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     Again we offer more miscellaneous items from the June 1929 (Volume 50, Number 3) issue of The Texas Druggist. (Surnames are capitalized for emphasis. Some punctuation may be added or changed for clarity.)

     Page 177 – “Fire of unknown origin badly damaged the drug store of W. B. MITCHELL of McKinney, Thursday morning, April 11th, about 12:15. The wareroom was practically destroyed, also the toilet case, and most of the drug department. Mr. MITCHELL estimated his loss between six and eight thousand dollars.

     Terry SOUTHERN, 32, pharmacist at Renfro Drug Store No. 10, is in a serious condition at Cook Memorial Hospital, Fort Worth, where he is suffering with a bullet wound in the right side, inflicted when he was mistaken for a burglar at the home of W. D. STEVENS, a friend residing at 4606 Dexter St.”

     Page 179 – “C. D. JONES at Agua Dulce has installed a new soda fountain, a Bilt-rite model.

     Tom WATSON, who has been engaged in the drug business in Amarillo for some time, has moved to Rule, where he will make his home.

     Quick work by Fire Chief J. C. COOPER of Denison, early hour, Thursday morning, April 18th, when he discovered a blaze in R. M. NOE’s drug store in the Security Building, Denison.

     Hunter HUDDLE of Orange was severely injured in a recent automobile wreck, which happened on the public highway near Mauriceville. Carl COTTLE, a traveling salesman who was riding with Mr. Huddle, escaped injury.

     A model front is one of the improvements being made at Renfro Drug Store No. 3, Brownwood, among other things, toward beautifying the place as well as to add space, according to Joe RENFRO, owner.

     A deal has been consummated, which resulted in J. O. KING and sons becoming owners of the Schill drug store at Brady. The new store under the new management will be known as Kings’ Drug Store, with W. O. KING, E. S. KING, and J. C. KING, owners.

     Timpson was well represented at the East Texas Druggists’ Convention held at Nacogdoches, Thursday. Those attending from here were Mr. and Mrs. G. C. McDAVID, Mr. and Mrs. Clyde HADEN, F. R. BUSSEY, R. E. BOUCHER, and J. D. HAIRSTON. They report a delightful time and that Nacogdoches provided a splendid day of entertainment.—Timpson Times.

     Improvements under way for some time at the Clarendon Drug Company have been completed. A parlor, especially fitted with tables and booths, is ready for the use of patrons and has been especially designed and finished to care for the needs of the public. A new floor covering of inlaid linoleum has been put in place and a new opening has been provided in the front. The changes have been put in effect by Jack B. JONES, manager of the new place.

     Construction on a $25,000 drug store building at the corner of Leopard and Waco streets, Corpus Christi, will begin soon, according to J. L. WELCH, leopard Street druggist....The new store will be conducted under the partnership of Mr. Welch and C. J. TSCHIEDEL, but the present Welch drug store will continue to do business as the old establishment.

     Frank VACHULE of Yoakum...was on the Fidelity Trip to Chicago....”

     Page 181 – “Mr. PEACOCK, manager of the Wanser Drug Co. of Texline, has accepted a position in Dallas.”

(To be continued)

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