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     On 10 September 2011 at the Fairwood United Methodist Church in Tyler, the East Texas Genealogical Society is presenting a seminar featuring the nationally well-known genealogist, John Philip Colletta. His topics will pertain to understanding resource repositories like libraries, archives, and public record offices; county courthouse research; military pension and bounty land records, 1776-1912; and lesser-used federal records such as homestead files, passport applications, and the Civil War income tax lists. Cost per person is $40.00. For more information, get in touch with June Everheart (e-mail:

     These selected items can be found in the 23 October 1908 (Vol. XXII, No. 8) issue of the newspaper, The Pioneer Exponent, published in Comanche, TX. The information about deaths--some of which are gruesome as well as sad-- concerns people in other states as well as in several towns in the Lone Star State. Dates do not appear for some of the data. (Surnames are capitalized for emphasis. In addition, the small “c” in the word “county” is changed to a capital in the material.)

     “Denison – Oct. 20 – Clarence BOLEN, seven years old, fell in front of a train. His head was cut off.

     Orange – Oct. 19 – W [rest of name too faint to read] BROCHARD, barber and confectionery merchant, was mortally wounded and his little nine-year-old son instantly killed at Newton. An arrest was made.

     Charles Rivers CHAPMAN died at Dallas while seated in a chair.

     Mart – Oct. 19 – Scott COLEMAN, who resided at Battle, was run over and instantly killed by a train half a mile from here.

     The four-year-old boy of A. C. DAVIS drank carbolic acid at Pearsall, soon expiring.

     Fort Worth – Oct. 20 – After writing farewell letters to his wife in St. Louis and his mother in Nashville, Tenn., and transcribing telegrams to be sent to his father and to his wife after his demise, Thomas F. DAVIS, a St. Louis traveling salesman drank fluid from a bottle, stretched himself upon his bed in a room at the Hotel Seibold and expired.

     Mrs. A. FAULKNER, widow of the late Andy FAULKNER, many years a prominent Houston and Texas Central railway official, died [part of page missing] in Ellis County, where [another part of page missing] interment was [rest of sentence missing.]

     Beaumount – Oct. 19 – M. J. LOEB, retired business man, is dead.

     At Fredericksburg – Mrs. F. LUCKENBACH hanged herself to the upper rung of a ladder.

     At Lyra, Palo Pinto County, Ben OILER, an aged man, was seriously shot. An arrest was made.

     New Castle, Ind. – Oct. 17 – Twenty buildings burned and two people lost their lives in a $50,000 fire at Shirely. F. V. PRYOR and wife attempted to return to a burning building and were suffocated. The town has no fire protection.

     Shreveport [LA] – Oct. 20 – While looking for chicken thieves at his home in Noble, La., J. E. RIVERS was fatally shot by the accidental discharge of his shotgun. He died here.

     Fort Worth – Oct. 20 – Mrs. J. C. SANDERS died from the effects of the bite or sting of some reptile or insect.

     Three children of T. M. TREVILLIAN of Broadway, Lamar County, nearly died from eating unripe persimmons.”

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