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     As mentioned in Kinsearching column dated 12 August 2012, The Christian Herald and Signs of Our Times was a religious publication edited by Rev. Thomas DeWitt Talmage in New York. A list of names of people who donated money to the emergency fund to build a new church in Brooklyn appears on page 381 of the 7 June 1893 (vol. 16, no. 23) issue. The future house of worship is apparently the “third tabernacle” referred to in the biographical sketch of Rev. Talmage, which can be found on Wikipedia. From all over the country, enough people sent in sums ranging from ten cents to ten dollars (the most common being one dollar) that all debt for the Brooklyn Tabernacle was liquidated and the fund was “now closed.” Contributors sometimes gave only their initials or last name; some remained anonymous. Therefore, only selected names appear in the list below. (Since many place names are abbreviated or misspelled, they are reproduced as they appear in the newspaper.)

     The list consists of three sections. Because the first part contains surnames beginning with the letter “W,” it would appear that it is continued from a previous issue.

WINN, L. R., Oswego, Ill.

WHITFORD, Mrs. E. W., Bridport, Vt.

WATSON, Mrs. C. D., Stanley and Ralph, Wauntosa, Wis.

WOOD, Mrs. I. H., Bucks Bridge, N. Y.

WALKER, Wm. C., Davenport, Iowa

WALKER, John, Davenport, Iowa

WALKER, Sherman, Davenport, Iowa

WALKER, Sallie, Davenport, Iowa

WALKER, Anna M., Davenport, Iowa

WARD, R. M., Balto., Md.

WADELY, Mrs. Wm., Mercer Sta., Ky.

WELLS, G. N., and daughter, Greenwich, N. Y.

WASSON, Brosig Talmage, Apolonia, Tex.

WASSON, Mrs. Emma, Apolonia, Tex.

WERRY, John T. Johnstown, Pa.

WILSON, Hugh, Tranger, Pa.

WOODBURY, J. Porta, Lynn, Mass.

YOUNG, Mrs. Mattie, Taconna, Wash.

YOUNG, Mrs. Elizabeth, Phila., Pa.

List No. 1

ANSLEY, A. S., LaGrange, Ind.

ATKINSON, J. H. and wife, New Cumberland, W. Va.

ANDREWS, A. L., Upper Sandusky, O.

ALLEN, Mrs. Eliza J., Wesco, Pa.

ANTHONY, Mrs. Orrin, Mayfield, N. Y.

BATTERSBY, Mrs. R. H., Enumelaw, Wash.

BALCOM, J., Edenton, N. Y.

BICKEL, Mrs. Ruth E., Florid, Ill.

BICKEL, A. S., Florid, Ill.

BUCHANAN, Mrs. M. E., White Bluff, Tenn.

BROWN, Mrs. Sarah, Gambier, O.

BRADLEY, Bill, Hillstown, Conn.

BURDETT, Mrs. Molly, Charlestown, W., Va.

(To be continued)

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