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     Here are some more selected data listed under place names in the 9(?) June 1917 (Vol. 22, No. 23) issue of The Haskell Free Press, published in Haskell, TX. Like the date, a few spots on this particular copy of the page are difficult to read. (Surnames are capitalized for emphasis and some punctuation added for clarity.)

News from Douglass

     “Emmit BARTON and family of Rose visited their parents, Mr. and Mrs. BARTON Sunday, [and] also H. F. HALEY’s.

     Douglass DODDS visited in Post community Sunday.

     Misses Effie, Vera, and Ira GRIMSLEY attended the entertainment at Mr. KENDRICK’s in the Rose community Saturday night.

     Arthur MYERS and family visited Henry MYERS Wednesday.

     Henry MYERS returned from Dallas county (sic) last week.”

News from Dennis Chapel

     “Little Buster ABLES has been very sick with cattarhal (sic) fever. Jody MAYBERRY has also been sick with the fever, but both are about well again.”
     (Editor’s note: According to page 21 of the book, A TO ZAX: A GLOSSARY OF TERMINOLOGY FOR GENEALOGISTS AND SOCIAL HISTORIANS by Barbara Jean Evans, “catarrhal fever” was another name for “catarrh,” meaning the inflamation of any mucuous membrane. Catarrh, for example, could mean catarrhal croup. An interesting and useful work, A TO ZAX was published in 1978 by Unigraphic, Inc., in Evansville, IN.)

     “Grandma BETTIS of Walnut Springs is visiting her son, Harry.

     Harry BETTIS and Will LANE’s children are real sick with measles.

     Miss Arrena CRADDOCK left Saturday for Canyon City where she will attend the Summer Normal.”
     (Editor’s note: Canyon City was the original name for the town of Canyon. A teachers’ college opened in 1910, West Texas State Normal College was later known at various times as West Texas State College, West Texas State University, and West Texas A&M University. For more information, see the specific articles about Canyon and the university in a hardback copy of THE NEW HANDBOOK OF TEXAS IN SIX VOLUMES (Austin: The Texas State Historical Association, 1996) or visit the website at and click on Search the Handbook of Texas.)

     “The party at Dan CRADDOCK’s Friday night was enjoyed by a large crowd of young people.

     Mrs. J. V. LEWIS has relatives visiting her from Moody, Texas.

     Mother’s Day was observed at Smith Chapel Sunday. Bro. SHEPPARD of Abilene filled his regular appointment....

     Miss Anne WEBB of Jones county (sic) is visiting her brother, R. A. WEBB, this week.”

News from Pinkerton

     “Mrs. DORN visited Mrs. FAIN Sunday.

     Mr. and Mrs. DRAPER of Abilene are visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. W. VERNON.

     Miss Fannie LOE spent a few days with her aunt, Mrs. S. W. VERNON, the first of the week.

     Mr. and Mrs. Walter VERNON entertained the young people with a party Saturday night.

     Mr. and Mrs. FORD moved to Rule Thursday.

     Dutch HAGER and Rals (sic) LOE and Misses Alda LOTT and Jessie JACKSON were guests of Miss Annie and Mattie HALL Sunday afternoon.

     Miss Jessie JACKSON [spent] the night with Miss Alda LOTT Saturday night.

     Miss Mattie HALL visited Miss Ruby WOOD Sunday afternoon.

     Rev. HAMES filled his regular appointment Sunday and Sunday night.

     Arthur MOORE visited Mr. HALL Thursday.

     George MOORE and wife of Haskell visited his brother, S. M. MOORE, Sunday afternoon.

     ...Miss Maggie NEAL [is] improving after an operation and is able to be at home again.”

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