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     The selected items below can be found in the June 1927 issue of The Texas Druggist. (Punctuation may be changed or added for clarity. Surnames are capitalized for emphasis.)

Page 149

     “The Cash Drug Store at Lufkin has opened a prescription department with E. A. MORGAN of Greenville in charge.

     The City Drug Store of Slaton has moved into the McAfee Building on Texas Avenue through to Eighth St.

     The Owl Drug Co. of Houston, known as the most beautiful drug store in the Southwest, has formally opened Store No. 2 in the Eperson Building at Houston. W. M. CONNOR and H. B. SHORT first launched the Owl Drug Store in September, 1924, and it has rapidly grown since that time.

     The organizers of the Southern Drug Co. of Houston, 21 years ago, have the distinction of being still active in the management of the concern: B. B. GILMER is president; C. F. CARTER, vice-president; W. C. BUOCHART (sic), vice-president; J. W. LESTER, secretary; and G. P. STONE, treasurer. The Southern Drug Co. is one of the oldest wholesale houses in the state.

     The Liquid Carbonic Co. has installed a complete Mechanicold soda fountain in the drug store of Jim CASSEL at Wichita Falls.

     Frank MITCHELL and Ralph BARNETT have organized the Mitchell-Barnett Drug Co., which succeeds the Mitchell Pharmacy at Sherman.

     A new drug store has been opened at Glen Rose, Texas, in the old Pruitt Building by Lee SWAND.

     W. J. FISHER is now in charge of the drug store at 1348 N. Main, Fort Worth, having purchased the same.”

Page 152 (?)

     On an unnumbered page across from page 153 is an advertisement for the National Cash Register Company, located at 207 East Travis Street, just back of the Gunter Hotel. [Editor’s note: Probably refers to the Gunter Hotel in San Antonio, although no town is mentioned in the ad.) The sales agent was listed ad P. L. MANNEN.

     Another ad on the same page is for Chancellor Cigars, J. N. TAUB & Sons, Distributors, in Houston, Texas.

Page 153

     “Mr. and Mrs. E. A. MANNING of Fort Worth now have charge of the Corner Drug Store at Lubbock. Mr. R. I. WILSON recently purchased it from R. F. DILLAN (sic).

     John R. TAYLOR of Gilmer has sold his interest in the Gilmer Drug Co. to Ramah OLIVER.

     Frank FANCHER has purchased the Seymour Hotel Drug Store from V. T. BLOCKER.

     Lamar McKENZIE and R. J. SMITH have brought (sic) the Abernathy Drug Co. at Abernathy from Ray PINSON.

     A.O. and A.E. RUSHING of the San Augustine Drug Co., San Augustine, have just installed a new Frigidaire soda fountain and a complete line of new fixtures, which puts it in the front ranks of the drug stores of East Texas.

     The Brenham Pharmacy stock and fixtures were recently auctioned off and were purchased by Mr. Howard WAND.

     Mr. Columbus JACKSON has purchased the Hughes-Upshaw Drug Co. at Belton. Mr. Jackson started operation of this business years ago under the name of Jackson and Halsey, and thus completes the business circle of that firm.”


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