Richmond Marriott Hotel in Richmond, VA. Only two blocks from the hotel is the Library of Virginia, where many of those attending the seminar will want to find time for research. Guest speakers will be Sandra H. Luebking, Dean Rohweder, Maureen Taylor, Thomas Jones, Jane Ellen Swanson, and Daniel Bly. Featured topics will include finding female ancestors, Schleswig-Holstein, identifying and dating family photographs, establishing standard proof in genealogy, the historical novels forming the SAXON CHRONICLES, Shenandoah Valley Germans, circumventing blocked lines of research, preserving family pictures, discovering immigrant clues in photographs, and the National Union Catalogue of Manuscript Collections.

     People may purchase a seminar package or select individual lectures. Advance registration is required. For the schedule of fees or for more details, get in touch with Marjorie or Ralph Kroehler, 6910 N. Rockvale, Peoria, IL 61614 (phone 309-691-0292; e-mail After June 4, contact Marjorie or Ralph only by e-mail or call Beth Kroehler (nights only) at 765-284-1841.